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700 MHZ auction grosses $19.6 billion

And so we have finally reached the end of the 700 MHz auction. It was a long, grueling process, with little to speak of after the first few weeks in February. But the bids kept coming in in snail-like fashion, so the auction went on. And on. And on. Until we finally reached the closing point. However, don’t think this is through. If you remember back to high school, there was something called Freytag’s Pyramid, which described dramatic structure. There is the exposition, followed by rising action, then the climax, falling action, and finally denouement, or resolution. Well, we haven’t quite hit the climax yet.

That’s Freytag’s Pyramid. However, we didn’t have a real conventional one here. No, our pyramid looked more like this:

For now, all we know is that the public safety block didn’t do so well. “Kevin Martin, the FCC’s Republican chairman, has said he still hopes to come up with some sort of public/private partnership to solve public safety’s inability to communicate with each other effectively.”

The winners should be announced in about 10 days. We’ll surely hear more then.

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