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Cricket SIMs Available on Amazon


Since AT&T formally took over Cricket Wireless, there have been several changes that have slowly brought this company to the forefront. Originally marketed only for old people, Cricket has expanded to be sold at Walmart and GameStop locations nationwide. Starting immediately, customers can now purchase Cricket services via Amazon as well.

Priced at $9.99, the Cricket Wireless Bring Your Own Device Universal SIM Card Activation Kit (whew, what a mouthful) is available immediately and can be shipped through Amazon Prime for impatient customers. The universal kit allows customers to punch out the SIM in micro or mini sizes, so it should work with most phones. The kit also comes with activation instructions.

According to the press release announcing this new availability, Amazon also will help customers understand and choose plan options as well as give Cricket more of a presence and audience. Other SIM kits sold through Amazon include StraightTalk and Net10.

Cricket Wireless offers several plan options ranging from $40 – $60, with incentives for customers to sign up for autopay. While the company does sell a range of phones, its supports BYOD for most GSM phones. Before you buy a SIM kit, be sure you check your phone’s eligibility with Cricket.