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Boost lost customers in third quarter?

Yesterday, we shared among Sprint’s subscriber data that Boost gained 67,000 subscribers during the third quarter. Today, we’re reading another report, which claims that while Boost Unlimited gained an undisclosed number of subscribers, traditional Boost subscribership fell by 57,000. That’s quite a discrepancy, one we haven’t been able to reconcile yet. We suppose it’s possible that Boost lost 57,000 of its traditional customers, but that would mean, in order to get to a net 67,000 gain, that it would have had to add 124,000 Boost Unlimited customers over the third quarter. Is that even possible?

It can’t be. That would represent more than a 100 percent gain in Boost Unlimited subscribers, as they reported 100,000 after last quarter. There’s no way that would go unmentioned in the news.

So who is accurate? Did someone do some fuzzy math here? Did maybe Boost Unlimited gain 10,000 customers, with Boost traditional losing 57,000? That’s more likely, we think, than Boost Unlimited gaining 124,000.

Anyway, Sprint is saying that they expect to see continuing losses in Boost Mobile in the fourth quarter. We’re not sure why, but that’s what they’re prepping for.

Late Update: We’ve confirmed that Boost Unlimited did, in fact, add 124,000 customers in Q3.