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2 stars of 5 based on 722 reviews

Had net10 for 5 months now (Moto C139). The phone selection is limited, but for a low user it's really the least expensive, totally hassle free prepaid. $15 a month for 150 minutes or 300 text messages. International calls are ok, but some international phone numbers are not serviced :-( text works tho'

I'm looking to drop it. I don't use my cell phone often and I'm FORCED to keep buying minutes when I don't need them in order to keep my phone number. I currently have over 1000 minutes!!!


John Phong9/2/2013
I was fed up with Net10 after they shut off my data for 48 hours many times. I was tired of being transfered 2-3 times everytime I call their customer service. I have been with many other carriers and done researched and found a great company that I am really happy now. I only pay $49/month unlimited talk text and 4G data with no contract. If you're intersted go to this link, I always enjoy helping others.

Fed-up and so done8/31/2013
I was looking at their Terms and Conditions regarding canceling their service, and I see this: “We may interrupt or terminate your service without notice for any conduct that we believe violates this Agreement, if you behave in an abusive, derogatory or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives,[…]" That, folks, should tell you all you need to know about their level of service; that they had to explicitly put that in their T&C because people are losing their temper daily out of frustration at the level of incompetence and uselessness of their customer service.

I have been a Net10 customer for many years mostly because they offered a kind of plan that fit our needs and they were pretty reasonable. But their customer service is beyond awful. Any time you have to call and you will have to call in expect to spend an hour or two on the phone. You will be transferred from one person to the next and just when you think you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, they transfer you again and the fun starts all over! We have always done pay as you go roll over minutes and last month an error was made by Net10 and somehow added an unlimited plan to my phone taking away all the munutes I had accumulated. I had called in and they supposedly took care of it. This month as I tried to add my usual plan I discovered it had not been resolved and after two hours on the phone they said there was nothing they could do for me. I am very frustrated as they really just don't care!

John Phong8/17/2013
I hate that whenever I have an issue with the service I spend at least an hour being transferred and no one can help me! I am glad I switched from their horrbile service and customer service. I have been with the new carrier for 3 months and I LOVE it very happy. I am on a no contract and pay only $49/month for unlimited everything on 4G data. If you want more info please email me at I'll be glad to help I know how you all feel

Roger Anderson8/11/2013
TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!!! ~ THEY gave my number away, because THEY could not transfer it to a new phone! ~ Don't expect to call their customer service and spend anything less than one hour being transfered and put on hold. THIS IS THE WORST prepaid service available!

Pay-as-you-go is bait-and-switch8/5/2013
Net10 is attempting to shove it's customers off of pay-as-you-go, because they have put up barriers to buying airtime online. The first time around, you cannot buy airtime without being forced to buy the $10 International Long Distance card. You must call Customer Service - where they will try to switch you to a more expensive PLAN that THEY control - if you persist, they will set their database to allow you to buy cards (w/o the $10 ILD card) for a short period of time; after that, you cannot buy ANY cards online. This has been going on for at least two months, with no disclaimer other than "it's a software glitch." Phoey! Customer Service probably has no power over this - for fear of losing their jobs. I don't believe that NET10 Web programmers are incompetent; I believe that the entire fault lies with NET10 management.

joyce wyss8/2/2013
i have a net 10 phone for 6 years and i like it.but speaking as one of the many people in this country who live on fixed income i was not pleased to find you have withdrawn the 750 min. cards from wal-mart as it was all many people could they are told they have to pay at least 50.00 for min. card . in order to keep min. on their phones for the month this will not do. as many of them for health reasons must have that phone with them at all times i am one of these people. sincerly yours joyce wyss

They officially steal your minutes!!8/2/2013
Recently I have noticed that my minutes in my Net10 pay as you go phone get lost dramatically! Till yesterday that I made sure that is really happening. I lost 50 minutes in just one minute domestic phone call and when I called the customer service, after half an hour (thanks god I was using my land line) the guy said they CAN NOT do anything about it. I asked to talk to a supervisor and after going though the whole process for another 15 minutes, he checked couple of codes in my phone and their system and simply said "sorry, there has been an error and that's why you lost 50 minutes" (I wonder why I never earn minutes in error!) and offered me 100 minutes for free (he was also very rude)!!!! If I didn't notice this and didn't persist for 45 minutes, couldn't even prove that they are cheating! I believe they officially steal from their customers!!

Bill Young7/25/2013
If you have a problem (as I have when I moved and had to get a new phone number), it takes literally hours. My nice new phone didn't work in my area, so they sent me a lesser quality one. Unfortunately, it was slightly defective (would turn itself off several times a day). They told me they couldn't replace the phone because it wasn't under warranty (they sent it less than 3 weeks before). It took lots of complaining to get them to finally send a replacement. Then, the replacement they offered didn't have the full keyboard. That's the main feature on my phone, so I insisted on a full keyboard phone. Took another half hour. I don't give one star because I'm generally happy with the service... when everything is fine. But if you have a problem, it can take HOURS of your time... worth far more than buying a new phone. sigh

Betty G.7/20/2013
Clearly these folks have barely a minimum understanding of what to do. If they can't resolve it, they just pass it on to someone else, who also cannot resolve it. I have now spent close to 5 hours on the phone with their technical/customer service reps and what is the bottom line? Well it looks like your SIM card is activated, but in another part of the system it says that it is de-cativated (excuse me?????). So we are going to send you a new SIM card (overnight , please... we'll try but there is not assurance) Blah, blah, blah. Incredible incompetence. On the other hand, once all these problems are resolved (I have another phone), the service works quite well... and be assured that they will bill you consistently and correctly - that aspect seems to work quite well - in their favor, or course). Another thing: I'd like to transfer my minutes to TrackPhone... sorry, no can do. You're stuck with us.

John T. Hickman7/16/2013
I had net10 for 5 years and was very unhappy with their service. They sent me a new phone 3 months ago and it would allow me to make one call,then the phone would deactivate. I stayed on the phone with net10 supervisors for a total of 6 hours.No one could solve the problem. They didn't offer me another phone nor did they offer me money back for the 600minutes that remained on my phone.This is a poorly run company!!!

Do Not User Net107/15/2013
I am a Bring your Phone customer, one day, phone stopped working. Called Net10, twice they transferred me to "Tier2" a voicemail that at the end hangs up on you. 3rd time called back, they wanted to transfer me again, asked over a period of 15 minutes 12 times to talk to supervisor, they refused to connect me. They said they will loose their job if they transferred me to a supervisor. I was also told they cannot tell me why my phone stopped working. DO NOT USE NET10! Sending pics in IM (SMS) is not supported, I will not renew with them. I tried to leave this feedback on other sites, but it did not allow me to post.

Please stay away from this company, I have an iPhone and I'm unable to send picture messages and they did not tell me before I purchase their product.. I have such regrets!!

I have used this service for 7 years, and it has gotten better. I am an elderly person and this is my secondary phone. I will always have a land line. With tax, my cell phone costs a little over $16 a month, and I always have minutes left. Since I don't use it that much, I like having this option. I did use the unlimited for a few months when I did not have internet access. It was adequate for me, but I prefer a large screen. A young relative was impressed and put the service on his little phone.

L & R of San Diego6/21/2013
STAY AWAY! I'm just going to copy/paste the email I sent to my boyfriend and you will see why I would give this service negative stars if I could.

USA Traveller6/21/2013
Terrible, tried during 5 hours to activate my sim card. Was cut of, forwarded to the next clueless person, no result - complete scum. Don't buy the "bring your phone" offer. It doesen't work and finally you will lose 50 $ time and nerves.

robert christofferson6/20/2013
Purchased $50 unlimited plan. After using 1.5 GB they cut off my data completely instead of throttling down to 3g. Treat net 10 as if they are trying to infect you with the aids virus and find a decent company.

Horrible!!! Stay away from net 10! You will want to shoot yourself in the face.

When i bought the sim card for my moms phone it said a 30 day unlimited card was needed to activate the phone. Implying that it was needed for activation and saying nothing about it was required to having to purchase 30 day unlimited cards there after. My mom is a stroke victim who is unable to talk any more but can still communicate with yes and no answers. It was bought with the intent for emergency use only. She does not need unlimited time and 200 minutes is more then enough. I feel they false advertised this product with holding the fact you have to keep buying unlimited time to continue service. This should be clearly stated on the package! This service saves her no money and I feel its a scam.

A few days after activating my 200 minute card, there was no service on my phone. I contacted them about 14 days later. They fixed the problem but refused to extend those days to my service. They said that I would have to buy a new card. The company cheated me out of 2 weeks. I will never use Net 10 again!

Jeanna Dykema6/17/2013
Net10couldn't care less about their customers. I added a 60 day/300 minute airtime card this morning that was never added. I spent three hours on their customer service line trying to find someone I could understand. I finally reached a manager and was told that since I no longer had the original airtime card (my son added it and three the card away) that nothing could be done. I have been a moderately satisfied customer for years and have three phone lines with Net10 but I am done. Of all the money I paid they cannot even honor my $30 card. Never again will I deal with them!!

Net10s are by far the worst phone you could have, mine cuts off every single time I get on YouTube or some otherrandom times. My phone will not charge worth crap!! I pay 50$ or more a month for being able to use everything it say I can use. A month but the piece of crap doesn't work half the time when I need it to!!horrible service! Its no where near worth your time and money. Do not get it. You'll be unhappy.

Net10 billing and customer service are completely incompetent. I had over 3 years of trouble-free pay-as-you-go service until last January when attractive options were suspended briefly as they began to offer the Easy Minutes plans. To get a reasonable rate for my usage I was forced to enroll in Easy Minutes. Then the trouble began.

No more Net 106/12/2013
I don't recommend this crap. My mama raised me correct. If you can not say anything good say nothing.

DO NOT USE!!6/12/2013
For anyone who is thinking about going prepaid and using NET10 DON'T!! I just paid my bill and within two weeks they claim I used 1.5 gigs of data and turned my data off after I paid them for a unlimited plan. I been calling them for several days and all they do is transfer me to an automated system to tell me how not to use so much data. Fist of all I paid for a unlimited plan and second I'm always home and I have WiFi so I'm not using their data. They wont help me and I paid for a unlimited plan. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Not happy6/10/2013
I have am still on hold after 1 and 1/2 hours of waiting for a supervisor. Oooooh, I want a job to get paid and not work! The last 2 calls to fix the issue, resulted in a brain dead person, sending me to a computer recording that did not fix my problem and I was disconnected. DON'T PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM YOU WILL BE UNHAPPY!


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