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Should we market cell phones to kids?

Expanding on the discussion we’ve had here regarding kids and cell phones, I was wondering if there should be some kind of restriction on advertising cell phones to kids — kind of like the restrictions on advertising alcohol and cigarettes. The idea comes from this article, which mentions the French government’s efforts to ban the advertising of cell phones to kids. Knowing what most of us know about the United States, such a law probably would never find its way out of committee in Congress. However, the question is, should it?

That’s clearly a judgment call. Some parents don’t want marketers to make the suggestion to their kids. Others will argue that it’s all fair game. As a childless bachelor, I’m not inclined to make a call on this issue. I was more wondering what parents think. I’m also interested in how they feel about another French idea, which is banning mobile phones designed to be used by children six and under. That’s a pretty young age, even out of kajeet’s range.

Not that it has anything to do with the subject at hand, but since we’re talking about kids and cell phones, I thought I’d point out another cellular-news article which mentions a 13-year-old girl who sent 14,528 text messages in December — “an average of one message every 2 minutes during the waking hours.” I’m sure she used predictive text.