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Most Popular Virgin Mobile Phones

Virgin Mobile phones are as varied in price as they are in style. So, whether you just have to get the newest phones or you simply want a simple phone that can make calls and perform basic functions, Virgin Mobile has a phone that will work.

Here are the current popular phones through Virgin Mobile:

1. Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of Samsung's most popular phones and is an early predecessor to the popular Galaxy S5. This lightweight phone is packed with good quality features and a Gorilla Glass 2 screen to weather life's little tumbles. The Galaxy SIII is a solid choice for a pretty reasonable price.

2. LG Volt

This solid phone features an excellent camera for taking good photos and has some of the latest technology to make life easier like Quick Memo, QSlide, Android Beam and KnockCode paired with resilient Gorilla Glass. With such an affordable price, it's easy to see why this phone is among the top phones for Virgin Mobile.

3. Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE

This classy phone is part of the Samsung Galaxy family and features Google wallet, HD video capture and an NFC chip to share files, pictures, videos and more with friends. With all the customization options and the low price, this phone is definitely a good choice for entry-level smartphone users, and anyone who craves good HD quality videos.

4. LG Optimus F3

This affordable entry-level smartphone is compact and will easily slip into a pocket for those constantly on the go. The phone has a fantastic battery for browsing and chatting all day. While the features are only average, this is still a pretty solid phone for a light user or someone just getting used to smartphones and it does have 4G capability, which is rather unusual for a phone at this price range. So, while not top of the line, this phone is still a good, budget option.

5. Kyocera Event

This reliable handset is the cheapest of the top five phones, but is still a pretty good deal and has great call quality. The Kyocera Event has a 3.2 MP camera which takes surprisingly good photos and the popular Swype keyboard for texters. This phone has a decent battery and also features an Eco Mode to save battery power. If you're looking for an affordable smartphone, then this is good bet.

There is one downside to Virgin Mobile phones, however. Currently, Virgin Mobile phones are only able to function on Virgin Mobile's network. They cannot be unlocked and cannot be transferred to any other phone company.

In accordance with FCC regulations, Virgin Mobile's parent company, Sprint, has announced they are looking to change their unlocking policy, and the ability to unlock Virgin Mobile devices to use on other carrier networks is expected sometime in late 2015 or early 2016.