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Consumer Reports says prepaid has better deals

T-Mobile currently has a promotion running, Mobile Makeover, which alleges to find you the best deal on a mobile service plan, based on your needs, regardless of carrier. It’s supposed to be them playing the good guys, turning away customers if they can find better deals elsewhere, rather than trying to make the sale at all costs. For the service they partner with, a site which compares cellular plans across carriers. The only problem is that BillShrink only compares major carriers. Consumer Reports tackles the issue, noting that oftentimes prepaid carriers have cheaper plans than their postpaid counterparts.

From the Consumer Reports blog post:

Conspicuously missing are four national prepaid carriers—Boost Mobile, Net10, Tracfone, and Virgin Mobile—which together serve some 22 million price-conscious U.S. customers.

That’s an important omission, because we found that Boost and Virgin typically had the lowest-priced deals when we compared 152 national plans, as we reported in the September issue of Consumer Reports in “Prepaid pays off.” We searched through national plans offered by eight big contract and prepaid carriers for a range of sample cellular consumers using various amounts of voice, text messaging, and mobile Internet services. Prepaid plans from Boost or Virgin were the least expensive in nine of 11 comparisons.

The only two which Boost or Virgin didn’t lead were for family plans, long the strong suit of the major carriers. Other than that, it’s prepaid on top.