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Motorola releases noise-reducing headset

We’ve long been fans of headsets, at least while driving. We understand that people will never cease talking behind the wheel, so we figure headsets at least make it marginally safer — though we do find it comical when people walk around with them, looking like they’re talking to themselves. Anyway, Motorola has released the MotoPure, a new Bluetooth-enabled headset that reduces outside noise so that you can hear calls without disturbance.

“The [MotoPure]’s premier audio technology, design and style make it a premium hands-free solution that helps ‘silence the noise’ for on-the-go consumers and marks Motorola’s innovation and expertise that have driven the company’s growth and global leadership in the Bluetooth accessories market.”

Silencing outside noise while driving might not be the safest idea. After all, hearing someone’s blaring horn can sometimes save your life, even if normal horn usage is nothing more than a nuisance.

The device will go for $99 with a mail-in rebate. Unfortunately, that’s only through AT&T right now. There is no word on a widespread release, but it will cost $120 when it happens. Kinda pricey, but hey, some people just don’t want to be distracted when they’re talking.

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