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HarperCollins and kajeet team up for Mackenzie Blue promo

MVNO kajeet has an interesting spot in the market. While other carriers are moving towards a more general audience, kajeet remains one of the few committed to a certain demographic. That might seem like a disadvantage, but strategically it’s a smart move. It allows them to stay on message — that they’re the safest cell phone company for kids — and allows them to run promotions which specifically target their chosen demographic. Their latest promotion, a partnership with HarperCollins to promote Mackenzie Blue, a new children’s book, is something that only kajeet could do. There could be many more promotions like this in the future.

The promotion is pretty basic: kajeet subscribers can access graphics featuring Mackenzie and crew. They’ll also have access to Marcus’s Money Tips, which is intended to teach kids a thing or two about fiscal responsibility. This is not new for kajeet; they often add promotions and programs which help teach kids the responsibility of owning a cell phone.

While Mackenzie Blue likely won’t win kajeet any new customers on its own, the promotion is part of a trend which shows that the company has a game plan. Give kids what they want and they’ll want your services. In other words, it’s not just Mackenzie Blue. It’s Mackenzie Blue and various other content promotions which will help kajeet move forward in this difficult MVNO environment.