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T-Mobile To Go Prepaid Cell Phone Review


T-Mobile USA, a subsidiary of Deutsch Telekom, is the fourth-largest cellular provider in the US. Over the years they've continually added to their prepaid service, and currently add more prepaid customers than postpaid customers every quarter.

Pros: T-Mobile prepaid features a number of monthly prepaid plans and pay-as-you-go options. Its Gold Rewards program helps pay-as-you-go customer save money. It's Monthly 4G plans simulate postpaid contract plans.

Cons: Without Gold Rewards, pay-as-you-go rates are more expensive than industry norms. The phones for the Monthly 4G plans are either outdated or very expensive. 

Cheapest Price Per Minute:
Unlimited Data Available:
Unlimited Texting Available:
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Cheapest Price Per Minute:
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3 stars of 5 based on 863 reviews

Raymond 9/10/2013
Of all the prepaid plans TMobile is the most simple to figure out. They don’t have all these “hidden” fees such as “access charges” that will send your bill sky high. My young nephew had Boost Mobile and was buying his minutes at $20 a pop for 80 minutes. Plus they charged him an access fee that ate up his pitiful minutes. When he saw how many minutes I got with the TMobile gold and no access fee, he cancelled his Boost plan right away and came on board with TM. I was surprised cause he actually saved up in $20 increments for the $100 card!

Rosie 7/25/2013
I've had the $50 unlimited prepaid plan with T-mobile for my blackberry. After 7 months, I honestly can't complain about the service itself. I rarely get a dropped call or delayed text, and my internet service is pretty decent. I recently tried it with a unlocked iphone 3gs and it worked great. After being stuck in a contract with Verizon forever, and getting ripped off ($80 for the same services), I am overjoyed with this service and price! I will admit that the customer service sucks a** in such a big way, though. The only major issue I had was after porting my number from Verizon, suddenly I wasn't receiving texts from AT&T customers. Go figure? Anyway I had to call the T-mobile geniuses 3 times in 1 week to get this resolved. One of them actually asked me, are you sure you're receiving texts from other carriers? Duhhhhh... I believe if I read the texts on my phone, it must mean that I received them!! I mean really.. are you serious?! Another one attempted some ridiculous humor.. "If this doesn't get resolved by our technician in 72 hours, please call me directly so I can go after him with a bat." Honestly I wasn't that angry about the problem, but he seemed to have some anger issues... Overall I am pleased with the service, as long as I don't have to call them!

Zombie killer aka demon killer 5/23/2013
I see a lot of people talking about how t mobile lied to them about 4g however that's not true, if you have an unlocked phone that's not t mobile then you need to make sure it have the band's for 3g or 4g it's not t mobiles respoabilty to make you sure you buy the right phone so all you people stop you bitching about how they lied, I had an unlocked Nokia and I was able to get 3g, I then got an t mobile phone and was able to get 4g, people need to do there reseaher people buying an anything if they did lots of their problems can be avoided.

B. Williams 4/9/2007
T-Mobile Prepaid Plans are best for urgent or emergency use only. I purchased a starter kit on sale at Target stores for $88 plus tax. The kit included the phone, charger, hands free device & $10 starter minutes plus $100 gold minutes (1000 minutes).
Because of the gold minutes, I did not have to worry about refills for the entire year. Approx 1 month before the end of the year if I refill the minutes (in any denomination) the minutes will rollover for another year! In addition if you keep your account in good standing T-Mobile will unlock your phone after 3 months. In future if you decide to sell your phone, an un-locked phone has greater resale value. In addition, purchase your refill minutes at a discount from eBay or any other auction site. The best value for the money is the $100 gold card (1000 minutes) that translates to about 10 cents per minute. However many auction sellers will sell a $100 card for $75-85 which translates to approx 7-8 cents per minutes, a win-win situation all around. So look for a starter kit on sale! The phone in the starter kit (Nokia 6030) was a basic, no frills phone, but it was sturdy and had great reception. 4/9/07

Cheapest Price Per Minute:
Unlimited Data Available:
Unlimited Texting Available:
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