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Liberty Wireless gets a makeover

Last week, I was checking in with our pay-as-you-go phone providers for some routine stuff. You know, updating reviews, getting info for future articles. Things like that. Anyway, much to my dismay, the Liberty website was down. It had a maintenance tag on it, so I knew they weren’t kaput, but it was a bit alarming that their website was nonoperational. They’re back now, though, and it seems they’re eyeing an easier customer experience.

As you can see, the simplicity is quite remarkable. You choose from a drop-down menu of phones — all of which you can view in greater detail if you so wish. Then you select one of their plans from another drop-down. And yes, you can get the details on that if you so wish. And finally you enter in some basic information to get your transaction started. They even accept PayPal!

While this is easy for newcomers, it doesn’t look so hot for existing customers. Then again, I’m not an existing customer, I’m just some blogger who likes to mine their site for information. So maybe it’s just harder on me, especially because when you click on “See plan details,” it comes up with one huge paragraph that I then have to parse for information.

The site is very raw, though, so I’m not sure they’re done with the redesign. There are currently only three phones and two plans listed, so we can expect some further improvements to the site.