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Boost Adds Unlimited Calls to Mexico


Since AT&T acquired the Mexican cell provider lusacel, it has added unlimited calling to Mexico for next to nothing on both Cricket plans and GoPhone plans (not to mention AT&T postpaid plans). Well, it looks like Sprint will be the first to continue on this trend with the optional addition of unlimited calling to Mexico for $5 on select plans.

Called Todo Mexico Plus, this add-on is only available for customers on the $45 and $55 Data Boost plans, and like other Boost add-ons, it will be automatically included with each monthly bill until removed. Todo Mexico Plus grants customers unlimited calls to all of Mexico, including both landlines and mobile numbers, as well as unlimited international text. And, oddly enough, unlimited calling to Canada has been thrown in with the exception of the Northern territoriesĀ (867 numbers).

Calls to other countries with the Todo Mexico Plus add-on will cost extra. Boost’s International Connect Plus plan is still available as well. This $10 per month add-on gives unlimited landline calling to Mexico, Canada and 70 other countries as well as 1000 minutes to call Mexican mobile numbers or landlines in the Dominican Republic.

Boost Mobile is a Sprint-owned prepaid carrier that runs on Sprint’s nationwide network. It offers unlimited monthly plans that range from $35 – $55. Currently, there are no pay-as-you-go options through Boost, and phones must be purchased through the carrier to be activated on their network. For more information, visit the Boost Mobile website.