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Cricket $1 SIM Deal


Normally, T-Mobile is the one who is always having $1 SIM sales, but it looks like Cricket has taken a page out of the Uncarrier’s book and has been offering $1 SIMs to customers who are interested in porting to Cricket. You might recall that this deal originally launched in April and was set to expire at the end of the month. Well, it looks like it’s been pretty popular as Cricket has extended it through July 9, 2015.

To qualify for the $1 SIM, users must port an existing number and activate the phone on a service plan. A $25 activation fee will be included, so be prepared for that. In order to be eligible to port your number to Cricket, your phone must:

  • be GSM compatible phone
  • be unlocked
  • be 100% owned by you (meaning not on contract)
  • not be reported as stolen or lost

For more information, check out Cricket’s handy port-in page which allows consumers to type in their 15-digit IMEI number in order to double check that the phone is clear to work with Cricket’s service. Finding your IMEI is pretty simple, but will allow the company to check that everything is in order before you go to all the trouble of buying a SIM.

To get more information on Cricket’s available plans and services, visit their website or read our in-depth review.