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AT&T Prepaid Smartphone Overview

Which of the latest smartphones can you use with AT&T prepaid?

AT&T is one of the first carriers to adopt smart phones, and they are still a leader in the industry when it comes to integrating smart phones with their increasingly popular prepaid plans. AT&T Go Phones are an easy and convenient way of having the benefits of a permanent cellular plan with the low fixed price of a prepaid plan. AT&T Go phones are also available in a wide variety of models that include many of the top smart phones on the market. With so many options for smart phone operating system – Windows, Android, and iPhone being the most common – AT&T offers a variety of phones for users of all preferences.

AT&T Z998 GoPhone: AT&Ts exclusive Z998 Android phone is the top of the line for smart phone users. It is a grat phone for heavy data users who like to run a variety of apps and games, which the Android system has in abundance. Customers are impressed by its large screen and blazing fast data transfer time, but it has been known to have too short of a battery life. Despite this, the Z998 has a high rating when it comes to customer satisfaction and is making a big impression on smart phone users who first embraced the iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone: AT&T is embracing Microsoft’s latest Windows phones as well. The Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone is one of the most popular smart phones with Windows Mobile users. Its Windows Phone 8 operating system allows it to appeal to veteran smart phone users as well as those more used to the windows operating system. It seeks to provide a more personal experience for mobile users, with many customized features. Despite its obvious strengths, some users complain that their is a shortage of useful apps compared to Android, as Android seems to have become the operating system of choice for developers.

iPhone 5: AT&T’s latest addition is the iPhone 5, and it is a welcome return. AT&T really made its biggest splash in the mobile market in 2007 when it landed an exclusive deal with Apple for the iPhone, and landing iPhone 5 as a prepaid GoPhone option was a big coup for them as well. iPhone remains the most popular brand of smart phone, and users have embraced its operating system and processing power. Complains about the iPhone usually revolve around its comparison to the Android system, that has a much more varied library of apps. However, the original smart phone still holds its own as one of the most popular mobile devices on the planet.

No matter which of the operating system you prefer, AT&T GoPhone has a mobile option for you. Top of the line prepaid smart phone plans are offered for $65/mo and will give you everything you love about having a cutting edge smart phone without leaving you with that empty feeling in your wallet each month. Windows, iPhone, and Android will continue its struggle for market share, but thanks to the many options offered by AT&T you can pick the operating system, phone, and prepaid plan that meets your needs.