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Alltel launches mywaves mobile video service

They say they’re the first service to offer this, which is probably true if not a bit disingenuous. Alltel is now offering mywaves to go along with their Axcess multimedia shop. This will allow subscribers to “browse thousands of ‘Web videos’ and watch them from their phones for $3.99 per month.” It sounds neat, it really does. But to calling in the “first service” in North America refers specifically to mywaves — just thought we’d clear that up.

Customers can easily download the application from their phones via the Alltel Axcess Shop and customize the content by choosing their favorite genres including comedy, sports, health, business, music, technology and more. The application, which provides access to professional programming, user-generated videos and personal videos, allows users to bookmark their favorite sites, so that they can quickly view new content as it is added. Alltel customers can also choose for text messages to be sent to their phones, alerting them when new clips are available in their channels of choice.

The question we have, and which is not answered in the press release: Will you get charged twice for this? After all, you have to pay for access to Axcess, and now you have to pay for access to mywaves. We’re not sure you’ll have to pay twice, but it would be nice to clear that up. It would also be nice to only pay once.

Like many other mobile video services, we expect more and more announcements from various carriers. Mobile video is the new black.