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AT&T Offers Prepaid Data for Tablets

AT&T has three different no contract monthly GoPhone plans designed specifically for tablets, allowing customers to choose how much data they need for their tablet without any obligations. Unfortunately, the unused prepaid data does not roll over, but you can add additional data as necessary. The plans are as follows:

  • $15/month for 250 MB of data. Additional data is $10/100 MB
  • $30/month for 3 GB of data. Additional data is $10/500 MB
  • $50/month for 5 GB of data. Additional data is $10/1 GB

So, probably not something for people who want to use data heavily, but if you are the kind who likes using your tablet on the go and don’t always have wireless available, then it might be worthwhile. AT&T has supplied a nifty guide to try and help users decide how much data they will need (as it doesn’t roll over) but I’m not sure how accurate it is. According to them….

  • 250 MB = 2,200 emails without attachments or 160 Facebook updates
  • 3 GB = 125 hours of streaming music or 9 hours of high-quality streaming video
  • 5 GB = 135 hours of streaming music or 200 MP3 downloads

I sort of feel like that is a little high for the data allotment, but maybe not. They have a pretty handy data calculator to help you try and determine exactly how much you’ll need, if you don’t already have an idea. The plans can be updated on a monthly autopay basis, by phone or by card.