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MetroPCS adds Rhapsody on-demand music

Last year Cricket introduced their Muve Music plan, which provided unlimited music downloads to their users. It required a specific phone and plan, and all the music was stored on a copy-protected SD card, but it was still a good, and original, deal. Now their biggest competitors, MetroPCS, has added a music service of their own. It’s a partnership with Rhapsody, which gives MetroPCS Android users access to 12 million songs. The only problem is that it comes only with the $60 monthly plan, while Android users can get on without Rhapsody for $50 per month. The additional $10 is what Rhapsody costs without MetroPCS, though MetroPCS does add a few features, including visual voicemail plus, with its $60 rate plan.

You can get an Android smartphone with Rhapsody unlimited music at MetroPCS’s website.