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I don't see why Verizon charges $.99 a day! (Even if you don't use your phone). That is the craziest thing I've ever heard of! The service is good and the phones are cool though.

i will give it 3 stars thats just for the service, night calling, and in calling. but over all the phone is just to expensive 1 dollar aday is just crazy... your minutes will be going before that 15 days...becuase the bill phone has free txtin and poeple with txtin you it cost you 10 cents a txt... with a 15 dollar card you get 150 txt not taking off the dollar... i found my self buyin a card on sunday then again on friday becuase of this...its just a big rip off i spent 60 dollars on minutes last month a bill will be the same price...believe me.....!!!!!!!!

Nice phone plan. I had Cellular One and was paying about $40 a month, I figure I'm still coming in under that with Verizon, and have a much nicer phone than what our local CellOne people have. One major disappointment for me: It was not made clear to me before buying that email, text, and pic messaging are only available in certain areas in which I'm not. I'm still not able to find anyplace that tells me where I can go nearby to use those features

I purchased a $35 500 anytime minute plan. I don't talk on the phone often but my cell is my only phone. My plan was supposed to renew in a month however in the past week I have had to reload my phone 3-4 times at $35 a pop because there were no minutes on it. I am currently unable to call customer service or anyone else because my minutes are gone. When I DO call the "customer service" number, I am placed in an endless loop that never leads to a real person. I cannot view my bill on the website to find out what is going on and I am more than frustrated with this plan right now. As of this minute, I will either get a resolution before the weekend is over or this phone service will lose my business permanently.

Lg Girl6/7/2013
Verizon has great service and read your agreement before you activate your phone prepaid is just what it is and boost is a dead zone phone service. I have Verizon postpaid since 1994 and came to prepaid in 2010 because of budget. Thank you Verizon!

Chris D.5/11/2013
I will never recommend going to Verizon Wireless period. They took my money four times and never credited my prepaid phone. When confronted with it they stated, we have no control over this you need to call our billing department. When I called the billing department, they stated "you are on a prepaid line, you'll need to go to one of the stores to get this straight." I went to the store and they told me to call the 800 number. I am now with Boost Mobile, they haven't messed up yet and have better service! Go to BOOST you will not be disappointed!!!

Verizon prepaid are thieves!! I paid for a 60 dollar a month plan and went in to try to contact a human and hit the wrong button and accidentally changed my monthly plan to 70 and they shut my phone off until I pay the 70 …with a week and half left in my previous month!!! I called , an hour later got a human adn they said I forfeit it..thats BS!! NEVER again.. ILL go to AT & T

Heather B3/24/2013
I was thinking about getting a verizon pre paid phone.I have boost mobile now.I buy a $20.00 phone car every 90 days and I still have between $12 and $8 dollars left after 90 days,the money does roll over so it builds up.But I have to renew in 90 days again so more money adds up. Anyway most of my friends have verizon plans so I was thinking, talking to them with out it coming off my minutes would be ok until I found this site.I am kind of starting to like my $20 every 90 days plan and 10 cents a minute.(I did see new contracts are 20 cents a minute,but the price drops after you are with them a while) I'm staying with Boost mobile until I can get a plan I feel is better for me. After seeing that verizon is for 30 days it would cost me more in the long run

I got on a $15/mo pre pay account years ago. I have a lot of money in my account since I don't use it that much. Things used to be tight but are now better so I wanted to upgrade. I get all the bells and whistles but can't use any due to the old phone. Got the old, "there are no phones you can upgrade with, you'll need to start a new account at $50/mo!!! No way!, waited researched, a friend with a prepay account gave me her old phone and insisted I could upgrade with it. Renewed, I walked into Verizon and waited for the old spiel that they couldn't help me but insisted, they relented (don't give up!!!). I upgraded twice using this friends two old phones, but now I want a smart phone. I hate having to deal with Verizon but I have a ton of extra money in my account because they won't upgrade the software on these older phones so I can't use the internet (!!!) Oh, and they finally let me pay once a year instead of each month, did you know that? They are the ones who told me I could, so maybe you all can bug them and tell them you'd rather pay yearly, just be sure to mark the date on your calendar (so you have to buy next years calendar or put in big letters at end of December to add to the next years calendar). Anyway, now I'm dealing with finding a phone I can use, of course they are very expensive, I'll research as much as I can before going in, right now, I was told Walmart has a phone I could use. I went there last night, they had no idea about prepaid phone upgrades, but I think I can buy it (the best they had wasn't so great but cost only $99, way less than the stuff I've look at on Amazon, hopefully not too lacking), then try to upgrade, if they balk at me, I can return it to Walmart w/in 15 days. Wish me luck. I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because it's so darn cheap (can you believe $15/mo!!!), but really Verizon is hateful to deal with, even their customer service people have to wait, wait and wait when they call their own company for help, 2 stars because even though I have to fight for it, I got a great deal that so far, I'm able to keep, with a little (or a lot) of work.

Awful service as far as prepaid telephones are concern. I have two prepaid phones and due to me not adding money to them by a certain date. Verizon took my money and when I called I had a 0 balance. My balance should have been $70. No wonder they are the number company in the USA. They rip people off and the government should step in and protect the citizens. Verizon has a message on their machine that says they are welling to work with their customers. Not.... They just want to screw you. Be careful customers.

The outright thuggery and daylight thievery of Verizon Wireless Prepaid I choose to buy a full-prized iphone 4s in January for I was fundamentally against the kind of exploitative business model of contracts. I bought the said phone from Verizon and signed up for their monthly prepaid, until I found a more suitable arrangement. At the time of signing up I was informed that it was a monthly arrangement and on the 7th of each month I simply had to renew for the next month, or set up autopay. I choose the manual option. So when February rolled around and I got a text from Verizon that my phone will be inoperable on the sixth I was concerned and called. It seemed that the system was set up to eat a day off every month. The Verizon person on the phone explained that it was not a monthly scheme, but a 30-day cycle. Astonished at the temerity and wilyness of these corporations, I accepted the explanation, renewed for the next month. When asked for the date of renewal, the Verizon employee informed me that I needed to renew by the 5th of March! Right away that should have given the game away, but I challenged her pointing out that Febuary has only 28 days and the 30 day period should extend to the 7th of March! She was flummoxed and basically verbally agreed with me, that yes it should cover me till the 7th of March, but clearly her computer system told her otherwise. Sure enough on the 5th of March there was an ambiguous sounding text message implying that the service was to be cut off that day. When I called immediately I received an automated phone message that said something to the extent of apologizing to those who received the message on a 28 day cycle, and Verizon has already addressed the problem and that I could rest assured that the 30 day cycle is reinstated. Yet, the next day my phone was no longer working. I was later informed that friends who called me on the 5th itself were told that the phone was out of service! When I called Verizon on the sixth, and after an intolerable wait of nearly 20 minutes I was told that I had a monthly service, meaning that on the same date of each month the service has to be renewed! How atrocious is this? When it works for Verizon, it is 30 days (saving the one day charge in January), and monthly (saving 2 days in February), in total that is pilfering nearly 7 dollars in total from account directly, but also with their ever shrinking month with its service having to be renewed a day before rather than the day of expiry, that is an additional day on each month earned. Say there are a million such a customers, that is a cool 10 million made in the span of two months without doing a thing except adjusting dates and numbers, and pulling wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting. If this is not downright thievery and corporate thuggery than at the very least they are pickpockets! Verizon’s system shows the same level of endemic corruption that Banks such as BOA showed in the days, months and years leading to their colossal failings and my eventual refusal to participate in their morally corrupt and ethically compromised models of business. How convoluted should a monthly renewable service model need be? Every day on the 7th as in this case the account has to have the monthly fee deposited. Instead all this shameless manipulation and downright corrupt sheneniganism is shameful. Corporations have become thoroughly shameless and fearless in their thievery, and for this the rest of America has to take blame as well, for the checks and balances of the system are clearly not enough. They work on the habitual model of too little too late. It is not enough. There must be a way that these corporations are SHAMED. Such pervasive moral delinquency should not be permitted. Shame on you Verizon for stealing money straight out of the wallets of the hapless customer. Shame on you for institutionalizing thievery and incorporating skimming off as a corporate policy. In whichever way you look at it, it is nothing short of ROBBERY. Shame on You, VERIZON WIRELESS PREPAID.

John In up state ny3/5/2013
Not having the moblie web when I want to use it [get a bad get way message alot of the time] 983 drop calls in 7 months with the web to and the message your account has a no balance when try to make or get phone calls. After getting to some at 2123218700 thats a home offices number for land line you have to be transferd over to cellphone from there. They well give me 100 dollers in credit for this problem but not fix it. Like that helps they well not give the mfc code to fix the problem but do to you can unlock the phone with that code they well not. The phone is schu365 samsung that they know there is a problem with. Don't even get me started on the lack of 611 information or the bs when you call you can only call in 3 times a day in 24 hours. If they fix the phone I would be having that big of a problem but they wont. If you want to call people 9107946230 9107946251 the last 4 numbers just need to be changed to talk to a person or a voicemail at the wireless deparment. So have fun If you want to get your money back you well have to sue for it by you self if you have a problem like me or get stock like me and give bs at the share holders meeting.

No name3/2/2013
When people called to activate their phone and if they listened to the actual details of the plan then they will know what they are getting but most are too busy to not even listen to what you have to say about the plan. Customers im sorry but you can be a pain in the ass. Most call in for every single little problem, and are so rude..99% of the time the billing is correct, the 1.99 plan takes a 1.99 for each day you use the phone you get unlim calling until 11:59 PM, SMS is 2 SENT AND RECEIVED, Picture messaging is 25 sent and received, Mobile web is 99 cent for 24 hrs, 411 is a 1.99 per call so that needs to be corrected on here. Yes their are expiration dates..I def don't agree with everything verizon has set up, but for the most part is the lack of listening on customers.

I had about $195 left on my prepaid service and missed the 365 day to add money because I only use it for emergency. Verizon stole the $195. It's theft, plain and simple, you prepay for a phone service, that's all, because it's convenient. They know it's not worth suing over so they do what they like with customer's hard earned money. Typical big company attitude today. I am so glad I am on the downward path and will be gone before the whole World is corrupt.

mS mEEKS2/12/2013
I find it very sad the way that they treat their prepaid customers. I chose verizon wireless prepaid, because in the past their reps have mislead me into a contract that was suppose to be within my budget. Turns out their calls aren't monitored at all! Now when your prepaid device is interrupted their is no way to speak to a rep at all. Some respect huh! We spend more money than some of their contract customers, and they won't even give us enough repect to at least listen to us

Lori Goodner2/9/2013
Bought 2 prepay phones last year for $99 each and have been using the $50 unlimited plan on each since. No problems until now, both phones need to be replaced mine I dropped mine in the toilet and the other I dropped under running water. Mine still works but the other the screen is black. This is what led to my current situation. I went to the Verizon Corporate store per referral by customer service and was told I was not allowed to purchase the prepay phone for $59 due to my existing prepay account. I was told I'd have to pay phone $250+$35 to activate in store and that I couldn't walk out with it unless they activated it. That's a classic bait and switch and in no way mentioned in the terms of service. Even if getting phone for new line the store charges the $35 activation fee even though package states free activation. So left and called the 800# to try there, same thing I can't order the phone onto my existing account and there is nothing I can do but go to the store. Web account clearly states ordering another phone is not available at this time. Called the Corporate phone # 1st time person xferred me to 800# post pay to which I argued again about this issue. Called Corporate again today and reached a person named Karri who told me she would check with the store and call back in 1 hour. After 6 hours she finally called back, knowing I was at work and she refused to speak with my partner other then letting him know she noted the account and I could call 800# for the info. I called during lunch and the note states that I called about a free phone (NOT) and that I wasn't eligable for "upgrade" until 3/11/13 to which she was authorising a $20 credit for phone for new line of service with a $35 actv fee and my old account is lost. WTHeck, that is not what I wanted I want to buy the prepay phone for $59 and activate on my existing phone #. Anyway left Karri I message in the general mailbox as this is unreal. Plan runs out on the 10th and I'm looking for another provider. 2 accounts lost Verizon hope you rot I don't need or want a post pay account also not paying 3x the cost for monthly service I can't afford that, so bye bye.

Be careful when you choose Verizon. While they say that there is not a contract, they will automatically bill you every month, even if it is just month to month. If you call to cancel, they will not refund the money even if you have not used any services whatsoever. I would not use Verizon wireless ever again.

Paul G12/10/2012
I had a prepaid Verizon phone. They continuously dropped first calls of the day after 37 seconds. I actually had to tell callers that it would happen. Of course I would inform them that I was with VERIZON. And like Deborah(11/29) stated it was very difficult to get a human...and when you did there was little proof they were(human). I dropped them for Cricket..better for the last year.

Had Verizon prepaid for a number of years and left because the customer service was terrible. I had a problem and could not get through to a person--ever! Even using a landline I could not contact a living human being. Their automated system just sent me round in circles. Finally bought a plan at AT&T, which I was nervous about since I'd heard equally bad things about their customer service. Surprise, surprise, I have never had any issues with AT&t customer service. If there's a problem I call and it gets resolved. I would never go back to Verizon.

got this for work cause i drive truck and am all over the place..worked good for the frist few days and now i can get calls in..nothing out,not even cust. service..have already cost me $120.00 and missing out on load's whitch make my money,bout $200 a i have a useless phone and will not go there ever again also will tell every and there brother bout the bad deal it is..customer service for verizon can't do anything with prepaid at all..can't even get prepaid service on this paper weight of a phone..

I purchased a prepaid Verizon Pantech and a $30 phone card. THREE people in the room witnessed the activation of the daily usage plan, which stated Verizon-to-Verizon calls were free. I also purchased the mobile email app for $6.99, because the mobile internet device would not allow access to email.

I need two phones because at one location I have has no service for T mobile at 10c per minute. So I went for a Verizon pre paid at 25c per minute. I soon noticed that my $ value was going down fast, so I did a test and found this. As soon as you press send, the clock starts even though the dial sound has not started yet, a voice tells me who many minutes I have in total and the the phone starts ringing, if it takes 10 to 20 seconds before the other end picks up, you are paying for all of the time since you pressed send. I make calls that last less than a minute but this system means I am paying 50 c for every call. T least 30 plus seconds have been charged too me before I am connected with the other end.
I spoke with a Verizon rep and he in the end admitted what I had found was true. I am considering contacting an attorney on the matter as I see no where in the paperwork that tells me of this act of deception. My T Mobile phone only starts charging when the other end picks up.

JC Wolfe11/16/2012
Verizon wireless prepaid is a total ripoff unless you live in a city where they have lots of towers. I got a $50 prepaid phone recently from Verizon after my two year contract with them ran out. I currently live in a remote area of New Mexico where the closest group of towers are at least 25 miles away. When I received the phone, and activated it, it immediately began roaming with no way to shut the roaming off. They don't tell you that they charge .20 per minute roaming when they sell you the phone. And I couldn't find anything about roaming on their website anywhere. They mislead you by saying you get unlimited talk and text for $50. It's a lie!! So basically you pay $50 a month and .20 a minute roaming if you are in an area where they don't have a tower and you can't do anything about it. I returned the phone immediately and they reimbursed me for the phone but refused to reimburse me for the $50 service which I didn't use at all. In addition to this when I had my two year contract with them I got an LG Ally with the contract with a $100 rebate making the phone free. I was three days late sending in the rebate because of some family problems that I was attending to and they refused to give me the rebate. I would never use Verizon again for anything. They pretty much steal your money wherever they can. My father worked for General Telephone, which is now Verizon, for 35 years. If he were still alive, he would be so disgusted at what Verizon has become and how they rip their customers off at every turn. I got the prepaid phone to save money because where I live you don't get service and only can get it in town. Prepaid will end up costing you more than a regular account. So unless you live in a city, don't do it!!

hastily bought the new Samsung illusion for $169 a few months ago and only paid attention to the UNLIMITED message on the package and NOT the 1GB of data. I use up the data package in 12 days on avg. Last month I added an additional $30 to continue using data. I am VERY disappointed in $80 plan. I have tried to sell the phone but no one seems interested at any price.

chuck in ohio10/17/2012
i went to ky from ohio on a trip,i have a vzw prepay 50 a month unlimted,no internet in ky limited txting,i have to call numbers 2 times to call out,its supposed to be nationwide..this sucks.its supposed to be nationwide,dont do it....

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