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Don’t expect (legal) telemarketing calls on your cell phone

The National Do Not Call Registry has saved many a headache for regular Joes. Opened in 2003, it allows consumers to enter their number on a registry which will preclude it from telemarketing autodialers. People can register their cell phones, but under federal regulation they need not: “FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phone numbers.” There have been rumors lately which suggest a reversal of this policy, much to the chagrin of almost everyone outside the telemarketing industry. Thankfully, the rumor appears to be bunk. The FCC has put it to rest, assuring citizens that the law will not allow autodialers to call their cell phones. This leaves only the rogues to deal with.

The only problem left, then, is the consortium of rogue operations which continue to autodial cell phones. We’ve seen a number of telecom companies crack down on this practice. The fight even continues today, with those pesky car warranty autodialers.

Now, if I could just get my bank to stop calling me offering me a high-interest savings account if I deposit $25,000.