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Most Popular Boost Mobile Phones

Boost Mobile is known for getting the newest phones faster than many competitors and they were among the first to get the iPhone 6 when it launched. They have a reasonable amount of choices available in most price ranges. However, these are currently some of the top phones:

1. LG Volt

Built very similar to the LG Lucid 3, this stellar phone packs some power and will be excellent for someone looking for a high-end phone experience without the price. The device has an excellent long-lasting battery and a cool built-in IR blaster to control home theater devices with the phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy SIII Triband

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of Samsung's most popular phones and is an early predecessor to the popular S5. This triband model is able to reach an even wider range of networks than older versions. The lightweight phone is packed with good quality features and a Gorilla Glass 2 screen to weather life's little tumbles. The Galaxy SIII is a solid choice for a pretty reasonable price.

3. Moto G

This phone sits comfortably in the mid-range of the Moto family and, like the Moto X and Moto E, has a variety of customization options making it popular for fashion lovers and teens alike. The phone itself is pretty solid, with just enough features and power to give users a real smartphone without being bogged down by top end phone prices or lower-end substandard hardware common in cheaper phones.

4. HTC One SV 4G LTE

This entry level phone would be an excellent first smartphone for a new user or for someone who doesn't use their phone constantly. With 4G/3G access, you'll be able to take advantage of the fastest network speeds with seamless switches between both networks. The phone has some neat features like a 5 MP camera and Beats Audio for a clear and rich sound experience.

5. Sharp AQUOS Crystal

This unique phone is a definite head-turner. With the thin bezels and wide screen, this device looks extremely futuristic and, well, sharp. As far as the actual function of the phone, it has a midrange range and will be suitable for light to moderate users with some pretty good to midrange specs.

Keep in mind when looking at the more expensive phones that currently Boost Mobile CANNOT unlock phones. If you purchase a phone through Boost Mobile, it can only be used on their network. Laws recently passed require Boost Mobile to be able to unlock phones, and this ability is expected sometime in 2015. However, it is unclear whether older phones will be able to be unlocked, so be careful about purchasing an expensive phone from them as it cannot be used on any other network currently. Also, you cannot bring your own phone to Boost Mobile--only phones they sell are compatible with their network. Talk about a monopoly.