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Boost Mobile readying three CDMA handsets

Until recently, the Boost Mobile $50 unlimited plan ran on the iDEN network exclusively. Then, over the summer, Boost migrated its UNLTD customers to the iDEN plan, even though UNLTD customers run on Sprint’s CDMA network. Their ultimate plans were unclear then — was Boost really going to offer the $50 unlimited on CDMA? Yesterday we got a bit closer to the answer. According to, Boost will launch three CDMA handsets in the near future, two of which will operate under the $50 plan. That would be a major victory for Boost, getting more CDMA access for their unlimited plan.

Of the three phones, only the BlackBerry Curve 8330 will cost more than $50 per month. That’s because it requires a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) connection, which typically costs another $10 per month. So expect the plan to cost $60 per month. The device will cost $79.99 — cheap because Sprint has added two new BlackBerry models superior to the old Curve (the Tour 9630 and the Curve 8530).

Update: It appears that the BlackBerry Curve will be a bit more expensive, both for the device and service. The device, according to this source, will cost $249, and service will cost $70 per month. It also appears that these devices will be available January 15.

With the other two Boost will introduce Sanyo phones. The Sanyo 3810 is a basic flip phone and will cost $99.99. The Incognito, a recent release which resembles the LG enV, will cost $149.99. Both can be used with the $50 unlimited plan.

With so many other MVNOs offering prepaid unlimited services — on networks better than iDEN — this is good move by Boost to keep up. As long as they can get some more space on the CDMA network, they should be able to start offering more and more handsets, which should help build a larger subscriber base. After all, most people prefer the faster network to the one that features walkie talkie. Thankfully, the walkie talkie feature, on the iDEN network, will remain available for anyone who needs it.