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AT&T offers expensive prepaid data plan

One of the saddest moments I can remember in the history of this site is when AT&T announced that it would no longer support its prepaid data plans, which included the $20 unlimited prepaid data plan. I knew plenty of people who used their unlocked GSM smartphones with this plan, but, as with any good deal from AT&T, it was not meant to last. The company first eliminated the plans, and then came back with a set of new, lower-limit plans. Now we learn, via, that AT&T will offer prepaid laptop data plans. It should come as no surprise that they’re quite expensive.

The modem itself, an LG model, will cost $130. From there come steep, steep rates. Want service for a day? That’ll be $20. And make sure you don’t break 75MB. A week of service costs $30 and provides 250MB of data, and the all-month plan is $50 and has a 500MB limit. There are just so many better plans out there that I can’t see this being worth it for anyone other than the desperate. And even then, the desperate might balk at the $130 device cost.