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kajeet adds collect calling service

Collect calling? On a cell phone? It just doesn’t seem right. After all, your cellular provider charges you for outgoing calls, so it doesn’t seem right that you could send those charges to the receiving party. But a new services makes it possible. Arterra Mobility, which services such prepaid providers as kajeet, has partnered with 1-800-COLLECT to offer the service on their cell phones. It works just as it would through a landline. The caller dials 1-800-COLLECT from a kajeet cell phone and then dials the recipient. The recipient then gets to accept or reject the call. If they accept, then the per-minute rate gets billed to them. This is particularly useful when cell phones have few minutes left. It’s also a perfect integration with kajeet, which is focused on kids. The last thing parents want is a kid who has a cell phone with no minutes. Kinda defeats the point.