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Want to create more accurate coverage maps? Check out Sensorly

One complaint I frequently see from prepaid users is the inaccuracy of coverage maps. The reason: they are typically generalized estimations of coverage areas. Throughout all coverage areas there are points with stronger and weaker signal. You won’t find that on a carrier’s coverage map information, though. Sensorly is aiming to provide more accurate coverage information by going straight to the source: you, the user. With enough people on board, they might be able to make the question of coverage a much easier one to answer.

Sensorly generates its maps via an Android app, which you can download for free at Google Play. It does provide the same coverage map information you find on the website, but that’s not really the big feature. After all, you already have smartphone service. The big feature is the coverage reporting tool, which lets Sensorly know the exactly quality of coverage where you’re currently located. That information helps generate the most accurate maps.

The problem for prepaid users is that the app seeks out all coverage from all users. We all know that postpaid and prepaid maps differ, because postpaid customers get the advantage of roaming networks. With Sensorly there is no distinction between prepaid and postpaid coverage, so it might not be accurate for the major carriers and their MVNOs. It can prove useful, however, for prepaid primary carriers such as Cricket and MetroPCS.

If you’re looking for the most accurate, user-driven coverage maps available, check out Sensorly.