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Gamestop to Sell Cricket Phones


GameStop, the popular console game reseller, will be selling Cricket phones and wireless accessories in October. With this new partnership, customers will not only be able to buy, sell and trade games and consoles–but they will be able to also sell, trade and purchase old phones and put it towards a new phone or a game.

I haven’t seen a list of which GameStop locations intend to offer Cricket plans, but you can check for the nearest GameStop on their website. The actual roll-out is expected to be completed by the end of October. While GameStop/Cricket might seem like an odd pairing, GameStop actually already owns a wireless company–Spring Mobile–which offers postpaid AT&T services and wireless products.

To try and bring some more excitement to the partnership, Cricket has created an interactive video game demonstrating how GameStop customers can use Cricket Wireless services. Personally, I’m not sure exactly why anyone would want to play an interactive advertising game, but kudos to them for embracing the partnership, I suppose.

In a press release, Cricket Wireless said that they were very excited about the partnership, and that GameStop stores would help increase their retail footprint and to reach more customers. I have heard a lot of people complain that Cricket stores aren’t as widely spread or easy to find, so if they select the right stores, I could potentially see this greatly expanding their customer base. On the downside, GameStop caters to a pretty specific customer base, so I guess we’ll see whether or not game nerds are interested in prepaid phones.

So what do you think? Would you purchase Cricket from a GameStop store?