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Alltel getting serious about parental control

We’re not parents, so pardon us if we don’t agree with many parental views that they should know where their children are at all times. Yes, we’re talking about location tracking, a service that Alltel has just launched. Once parents equip their children with the LG AX8600, the Samsung U520, or the Samsung R510 ‘Wafer’, they’ll be able to see every place their child visits, right from their own mobile phone or even from their home computer. No, we’re not big fans of this.

We understand that parents embrace this kind of technology because it ensures that they can locate their child should an emergency arise. However, we don’t see it being used for such a purpose. After all, emergencies don’t happen to everyone every day. The main purpose of this application, of course, is to find out if your child is causing mischief.

But kids should cause mischief — it’s part of growing up. To us, this is just another step towards Orwellian overseeing. Don’t believe us? Check it:

The service will also allow parents to interact with the maps, designating specific areas that their child frequents, such as school or the local shopping mall.

See? It’s more spying than for-emergency-only usage. And that’s just wrong.

But if you must have it, it’s $9.99 per month, and can be found at MobileBurn]