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SmartyCard and kajeet make sensible alliance

If you’ve never heard of SmartyCard, they’re an online game service for kids. The idea is that kids play their games and can win rewards with virtual points. Now, which cell phone company might want to partner with SmartyCard? Hm. Freshness aside, kajeet, the cell phone service for tweens, has partnered with SmartyCard. Why does this partnership make so much sense? Because rather than being mindless games, SmartyCard’s suite includes educational activities.

Here’s a line from the press release which I don’t quite understand: “SmartyCard and kajeet now offer parents a new way to encourage responsibility and underscore the importance of education before giving mobile privileges to their kids.” So do kids have to unlock their minutes by playing these games? Depending on the actual educational value of the game, that might not be a terrible idea. A better notion, though, would be to make them do their homework before they can use the phone.

Among the rewards offered will be cell phones, including the Samsung m300, which is now featured in SmartyCard’s prize pool. Hopefully the rewards are a bit easier to redeem than with Green Stamps.