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Samsung, Jitterbug face 911 issue, recall phones

Of the many issues facing cell phone coverage, e911 service is among the hottest buttons. While the FCC tightened e911 regulations about a year and a half ago, there are still many networks facing issues. Just a month ago we saw the story of e911 failure in Ohio and the devastating loss it can cause. In this case it was only property. In other cases it can cost lives. Yesterday we learned that Samsung and Jitterbug have recalled two handsets because of 911 issues. This is not a concern in the subscriber’s home calling area, but becomes an issue while outside the area.

The handsets, known collectively as The Jitterbug, are models number SPH a110 and SPH a120. They’re both clamshell models manufactured specifically for Jitterbug and geared towards older users. They feature a large internal screen and a large 12-button keypad.

The recall affects models sold after March 1, 2008, though customers who purchased The Jitterbug before that are urged to contact Jitterbug customer service. To remedy the issue customers are instructed to visit a Samsung Service Center to receive a free software upgrade. They are also accepting mail-in requests. This will all be explained in a letter sent out to affected customers.

In case you’re a Jitterbug customers who did not receive the letter, you can call 1-800-733-6632 to find out more information.