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2 stars of 5 based on 1075 reviews

sea jay8/15/2013
i am a straight talk customer. I have tried to buy a new from them for a week. I have had many long calls. Originally they decline my purchase, they said bad IP address then, My bank said they refused my purchase again. I called them again, on a tape recorded line gave them my address and they read back an old address that I no longer have ? I just do not get it

I've had straight talk for three years on four different phones (two until recently) and never had a problem until I bought a Samsung Galaxy s3. the s3 got absolutely no reception, and I bought it from the straight talk website. I called customer service and they advised me to send it in for a refund. customer service was hard to understand but very polite; english is not my first language either so I just politely asked them to repeat or spell things. they said the refund would take up to 30 days from the time they received it in their return center which kind of freaked me out at first, but I called daily and gave them all of my tracking info and I got my refund within 7 days. now I have a working phone again (sprint doesnt work in my area, so I went with a verizon programmed phone instead of the sprint programmed s3.) and overall I am pretty satisfied.

Venita Brown8/14/2013
I am just starting this carrier, and I like the phone but hate the customer service. It take to long to speak to some one, and very annoying. They need to do something better about their customer service or they will lose customers. GET TOGETHER OR LOSE BUSINESS!!!!!

Kristin S8/11/2013
My phone hasn't worked properly since the beginning.I cant take pictures, receive pictures. no navigation, I cant have any games on my phone. It always says I have no memory so I purchase a larger sd card. that didn't work. Im stuck with this crappy phone until I can afford a new one. Very unhappy

Straight Talk was recently named in a lawsuit!

Bought a straight talk cell phone two months ago . I have had two phones exact same model . Both were defective ....they will not back their product . I have been on hold for a total of SIX HOURS. BAAD BAD BAD company....and Wal Mart needs to back their product as well . SHAME on WAL MART for selling their product

Very, very poor customer service. I purchased a phone (Samsung S380C) Overall the phone works fine, the service is OK as far as reception...the issue I have is this phone is NOT compatible with THEIR network to receive if I receive a text or vm message my phone makes NO SOUND, so I am constantly looking at my phone to see if I received a text. I contacted the customer service and was told that this is the way the phone is and there is nothing they can do....nothing. REALLY?! Piss poor customer service, they never advertised that this phone wouldn't make a sound when receiving a message. They KNOW this is an issue and refuse to exchange the phone for one that will work or refund me the $60+ I paid for a "selective working" phone. Very disappointed. Do yourself a favor and make sure the phone you plan to use is compatible with ALL features.


mike larkins8/4/2013
i was happy with straight talk at first.then i noticed they do have a data cap on so called call they put you through ressetting your phone and star 22890 when all alone your phone is short they make you not want to soon as you pay your bill the phone magically fixes its self.gonna pay my bill this one last time,give them a call and if no improvement switching to verizon.

I have had nothing but trouble with straight talk. And when I asked for a service rep to help me with my service they were disrespectful and told me it was a business and they could not help me. Now not only do I have a phone that does not work. But I am out of money that I paid. DON'T EVER BUY A STRAIGHT TALK PHONE THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!

tonya maples7/31/2013
I like the price but if you try and call your number from a land line it wont go thru unless you dial one and area code first. The area code on phone can be same as area I live in and you still have to dial 1. Not good for doctors office and other businesses that call me from land lines cause they don't think they need to dial one since its same area code so I never can get my calls from them. They need to fix that

I would not recomd any phone by this ccompany MY phone would not let me unlock it so they told me they would send me a new phone 7 days passed still no phone so I called them back they told me the same story so I waited another week still no phone so i went to another company and 3 days after i went to another company it showed up and it came by fedex it does not take 2 1/2 weeek by fedex but every month when i put more minutes on it within 24 hours the phone quite working and I only had the phone 5 months so i giving them a 0 on rate I should get my money back for the phone and the minutes that i put on the plan.

Worst customer service. DO NOT EVERY use this program. I have been hung up on, closed out of two IM's and lied two and I have not even started my service. I've been waiting for the "Port process" from Verizon wireless. I called Verizon wireless and they told me they transferred my number right away which was confirmed earlier in the day when Verizon Wireless connected me to a Straight Talk representative who told me it would take 24 hours. Which after 36 I still do not have a phone to use with straight talk.

Teed Off7/27/2013
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. EVER. Seriously, you have to use up your own mins. when there's issues, and there's ALWAYS issues. You will get aggravatingly "nice" convo from complete rude morons who GET PAID BY THE MINUTE in their Phillipines Call Center. "Ok, let me just check that for you." I'm going to put you on Hold for a moment, okay" followed by "OK, I just need to place you on hold for a moment while I check the code, okay?" YES DAMMIT, put me on hold already! Expect this to happen at least 5x - 10x during your call with them. They must get a LOT of cigarette breaks during their shift all the while laughing at those Americans hahaha. If they got paid with just tips or commissions, they'd all starve, they are that HORRIBLE. The phones are horrible too. Just when you clear up one issue, they send another code from their end to screw up something else. Phone shuts on/off by itself 5X a day, no exaggeration. Unable to access Contacts, unable to Text as it will show "Initializing" for anywhere from 9 mins. to 3 days...or worse. Live Chat on the website immed. blows you off and tells you to Call the tollfree number, you know the one you've been calling non-stop for 2 days and still NO HUMAN will even answer. Facebook will delete your complaint, and worse yet, they will immed. close out your trouble ticket and provide NO explanation. They take around 5-7 days to respond via email, at which point, you guessed it, they tell you to CALL that toll-free number, you know the one that never answers. Take the time to read all the other 6,666 + complaints about ST Customer Svc. and RUN the other way. WORST FRIXXIN' COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!!!

Frustrated Alabama7/24/2013
Worst Customer Service ever to encounter. Returned phone due to battery issues and still have not received a replacement phone in 12 days. Every phone call to customer service gets worse and they tell you one thing and never document anything. I started recording the conversations and is about to contact legal authority on them. Please do not waste your time on Straight Talk carrier it is a bunch of hogwash. I wish they could be sued for all these reviews that are listed.

I have had StraighTalk for over 2 years with the $30 per month plan that is renewed by credit card. In that time it has only auto-renewed about 5 times. Each month, although they charge my card, my new minutes are never applied and when my service end date comes and goes i get a message stating that i don't have enough money in my account to use the phone. Then, each time i have to call customer service on a family member's landline, punch through the telephone tree and hope to get someone to help me in customer service. So far, although frustrating, the person on the other end has been very professional and after punching in numerous code numbers, gets my service up and running again. This month (July 20th) however, i have been without phone service for over 18 hours and their customer service line has changed so that you can no longer reach a real human by phone. I went to my account on their website and they have charged my credit card as usual but the only option available is to phone the customer service number where i can't reach a human being. I have sent two email messages to their customer service on-line "help" over 6 hours apart but have not received any response. My little Samsung flip phone with voice prompting feature has always worked well with great voice quality on ST, which uses Verizon in my area of Southern CA. Come to find out, my sister in Idaho has had the exact same problem with Straight Talk each month so she finally gave up and went with another company. It looks like i will have to find another company now as well and i'm hoping that i can port my phone number which i've had over 3 years and is tied to just about everything! If you're thinking of purchasing Straight Talk - DON'T!

worst customer service ever and I was on the phone 4 hours trying to get my husbands and my phone activitated even though we paid $800 for 2 samsungs galaxys 3 and they said we couldn't get our phonews turned on if we weren't next to a tower even though we were in san Antonio texas which is known for sprint towers!!!!!! super lame cell service and straight talk is lame and you need to first get your refund from them and go with another better cell service!!!!!

Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have been trying to get service for a month and NOTHING. I have spent about 18hours on the phone with reps that all give me completely different info. I spoke to 6 reps about my issue 1 day but nothing is ever documented and my cases are closed without being resolved. I have been sent 3 SIM cards now, 2 didn't work at all & the 1 that did was activated wrong. So instead of reducing my cell phone bill I just threw away $60 since there is no refunds & apparently I will not be getting service since no one can send me equipment that works & I have to wait 5 business days for every SIM card....I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE! Customer Service is a impossible to deal with since NO ONE has any answers or documents anything. ... They sent me 3 SIM cards but my address & name were not one file. Plus my account was deactivated but no one can tell me why.

Ken D.7/18/2013
I bought a new phone and 30 day Straight Talk plan around the 1st of the month. I tried to activate this new phone and after talking to 3 different people told me it would activate within a few hours. NEVER DID.
I tried again and after 2 people they had me input what seemed like around 20 codes into the NEW phone until the phone finally stopped displaying "Phone needs to be activated" message. Why does a new phone have to have ANY codes input into it. I burned up 44 minutes of my friends phone service talking with them and still have a phone that doesn't work!!!!! Oh, and they NEVER offered me anything for all my inconvenience.
Not the end of the story.... Now the phone shows "You have 0 days service left." I try and call their service number again but now I can't get passed the answering machine to actually talk to someone. I have tried pushing every combination of numbers you could imagine and the closest I can get to a human is the answering machine saying "Your phone needs some codes added. Thank you for calling. Good bye". I went to their worthless sight and finally found an email address so I sent them an email explaining the problem and how I was unable to get through to a customer service person. Even though the instant reply said I would receive a response within 6 hours I didn't receive any response until after 12 hours. Guess what the response said? PLEASE CALL OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. at the same number I have been calling them at which still didn't work. I told them I could not contact customer service in the email I sent them. I guess they can't read either.
So, now today I have been sending an email to them every 2 hours since 7:00am and almost 13 hours later I STILL don't have a response.

Like many here have said: their customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with. I've been through countless emails with them, talked to them over the phone (barely could understand the person, much less hear them), only to have them tell me do exactly the same thing I already had done, and told them in the email that I had done, and even told customer service again over the phone that I had done, yet they had me factory reset the phone anyways, and this supposedly "fixed" the phone. I had the phone for about two months when it started crashing due to an error in the phone's programming (which I also told them and gave them the error word for word in the original email). After performing their magical "fix" (factory reset) the phone worked for 3 days then crashed over the next few days, 8 more times (3 of which were in one day)! I wrote them another email, wanting to know about the Easy Exchange I'm paying for, and since it was never offered to exchange the phone, that I wanted to know how to cancel it. They told me I had to call them to cancel it, which their FAQs page never mentions, it just says you can cancel it at any time. So, I gave them a call, but never could get through their automated bull to even talk to anyone; attempted to call them many times, but with no success. So, I sent them another email about the phone crashing (after it had crashed the 8 times), to which I never got an email in return for, they completely ignored it. I just got done sending them another one telling them I want to stop being charged for easy exchange, and that when the mins run out on the phone (on July 19th), that I will not be renewing it and had already went to another cell provider. I wish I had known about all the problems people have had with them, before hand, as I would have never wasted my money with getting a phone or plans or phone coverage from them. Definitely will not be making the same mistake twice.

Alice Dykes7/16/2013
I've had Straight Talk for a few month now, I was enjoying the phone and their cheap service. I am starting to realize you get what you pay for with them. The two phones that I had to purchase did not and will not keep a charge and their customer service do not seem to know what they are doing. Can not get a "Straight" answer from any of the many I have talked to.

Love it you cant get a better deal

I purchase a $80 (sale price) ST phone for my daughter in March because she was going to be away from home for school. She had a decent experience the first 2 months, then it all went down hill. Month 3, we added a new card and exactly a week into it, it stated she used her limit. I called and because I did not have the phone in hand, they wouldn't help me. My daughter was not going to be home for 2 more weeks, so after 2 weeks, I called back. The girl was friendly, but very hard to understand. I explained to her that it was impossible for my daughter to have used up all of her mins/texts because she is in school and afterschool activities, she compensated me for the time lost and did the *22890 call to reset the phone. It worked for 4 more days, then same problem but this time the call was asking for a credit card or to make a collect call in the Verizon system! I called again, got another person I could barely understand, did the reset again, and it worked for 2 days. I called again, the 4th time in a month, when she was unable to text yet again, to be told that she had used to allotted mins. Well, that's funny because her account on the internet show more than half the minutes still remaining, but they showed zero? The customer service rep basically called me a liar and I had to ask questions multiple times because she admitted to me that she was not even listening to me!! Seriously. Now they want me to ship them the phone to get a replacement phone which is going to take at least 10 business days before the process is over, then I will have to purchase a new card because her month will be up by then, to turn around and have to do it all over again! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

I sure am glad I review remarks on the product I want to purchase before I do. Thank You all. You have saved me tons of trouble and frustration. I will stay with Verizon.

Straight Talk Misleading advertising7/10/2013
REPOST: Didn't change rating to one star initially. Unlimited plan states in fine print services maybe shut off if excessive use is determined. How can excessive use be determined if plan is unlimited? Also, $30 plan can not be used on smart phones. Fine print states you must purchase unlimited plan even though $30 plan is advertised on smart phone boxes. Fine print is inside the sealed box and not available to read until after purchasing the phone.

Straight Talk Misleading advertising7/10/2013
Unlimited plan states in fine print services maybe shut off if excessive use is determined. How can excessive use be determined if plan is unlimited?

Thought I was getting a cheaper and better phone services for me and my family. Not true. This have been the worst phone services I have ever experience. Suspension of internet, calls drop and bad customer service. I would rather pay more money for better service then to put up with this!!!!!

Straight Talk is a joke. First of all, I paid $150 for a phone, didn't have it a week and it fell about 15" to the floor and the screen shattered. I didn't have replacement coverage, so therefore I'm out of the money. Also, there plan says unlimited data. Bullsh__!! I just recevied a call telling me I had exceeded my data usage and they may end my usage or terminate my service entirely. Oh yea, forgot, the customer service is a joke also, IF you can understand them, you still won't receive a solution to your problem. I'm going back to nTelos!!!!

be careful if you move a number to straight talk if you think you are going to have phone service right away. it takes up to 2 days to port your number. I got upset with the activation time and it was turned on 49 hours later so the next day I went back to walmart and changed from straight talk and went to Verizon network and guess what it is working on the second day now and they still haven't ported my number over to Verizon and I am already paying for Verizon service and Verizon text me to let me know they were having trouble porting my number from straight is not a fast process with this walmart service and you better not be hearing impaired like I am or you won't understand a word the people on the end you are complaining to are saying. good luck but watch out porting your # to straight talk. very long wait time and it is unreal how fast they shut my phone off but took so long to turn on the new one, also the Samsung centura doesn't have a contact list that is easy to access so be careful, these phones are sealed and you can't check all the features so make sure you ask questions before you buy to save yourself time , I cant speak for just buying a phone and getting a number from them but don't move yours .

You better be able to understand multiple languages or have a translator with you if you ever make it through to customer service. It is always from a foreign country each time I have had to speak to ANYONE in customer service.

Would give 0 stars if i could. Customer service is from a third world country ALWAYS and expect for it to take an hour do be able to speak to someone. Walmart refused to replace a phone that was purchased only days before so they are just as bad as the service. Get what you pay for with straight talk folks.

anne johan7/6/2013
This service.... read consumer reports and blogs b4 purchase.

Customer service is the worst. Don't use it. Good cell service but terrible customer. 40 to 60 minutes to get threw to a live person. Walmart no help at all. Straight talk will not help there Walmart's reputation.

They have the worst customer service ever.Set phone in on replacement and it has been 3 weeks still have not received my replacement phone. they are saying 3-5 more days after 5 hours on phone with them the last week.

After 2 months of service:
Don't be fooled by the unlimited 3G

Like other people who have written reviews, I cannot communicate with the jibber jabber customer service reps. I was able to reach a number in MN for months and now it is impossible to reach the number. I can sit in the same place and get straight through using my land line and a Sam's card. This person I'm trying to reach has a Trac Phone and can reach me with no problems. Why at first and not now?

I would say that working with Straight Talk is no worse than any other customer service department. However, they ARE very hard to understand, so you must pay attention closely to what they are saying.

Roy J. Tellason6/27/2013
This outfit has absolutely the worst customer service of anybody that I've ever dealt with!

Straight Talk phone cannot be unlocked. They told me it is illegal to unlock phone purchased from them.

I have been with straight talk for 3 yrs and yeah Ive had a little problem with cs but have always come out ahead. the service here has been great. and I live in a small town in sw oklahoma. the service here has been great but buyer beware walmart does advertise phones that dont work in your area. NOT staight talks fault, walmarts... I called before i baought the phone and asked if it worked in my area. and it did but i had to change my number which wasnt a big deal to me. But I have never had any major problems with customer service or service in general I love the lg optimus showtime I have now and dont have anything bad to say about them. if your nice they are nice and I just have then slow down a little when talking to me. and the $30. card does have limited web, if youll read it. the 45. card is unlimited everything. read and ask before you buy and save your own frustration. but I love the service I have.

I'm only giving them 1 star because there is nothing lower. Their products are cheap and the service is iffy. I went through all the steps over the phone to activate a line for a family member and not once did they say anything about the service not working in her area. Well low and behold...the phone is useless where she lives. I had previously checked the coverage map online and it showed that she should have great service and yet she gets nothing. After going in circles with customer service (VERY RUDE PEOPLE) I've decided to switch both lines to another company! Save your money and spend it elsewhere on quality products!

I've had this phone service for 2.5 yrs.
I text and call only and the service is wworth the $30/month. Never a problem calling from Mass, NH, FL, GA, RI, ME. Awesome service!

A nightmare! Keep away from this service. I wish I could rate it negative 0. WORST customer service, can't understand a freaking word they say, the phone was a problem from day one. The battery was not recognized by the device, and it runs down i. Like 15 minutes. I refill it and a week before they cut mobile service? Are you kidding me? I hate walmart and this troll of a product is just another confirmation of how inferior and sleazy walmRt and Tracphone are. I am changing carriers. I am done.

I was nervous about going with Straight Talk Wireless after reading the reviews about poor service. I called them twice before I got my phone and twice afterwards to get it set up. Every single time they were WONDERFUL!! The first two times I had to wait quite awhile to get through. But once I did, they were knowledge, patient and extremely helpful. I am thrilled with the low-cost plan and now can whole-heartedly endorse their tech support.

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