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Study: $3 per minute average for cell phone users

When a survey makes a radical claim, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. Case in point: after we found a survey which claimed that 17 percent of cell users switched from postpaid to prepaid, said survey’s methodologies were subsequently questioned. So when a new survey says that cell phone users are paying an average of $3 per minute, I’m quite skeptical. It means that a lot of people aren’t using close to all the voice minutes on their plan.

Take the basic Verizon postpaid package for instance, which provides 450 minutes for $40 per month. To get to $3 per minute, you’d need to talk just 13 minutes during the month. Chances are, though, that people are paying for more expensive plans and then using a lesser proportion of the minutes. Still, the above example shows how difficult it is to get to $3 per minute.

This data seems skewed, and in all likelihood it is. If the average is $3 per minute, then there are people bringing up that average. If it’s so hard to get to $3 per minute, think about how few minutes you’d have to use and how much money you’d have to spend to get to $4 per minute. While many postpaid customers pay more per minute than prepaid customers, it’s likely not this drastic.