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Sprint orders Liberty to stop bring your own device program

Things were starting to look bright for Liberty Wireless. They’ve gone through many changes over the past few years, and have irked many former customers. They’ve turned things around over the last few months, moving their plans more in line with industry standards. They recently began a bring your own device program, where they let users bring their Sprint network phones to their service. Unfortunately, it appears that Sprint does not like that idea, and has ordered Liberty to cease.

The report comes from, who note that Liberty offered this program for two years, but were only told to cease once they started advertising the offer. This comes as a great disappointment. BYOD offers help consumers because they don’t need to buy a new phone. Liberty even added value to their offer, adding 200 minutes to a user’s account upon activation.

From the report:

As part of a settlement in 2007, Sprint committed to allowing customers out-of-contract to take their devices with them to other CDMA carriers. Sprint also agreed to accept foreign CDMA devices from other carriers, but has failed to do so.

It is not completely clear if Sprint’s shutdown of Liberty’s BYOD program is a violation of the 2007 settlement. Sprint owns the network behind Liberty Wireless, and can impose restrictions on what plans Sprint devices can be used on.

And so ends another quality prepaid program. Oh well. Liberty still does have their free Motorola Q offer.