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Non-cancer health risks of cell phone usage

Nope. Still nothing going on the prepaid side of things. So let’s end the year with one of those boogeyman posts. Caught this one on Engadget Mobile. The scientists at the European Research Institute for Electronic Components have studied multiple effects of radiation on red blood cells. This comes from low-level radiation, meaning that your cell phone probably gives off this level. So what do you have to be scared about this time? Your hemoglobin can leak, leading to kidney damage and heart disease. Scurry.

Of course, you can’t believe what every study says — if you did, you’d be quarantined in a bubble by now. The Federation of the Electronics Industry has already criticized the report, as they should. No reason to get the public in a tizzy until they find consistent results. In fact, Engadget nails it:

“If history tells us anything, expect to see a report in the near future on how inconclusive these findings are, followed by separate findings on how beneficial a healthy kick of radiation to the kidneys can be.”

That seems to be the trend. If you’re someone who likes to get worked up over cell phone health issues, though, here’s another outlet.