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Mobile Safety

DriveAssist keeps your eyes on the road, hands off the cell

With an increasing number of states passing laws banning driving while on a cell phone, it has become increasingly riskier to do so. Many people have bought Bluetooth headsets, and that’s all fine and good. Some of us, though, either always forget our Bluetooths (that’s me), or simply don’t have one. Via Phone Scoop, we learn of Aegis Mobility’s DriveAssist. This software for your phone will ensure that no calls come through while you’re driving, so there’s no temptation to answer a buzzing phone.

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Don’t fear the Bluetooth radiation

A few weeks ago, we talked about Bluetooth for your prepaid cell phone. Bluetooth, and really any hands-free device, is becoming a bigger issue, with more and more states implementing handset bans while driving. Further back, on our sister site, we talked about radiation emitted by cell phones. One might wonder, though, about the level of radiation we’re getting from Bluetooth headsets. Kent German of CNET’s Crave blog answers this question for us in his latest “On Call” post.

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Clinic treats children for phone addiction

What would you do if your kid spent six hours a day on his cell phone? A couple in Spain faced this dilemma with their two children, 12 and 13, who simply could not relinquish their phones. It got so bad that their grades plummeted, and they started tricking relatives into giving them money to buy phone cards. They’re now in treatment, which could last up to a year.

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What to know about your kids and cell phones

Kids these days. They’re just getting their cell phones younger and younger. It is estimated that of the roughly 20 million American children between the ages of 8 and 12, a third currently carry a cell phone. It’s hard to imagine seven million rugrats roaming around with phones like big people. But it’s true, and that number is only going to increase. By 2010, it is estimated that half of kids in this demographic will have cell phones. Because cell phone ownership is a responsibility as well as a privilege, Comcare Emergency Response Alliance wants to share some safety tips with parents as we enter the summer months.

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