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Cricket Protect Offers Open Enrollment


We’ve all done it. You’re trying to juggle one too many things when suddenly your phone slips out of your hand, or somehow slides off of a hard surface to fall crashing to the pavement or splash in the pool or the toilet (eww). If you have Cricket’s protection program, then you haven’t got anything to worry about. Didn’t sign up for it when you bought your phone? No problem.

While it’s normally only available within seven days of a phone purchase, Cricket has announced that it is creating a special “open enrollment period” for all eligible Cricket devices, regardless of age. As long as the phone is a Cricket-branded device, in good working order and attached to an open account in good standing, customers can sign up for the program to add a little peace of mind in case your phone goes suicidal or is stolen.

The open enrollment period is going on now through October 30, 2015 and customers can sign up at a Cricket Wireless physical location.

The Cricket Protect program works kind of similar to the protection programs common with contract carriers. Customers must pay a monthly fee ranging from $5 – $10 and in return they are protected against theft or damage to the device. There are some limitations, of course, including acts of God, tampering, malfunctions or intentional harm. If customers who have purchased Cricket Protect need to replace the device, a deductible ranging from $20 – $250 will be charged. The amount of the deductible will vary based on the original price of the device.

It’s worth noting that in order to sign up for the program, the device must be a Cricket phone–BYOD phones are not supported and cannot be protected. You can read the full terms here for more details or visit Cricket Wireless for more information.