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3 stars of 5 based on 1321 reviews

Great Service, Best Prices, Simple startup, can find it anywhere, No gimmiks.

This is a great service for us guys in New York (City and especially upstate) where Verizon rules as the best carrier.

m jones9/3/2013
have been waiting on hold for over 2 hrs. to add minutes to my phone

The actual cell service, not customer service, is the same as VZW. Use chat on website for CS. The only real downside is they don't have LTE which means they don't support newer phones.

Been with Page Plus for 2 years problem free. Internet can be slow once in a while but 55.00 for two gigs of data and unlimited talk and text just cannot be beat. Coverage is awesome too.

C jones8/22/2013
Best service ever iPhone4 everything,mms

James aye8/21/2013
internet sucks. its not just 3G its low rate 3g even cricket surfs the web faster. talk and text are great though so if you're getting one just for that you're OK but don't even dream of streaming any video for speedy downloads even when your bars are completely filled up.

A. Lee8/15/2013
I am so disappointed with Page Plus. I would rate it negative stars if I could. I have had issues with them since I created the acct (1.5mos) ago. I ported my number to Page Plus and it worked for 2 days. Suddenly, it stopped working, I called back and they had to reset my number. It was working for a couple of days and started to act up again (work, not work, work, not work, etc). Finally, I called in to complain about it because I no longer had a reliable phone. I requested a refund for the $80 that I spent (I only used $5 of it since my phone didn't work) and asked if it was OK to port my number. The customer service rep (Hilda) blamed my phone for the reason I was unable to make calls (I bought a NEW phone from Verizon) without even trying to resolve the reasons with me. We opened a ticket for me to talk to a supervisor and she said that it was fine to port my number. I didn't hear from a supervisor so I called back. CONVENIENTLY, they closed my ticket and is unable to help me (and I lost all my balance when I ported the number out). NO ONE had told me that if I ported my number out, I would lose my ability to talk to Page Plus AND lose my balance. For a service that is based on customer service, this is AWFUL. I guess you pay for what you get. I will NEVER use Page Plus again and will never recommend it to anyone. They don't care about their customers

New Customer8/9/2013
porting my phone number was a breeze, activating my phone was easy, all done on-line. It was quick and easy. I had a question about purchasing and applying the minutes. Took care of it by chatting on the website with a rep. All very easy and painless. Glad I switched much more affordable. Time will tell, but so far great

I had PP for 5 years!! I love it! i have a Droid razr Maxx so yeah it's a blast i used 39.99 plan the pros its cheap and can cancel at anyyime without a fee i dont have to wait to upgrade my phone i wish PP could use 4G but 3G is not that bad as ppls it seem them CS is 3 stars because the all busy and it takes like 2 hours till you get with a agent unless you cal at 8AM then you will only have like 5 or 10 minute wait but other then that not bad at all!!! P.S. PP need some new phones

Web Site8/2/2013
When you go to the website. There is popup in the upper left. Can't seem to get rid of it. Which means you can't do/see what is under it. Really DUMB

I switched from Verizon PAYG to PP months ago using their 29.99$ plan with an iPhone 4. While it states it's not supported I had no problem with a PP rep being on the phone helping me through a data problem and I must say, they were oustanding, patient and even called me back. Only problem I have is sending MMS messages. While they do send I get a message "You have insufficient funds" 6 or 8 at a time each time I send mms! Why? Nobody can figure it except it's something that can be stopped only by shutting off imessage, which I dont use anyways. I wish they had unlimited data or better data coverage here in NH.

Very happy with me decision to port into Page Plus. Kept my old device (Motorola Droid X2) and I'm able to save half of what I was paying on my old contract. Great reception and with Live Chat I never have to wait on hold for questions. I noticed most of the neg. reviews have nothing to do with service coverage but individuals complaining irrationally. Not a review people!

I have been with Pageplus for 3 years I left the company and I currently came back it is terrible they went down hill the customer service takes 30 mins to get on the phone to talk to someone. I gave them my information they took 2 payments of 39.95 from my account they said it declined i called the bank and they said the funds were accepted....they took my money didnt turn on my phone and i called back 3 times and everyone said they didnt take the money out.. now i have to waste 3 hours of my time trying to get my money back TERRIBLE DONT EVER GO WITH THESE PPL

they are now owned by American movilthe ones owned by trak will go down hill now.

Unhappy customer6/24/2013
Ridiculous. Don't go with. With setting up the phone was under the impression that pic text and texts were as one. Not a lot of data. Don't go with.

I switched to PagePlus from Verizon three months ago. The switch was simple, my numbers were ported over in about 15 minutes, and so far, my service is no different. I went from paying around $156.00 a month with Verizon, to $65.00 a month with PagePlus (one "monthly" plan, and one "prepaid" plan for my mom). I'm saving almost $100.00 a month, and I am now getting unlimited minutes/text, vs. having to share 700 minutes with my mom, that is all I've noticed to be different so far. My mom is also happy with the switch and says she notices nothing different in her service either. So, no more "overages", no more worry about, "We have 18 days left, and only 24 more minutes, I guess we can't talk". Plus, it was an added bonus that I was able to keep my Verizon phones, and I didn't have to flash them or do anything like that.

I've been using PagePlus for several years. Service is great -- it's Verizon essentially. I now have two phones on Page Plus.

I am using their service for the past 3 years. Excellent service. I am using a crappy phone though. Other than that, there were no issues. Customer service (live person) is easily availability on phone.

My phone hasn't been working for days.
I can not get any in-coming calls. I also can NOT get a hold of ANY customer service rep.
I have been using Page Plus for years and NEVER had a problem until now. I wish i could get this problem taken care of. Quickly

For the price and service, the $30 plan is the best out there (1200 minutes, 3000 texts, 250MB data)! I have had no issues with the plan thus far. I found an old verizon refurbished phone that works well for the plan. As long as you use wireless connection wherever you can. I am so impressed and everyone else I know is paying outrageous prices for the same service. I get reception everywhere and more compared to everyone I know. I live in Mn.

John Shilo5/17/2013
I absolutely love Page Plus and fail to understand why this site does not give it FIVE stars. I buy 2000 minutes for $80., which lasts me four months, but I could take an entire year. That's only four cents a minutes. What other carrier can match that?!

New User5/14/2013
Pageplus offers the lowest cost prepaid plan on the market. $10/100 min/90days. Very reasonable for a very low volume user. Any Verizon phone can work with Pageplus. I purchased a DROID phone from eBAY for $25 from bluedot. The activation was easy. This was given to my preteen who promptly downloaded and used apps. The $10 was gone in a few hours. I turned off MMS/data access and kept only voice and SMS access. One can still use aps just over WiFi. The DROID went thru the wash and was toast. Purchased a replacement on eBAY. No problem activating. I would strongly recommened for a non data user. Buy a phone on eBAY from Blue Dot its cheap. Use Straight Talk for Unlimited Talk/TXT/WEB

My sister and I have had PagePlus for more than a year. I brought my own phone--any Verizon phone will do--and had the numbers ported to the phones. When I changed phones (to Droid3 bought on Craigslist), there was no problem switching over. Yes, their phone support is still terrible, but I've used the chat assistance with good results.

My basic verizon "dumb" flip phone seems to all of a sudden mysteriously be using data every few minutes since signing up with the pay as you go standard plan with Page Plus. It is devouring my minutes. I don't know if Page Plus is stealing data or if this is somehow something they are doing to eat up my minutes so that I may either keep refilling or so that I might switch to a monthly plan. I dont have a monthly plan because I do not need it, the phone is basically for emergency use so I barely use it. Yet it seems that the only reason I am buying minutes is to have them sucked up by data usage that my phone is doing on its own according to them. This is the number that shows up on my records that is using data and eating up all my minutes. It is not a phone number, so if you see this on your records, its NOT you using it. 723487686

D Bateman4/16/2013
I wanted a smartphone but didn't want to pay $75+ a month for a data plan with Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T. But those companies will not give you a $40 voice/text only plan on a smartphone, even though there is no technical reason that they can't. So I researched how to get service on a smartphone without a data plan and came across PagePlus and signed up with them. For $12 a month I get 250 minutes of talk and 250 texts, which is plenty for my limited use. I mostly use my smartphone on a WiFi connection (which uses my home or work Internet connection) but I can still make calls and send texts when I'm away from home. I would like to have a data connection when I'm away from home but it's just not worth the extra money every month.

Switched my iphone 4s, 2 iphone 4's and a basic phone all from Verizon and I pay 1/2 of what I did on Verizon Directly! Get the EXACT same coverage, but pay less then 1/2! Its a no brainier!

Bama Boy4/10/2013
I’ve had Page Plus for almost a year and find it works well, here, in the Sunny South. The coverage is superior, the call quality is exceptional, and though the customer service reps don’t go overboard in the friendly department, they were incredibly good to help me solve my predicaments on the few times I called them. I haven’t experienced the long waits that others seem to have faced, either. Further, the reps speak English as a 1st language, too, which means a lot, having previously dealt with Straight Talk’s scripted reps, who are obviously outsourced. Straight Talk wireless was a nightmare, but that’s another story. There have been no problems with refilling my Page Plus account, and I have to say the experience has been rather pleasant. I don’t suppose that every carrier gets it right every time, but Page Plus has definitely outshined the other wireless providers I’ve tried, as far as quality, coverage, service, and price. And I've been through a few.

Have been on PP for one year now. On the + side, coverage where I live is terrific,and all in all my service is quite good. Prices are great with PP, you're basically getting top-of-the-line coverage at fairly discounted pay-as-you-go prices.

So far I have found that they steal A LOT time off your pay-as-you-go plans (In my case 60 days of service I prepaid for that is not refundable, because they decided it best to assign my pay as you go balance to their 12 plan that had expired that I had no auto renew on) and they steal time off of your monthly plans at the end one day at a time forcing you to renew faster. when confronting them about it they pretty much write me off and offer to sign me up with someone else with no resolve. Bad connections and bad customer service.
You will be making a mistake using this provider I kid you not. they need to be reported to the BBB.

Happy Customer4/5/2013
I have an iPhone 4S on Page Plus and it works flawlessly. I chose The 55 plan with unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data. I've found 2GB of data to be plenty for mot uses. I've been with Page Plus for two years and will NEVER go back to contract cell service.

Transferred from Verizon to Page plus nearly a month ago. Everything has been great. Wait times to contact customer service is usually between 10-15 minutes but then the people answering are helpful and competent. I read an earlier post from someone who used Quality Cricket to flash a droid maxx and I used the same service. Despite a faulty cable on my side and outdated windows update this lady Dina just walked through it and stayed with me until the job was done. Very impressive service. Because I have a lot less data on my $12 plan I stick to wifi. I use copilot for navigation as it uses zero data. I have learned a lot more about my droid making sure I use data conservatively and now get a lot more from the phone than when i was paying six times as much. I am delighted with pageplus and recommend to everyone capable of limiting data use to wifi.

mary simmons3/29/2013
i have had pageplus for over a year now... awesome service have never had a problem... i have a droid 3 and only pay 55 a month... love in central pa and have exceptional service ...

I tried to resolve a charge from page plus cellular on my credit card on the first occasion I kept getting disconnected from customer service. Then on the second day the recording kept telling me to hold after 15 minutes I had to hang up. On the next occasion I finally got through to a customer service agent he said there was nothing he could do. I would never use page plus cellular there customer service is awful .

Peyton Barclay3/26/2013
My review of Page Plus is specifically tied to the Page Plus provider Kitty Wireless.

Robin L3/23/2013
I have had to contact customer service several times. I called once the other times I used live chat and never had a long wait or issue.

My story may be lengthly, but please take the time to look if you want to know why I give them a 5 stars rating. I'm a runner. I need a phone small enough to fit in my mp3 armband instead of carrying around my big Droid X on the armband. I went ahead and bought a basic Nokia 2705. I called Verizon to see if they can activate the phone for me and whenever I go out on a run, I'll just switch it over to the Nokia 2705, and when I'm done, I'll just switch it back to the Droid X. Verizon said that I can't do that. And should I do that, they may have to terminate my $29.99 unlimited 3G data plan because the Nokia 2705 doesn't support it. Then I asked Verizon if they can add an extra line to my account so that I'll just pay the addition of $9.99 to have an extra line. They said no I cannot do that. Doing so would cancel my current grand-fathered unlimited 3G data plan. I would have to switch over to a Share Everything Plan, which I do not want to do. Verizon suggests a prepaid plan, which $39.99 is their lowest plan. I thought I was running to a dead end. I didn't know that wanting a small basic phone for emergency could be so hard. I did some research around and I realize that Pageplus can use a Verizon phone. I went to Pageplus to check out their plans and they have a simple $10 Pay-as-you-go plan with 120 days expiration date. That is exactly what I want, just a small phone with a simple plan so that after my run, I can keep in touch with my family and tell them where to pick me up. A $10 plan that spans over 3 months costs $3 per month. It gives me 100 minutes, it's perfect for an emergency phone. And the Nokia 2705 is light, it's perfect for me to wear on my armband during a marathon race. Okay, long story short [too late], early morning around 5am, I chat with a Pageplus cust rep, he asked for the MEID of my Nokia 2705, and he said that yes it's a clean ESN and he can activate it. I asked him if there are any activation fees. He said no. Perfect. Activation was free, over the Internet, and 'bam', I'm done. He gave me a new number. After that, I purchased a $10 plan and add it to my new number. That's all there is to it. Now I have an emergency phone.

I do not like the long wait just to talk to a live person! I'm done with this!!

Okay, so I've read the comments (good and bad) and I've got to tell anyone thinking about Page Plus to JUST DO IT!!

Of course there is no GSM service! Page Plus offers CDMA which is a superior technology. People chose PP because they want more signal strength and better audio quality.

For everyone complaining about the wait time when you call..Call the vast majority of companies and you find similar wait times..Check out this link to Verizon's forum, people there have waited 2 hours. Like other people have suggested learn to use the online chat that most places have. Much easier and much much less irritating. Wait time 30 seconds to 2 minutes has been my personal experience.

I have been loving the savings since porting mine, my wife's and her mother's numbers over last year. Yes I do have to wait the limited amounts of times I call but I set up auto-pay and do a lot of transactions through our web account so I rarely need to call. For those of you who do just sign of for a web account and use Live Chat to contact Page Plus. People need to get with the technology most companies use and use chat and email. You will always wait when calling your phone company.

no customer for 2days no phone service..they dont mind take n your money. I have job interview what am I to do?

Costumer service wait time is over 30 minutes. phone quality ok, cost of plan ok, no GSM service, my rating was for customer service which is poor.

dont be fooled by the review there service sucks and you will be better off with boost or verizon unlimited service

They were great. I think success has ruined Page Plus. Wait time when you call in for Customer Service are ridiculous. Just tried their website and that's down. Too bad, as they're friendly to deal with IF you can reach someone. Prices and cell service can't be beat. Just too much effort anymore to deal with them.

I tried calling the main company number to ask a few simple questions.

I just started with Page Plus about a month ago, and had no problems with the service.

Bill B2/19/2013
Switched to Page Plus from Verizon. I get more minutes for less money.

Page plus is NOT a good service to switch to. Their phones suck & they have poor service. They don't deserve 1 star! Their customer service people are VERY rude. NEVER using page plus again EVER! Piss poor phone company!!

I think Page Plus is good for several reasons. You can use any Verizon/Page Plus phone, (bought a Blackberry on Ebay,) port your number, and the rates are good if you aren't a power user needing a lot of data. I had Verizon but when they changed their plans it became too expensive. I kept my Verizon broadband/wifi/modem for my home internet and can use the wifi with my cell phone which gives me a lot more data.

Oh Well!2/15/2013
It's good to be back to Page Plus Cellular. I'm reminded of why I should never have left.

Venetia Pierce2/14/2013
I am disappointed in your service on Dec. 10, I paid for 4 months service as I was going out of town. Well here it is only the second month and I have no service. I have the receipt with the info on it. When I get back home, I will discontinue the service.

Pros- Good deal for Verizon native coverage. CS Fair .


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