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Prepaid Data Plans

Charge Drops Text and Data Plans

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Charge, a data-only Sprint MVNO, launched some experimental voice and text plans to compliment its data-only profile. However, it looks like the experiment has ended, and Charge has quietly phased out these plans in favor of sticking with a data-centric model.

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Karma Adds New Plan, Data Promo


It’s been a while since we’ve written about the little prepaid hotspot company Karma, and there have been several changes to the company’s plan lineup and options. For those of you unfamiliar with Karma, the MVNO uses Sprint’s broadband to provide low-cost no-contract hotspots to users.

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Ultra Mobile Launches LTE Data Customization


Ultra Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO known for its international prepaid calling options, announced a new way for its customers to control data used for streaming media on mobile devices and for other media use. Called “Data My Way” this new feature allows customers to set a preferred loading speed in order to help conserve data.

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Jolt Mobile PayGo Plan Change, 2G Shutdown


Jolt Mobile, an AT&T MVNO that simply doesn’t get as much time on our blog as it should, has made some changes to its $20 pay-as-you-go plan. Unfortunately, the changes were mostly not for the better. Effectively immediately, the $20 PayGo plan now comes with 200 MB of data (previously it was 300 MB) and the rate per megabyte increased from $0.066 to $0.10 each. Additionally, now the plan will only last for half the time—60 days instead of 120. The talk and text values are unchanged.

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GoPhone Increases Data in Data Packages


Recently, AT&T’s GoPhone made some improvements to it’s data packages by adding more data! Data packages are simply add-ons available for purchase, with additional data, in case the plan you are on does not include enough high speed data or in case you need more data on a certain month. Data packages are not required.

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Ring Plus Adds Data Plans


Ring Plus, a Sprint MVNO, is continuing to make changes to its lineup of plans after previously rolling out the “mad” plans. The company stopped activations for about a week, and when it returned, it debuted a new phone plan as well as three new data device plans.

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Ting Lowers Data Prices to Stay Competitive

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Ting, a T-Mobile and Sprint MVNO, has made some changes in its data pricing. Right before releasing its second quarter statistics, Ting lowered the pricing for all of its data except the “S” plan with the hope of appealing to high data users. CEO Elliot Noss acknowledged that Ting can now be a smart choice for more than just low data customers.

“Over the past couple of years as the carriers have reduced data prices, we have clearly lost some of our competitive positioning,” Noss said. “… [now] we offer an… overwhelming majority of Americans substantial potential saving on their monthly cell phone bills…”

Here is Ting’s current data pricing using a build-your-own-plan concept:

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Cricket Offers $10 Hotspot Add-On


You might remember that in mid-July the brief addition of a mobile hotspot page was spotted on the Cricket Wireless website, leading to a lot of speculation that the company, which thus far has prohibited the use of mobile devices as hotspots, might soon add the capability. Well, it looks like that day has finally come, albeit with some catches.

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TracFone Cuts Data Prices

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Data is undoubtedly the most expensive part of any phone plan and, of course, it’s also the one that most people want. In the prepaid market especially, it’s nothing to see rates as high as $0.10 per MB (which translates to more than $100 per GB) when using any kind of bucket or pay-as-you-go prepaid plan. But, if you’re not a huge fan of the monthly unlimited option for data, then TracFone might be worth a second look.

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New Prepaid LTE Mobile Hotspot


Most of this blog is aimed at prepaid cell phone services, but there are also companies that sell prepaid data hotspots. One such Sprint MVNO, Karma, has announced the launch of their first LTE hotspot product, the Karma Go. Preorders are going on now and shipments are expected in December.

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Boost Mobile’s New Data Boost Plans

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Sprint’s MVNO Boost Mobile has introduced the data boost plans, which are not only cheaper than the previous offerings but, as the name suggests, double the data allowed. These new plans are available to both current and new customers, and are only going to be around until November 3.

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Metro PCS Brings Back Hotspot for $5

T-Mobile’s prepaid brand, Metro PCS has announced that they are bringing back WiFi Hotspots on their GSM network. Available for the $40, $50, and $60 plans, the hotspot will cost an additional $5 a month for limited high speed and unlimited slower speed tethering. Depending on which plan you have, you could get between 500 MB and 2.5 GB high speed tethering before experiencing throttling. The data is pulled from the same reserve as your normal plan, however–the $5 only buys you the ability to tether.

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Smartphone Data Usage Explained


If you aren’t familiar with data, it can be hard to decide exactly how much data you need for what you want to do. Minutes and text messages are much easier to measure and understand than GB and MB and kb. Companies capitalize on this and the fear of running out of a needed service to convince people to purchase more data than they actually need. Here are some explanations and examples to help you decide how much data (if any) you actually need to purchase with your smartphone.

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Prepaid Data Comparison Chart

Most prepaid carriers have some sort of monthly plan that gives you unlimited talk and text. But finding the right data in the prepaid market can be tricky, not to mention exhausting trying to search through all of the different options and comparing them.

So to save you the trouble, I have put together these prepaid data charts listing carriers with unlimited and limited data on monthly no-contract plans. I haven’t included information about unlimited talk and text in this chart simply because 99% of the plans that include data also include unlimited text and many include unlimited talk as well.

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T-Mobile Offers New Prepaid Options

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T-Mobile seems to be on a roll with the announcements this month, and the Un-carrier is trying to shake things up in the prepaid market yet again. Their new pay as you go pricing (which will go into effect on Aug. 17) seems a little easier to understand than most, which definitely gets them points, and for the first time you can now purchase data at an as-you-go rate.

They also have introduced a new Gold Reward Status, which rewards customers with more minutes that last longer once they have invested $100 in prepaid minutes on their phones.

I spent several minutes on the phone with a representative talking about the different options. Here’s what I found out:

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AT&T Offers Prepaid Data for Tablets

AT&T has three different no contract monthly GoPhone plans designed specifically for tablets, allowing customers to choose how much data they need for their tablet without any obligations. Unfortunately, the unused prepaid data does not roll over, but you can add additional data as necessary. The plans are as follows:

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Prepaid Tablet Data Plans Overview

The upside of being able to pay upfront for your home phone or Internet service is usually pretty obvious, but what are some other benefits to prepaid data plans, and where to android and ios devices such as tablets fall within the bounds of prepaid data options?

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Prepaid Data Plan Options

When you have a mobile device that requires a data connection, there are different service providers that are going to tell you there service is better than anyone else’s.

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