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2 stars of 5 based on 530 reviews

TERRIBLE customer service, spent over an hour on the phone, with no results, we will see if I get money back....

for some reason, just recently, when someone leaves a voice message it is turned into SEVERAL text messages. to then read each text message costs 30 seconds! tracfone customer service still hasnt fixed the problem. it seems to me a way for them to make more money.also, the speech to text is sometimes messed up. very strange

trac phone inactativated my phone when there was no reason. in fact they said someone had mad a mistake. ive had the same for over 5 years and when the "fixed the problem" they change my number. didnt kno about that till someone i called didnt recognize the call.

If I could i would give 0 stars. Spent 3 days , 3 hrs trying to add minutes from a prepaid card. After customer service adding my minutes to wrong phone they refused to fix it. If u sell in the US, you should be able to speak and understand English. ABSOLUTLEY. Do not buy trac phone...

do not buy tracfone8/21/2013
I have tried for weeks to get my number ported and everytime I call, nobody knows what's going on. Several times, they don't know what they're talking about because they can't understand english.
I have had this phone number since I was a kid and I may lose it because they claim the number was approved, but an error was caused. I spent 2 hours today being moved from dept. to dept. and then told I have to call back in 24 hours because they can't fix their own error.
If you don't want to go bald from pulling your hair out due to this company's ineptness, DON'T BUY TRACFONE.


Grandma here again. I neglected to say I like tracfone. I can get tracfone cards at 4 places all within half a mile from my home. Thats very convient compared to driving 5 miles or more just to pay monthly cell bill. I just put on a lot of time on my tracfone so I don't have to add to add time for every month. I also have never had any trouble with tracfone,so there for I have not dealt with customer service-nor do I hope to. A piece of advice before getting a trac fone. Make sure which carrier is dominate in your area. Next thing to do is to find out carrier codes via the internet. I knew what they were so all I did was look at all the info just the bar code om bottom of package. That way I knew the phone work. In my area cdma works way better than gsm. Those are the reasons why I like tracfone.

had tracfone for years but now the Motorola phone is deducting minutes when phone not in use and even when turned off! previously I had the touch screen it was horrible , just try to make a call the screen would just roll and roll!! impossible to touch without rolling. I tried to get tracfone to help me with the new Motorola phone but got the usual run around. call THE CRS and be on hold for an hour, if you have nothing better to do with your time, like go to work, go ahead call them. good luck getting English speaking help.

Apparently most customers give bad reviews. Have the 'editors' tried calling for help, or have they receive advertising $$$$

Coverage changes with phones. Telephone service ridiculous! Language barrier insurmountable. E-mail help gives multiple wrong answers. I'm dropping t'fone, losing over 2000 minutes, and good riddance!!

Alan Savishinsky8/14/2013
The deals are good, howver the customer support is HORRIBLE abd the phone didn't work properly and Tracfoe caused me to lose my old phone # due to their inetness. I was an unhappy Tracfone customer for only a short time.

Outstanding Coverage in Western USA on my CDMA Tracfone. Customer Service is decent. Tracfone is a good value to people who need a basic cell phone and who do not use it much. Per minute cost is expensive.

Trac Phone just lost 3 customers. They say the minutes roll over but ours didn't - we lost 1600 minutes on one phone and after an hour on the phone, they refused to give them back. Great way to treat a senior citizen on a limited budget...

I tried to activate my phone (still trying) and on my prepaid page there is no Add Airtime where I can do so. I've done this with TracFone. This is the first time I've had no place for Air Time. Also it doesn't give me a phone #!! Defective phone or what??


Lost Nokia 2600 that worked well. Replaced with LG840G. Spotty coverage. Customer service almost useless. Language barrier.

I switched from my iPhone 5 to an LG 840g on Tracfone and I will never look back. You can read more about why I chose Trafone at

Tracfone is great for those who live in areas that are close to Canadian borders. I had gotten one two years ago to be used everytime I came home to visit, since
At&T doesn't have coverage in Calais, ME. However, I have run into some issues with reactivating my phone. Apparently, I'm not the only one. I have talked with technical support about 5 times now. Two days ago they told me that they were experiencing technical difficulties and that I should call back in 24 to 48 hrs for the issue to be resolved, plus any minutes lost from previous attempts would be refunded. So here I am sitting on the phone as the girl on the other end is trying to just change my phone number (for the second time) and the past 20 min all she has been saying is that she's working on it; telling others that she's encountering issues.
I'm getting a little impatient... it would have been easier to just buy a newer phone than to be 30 bucks short and a cummulative guestimation of 3 hrs of my life wasted. Not to mention, that the first line of contact is usually rude and short of which they transfer me each time anyway. But if they're having issues like this with pretty much everyone, no wonder the staff is a little irritable.... yup still on the phone. Tracfone what's the deal?

Horrible service and you can never hear anyone on this phone and not a single person can hear you. I end up yelling trying to see if anyone can hear the conversation on the other end. Customer service is a waste of time. Been with Tracfone for five years and this company does not care about a loyal customer. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY. You will be sorry.

Does it matter7/30/2013
Awful service. TERRIBLE. If you let your service go without activation for 30 days, tracfone takes all your minutes away. I have several phones and just overlooked the 30 days. I guess what I am saying is your minutes may role over but read the fine print. Also, when ordering minutes online, I usually have a promo code for bonus minutes. It will take the bonus coupon and act like it is going to give you the bonus minutes but it hardly EVER DOES.... Will be switching phones.

Misleading service hidden fees: After one month, mine wouldn't turn on and Tracfone charged me 600 of my prepaid minutes for a replacement.


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