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Metro PCS Reviews
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3 stars of 5 based on 554 reviews

michael 9/6/2013
metro is the best company i've ever see and the plans are fantasic

James 9/6/2013
I wish I could give a negative number due to their retarded customer service center (the 888 number).

Frank 9/6/2013
I would never recomend Metro PCS! I would better recommend criKet. Criket has better plans than metro pcs!

C. Adderton 9/6/2013
I keep getting the wrong names for caller id. It really sucks. When I call customer service, the do not know anything about it, nor do they know how to fix it. I stopped paying for it and am so frustrated with the answers, I am changing carriers. Other than that, the pricing is good and coverage seems ok.

LB 9/5/2013
If you have patience this is the right choice for you. if it's ok to take 3 or 4 days to relay a pic or a message, you're with the right company. As far as I'm concerned they owe me a new phone! I have been so frustrated with this manure service I slammed my phone and broke it! Not the phones fault just crappy service! You people are losers and need to step it up! get off your butts and do what you're paid to do!

C Hernandez 9/3/2013
Metro PCS advertises phones for $25.00, but yet when you click on "shop now" you get "no items found"...?!! So I call the 877 number and I'm told that "individual stores" are selling those phones. Since there are no phone #s listed in the store locator, I guess metro pcs expects me to drive all over town trying to find these phones (it ain't gonna happen). What I'd like to know is, what is the point of having a "shop now" button if there is no item to be purchased? That's what I'd call misleading/false advertising. Me, my brother, and Dad wanted one. Now I'm gonna have to tell them to forget it...

Gloria 8/26/2013
My phone has not worked since yesterday at about noon, but as usual MetroPCS has no information about an outage in our area and they are completely "surprised" that the phone is not working. You call customer service and you get a bunch of "I'm sorry" but they NEVER admit they are having an outage. They won't refund you for the outage unless you speak to a supervisor and demand to be compensated. I have 2 adult children on my account with me who are out of state and I have no way to contact them because my phone is not working for more than 24 hours and MetroPCS is "Unaware" of an outage in my area. About 1/2 of the people I know have this "Service" and their phones are not working either. Perhaps no one has reported the problem because their phones DO NOT WORK!?!

Loyal Customer WARNING! 8/24/2013
just a warning!! if you are a Loyal customer and have there once offered unlimited 4G LTE service plan for $55 will NOT be Grandfathered over to there new GSM line up of Phones..iv'e been a loyal customer for 7 yrs

Marrio 8/17/2013
I have simple mobile, this is a pain and the neck for me. @ home no service @ all can't call can't received , @ work samething .even one bar I don't have Tmobile samething ,straitght talk samething ,I don't no what to do anymore friends please help me. I am going crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I am afraid of Metro of because Tmobile is with them now.

Guest 7/25/2013
service stinks phones stinks they cancel things through text messages and then don't make your price lower. I am cancelling them.

Ed 7/5/2013
Been a customer for about a year just recently had issue with my phone and the warrenty process is horrible on my 4th warrenty phone of same type and customer service is horrible.

Junie 6/12/2013
I have a "not smart" phone so I can only speak to talk and texting. We live in the Allentown, PA area and have never had any problems with dropped calls. We did notice in a rural area that it was a little more on/off again as compared to my husband's verizon phone. I LOVE the price and being able leave any time. I have never had a problem with customer service. I pay $25 a month all taxes included for unlimited text and talk - it can't be beat.

Gina 5/30/2013
More like -1 or lower! I agree with the above post of going else where for phone service. We were very happy wiht Virgin Mobile but they did not have 4g in our area, so we moved to Merto. However, Vergin Mobil's 3g is way better than Metro's 4g! Then my phone copletly dies within 100 days of my purchase. I did not do any damage at all and Metro's store confirms that. Now all they want is more money and a lot of time to get me a referbished phone.

Paul 5/6/2013
Their service sucks. I bought the Samsung Galaxy w/ unlimited everything, but I get unlimited nothing. Can never get connected no matter where I am even living in a big city. Text comes in in several pages all scrambles page 1 then 4 and 5. I may recieve page 2 the next day if I'm lucky. I'm switching to Straight Talk.

Mister M 4/23/2013
One bar of antenna service almost everywhere you go out of five bars. This means call quality is very spotty. 4G is throttled down to 2G ? very quickly.

Mariela 4/4/2013
Metro Pcs takes advantage of the elderly! Older people do not understand all the techno language and tricks companies like this use. They would not give me back my $60 when my phone died and I did not have enough money to buy another one from them. NO ONE told me at the store that I would lose my money if I did not buy a phone from them. I have a fixed income and $60 is food that I cannot buy because Metro PCS took it out of my mouth. I am one of the invisible people that companies like this prey after and they yet do not have to answer to anyone for their actions!

Moe 3/31/2013
I used to have metropcs but they have terrible customer service. Promised to refund me $50 by giving me one month free but I quit before because of the awful customer service. They said they would put it back on my credit card but I had an unknown charge so they said they would send me a check and it would take 4 - 6 weeks but never got it. I called about it and was transferred to someone but then told I needed to speak to someone in customer service that just transferred me!! Still no check.

Sexy Red 3/27/2013
I went to the Metro on Cascade Rd in Atlanta, GA. I just got my phone 3 weeks ago and I dropped my phone and cracked it. I thought I had insurance. I went to the store to cuss they azz out, I asked for the Manager, she was so nice and understanding I really felt bad for coming in the way I did. The manager and her staff were all nice to me, they helped me get another phone, with a case and bluetooth like they have on TV. Although it was my fault and I had an attitude the manager and her whole staff were all nice, smiled, and were able to calm me down. Thank You Metro....

Ankido 3/7/2013
one Star is a lot for them , the phone that they did sell us stopped working after 20 days it has warranty but they told us that we need t pay $17 for shipping , the guy in the store wanted to charge us $1 more for him self , the service is not good , it is like all other US companies , the only loser is the costumer

king 001 2/26/2013
this sucks because if you dont have a certain phone you cant get pay as you go plan because you have a new phone but with boost mobile you can get pay as you go with any phone you receive makes payments easier customer for 12 year never a problem always a signal pay what u want 10, 15, or 20 dollars whatever you can afford your phone service will not go off for any reason

Amy 2/8/2013
Just bought my Metro PCS phone, which I was happy with until I got home. I have no service what so ever at home!! This is my only phone I have no house phone so its important I have good service. There was one spot in my house I could make phone calls but I couldn't receive any and didn't receive any text messages either. The phone didn't let me know I had voice mails either. So the next day after I bought my phone I went to return it. They wouldn't give me any money back because there was one hour and thirty eight minutes of talk time on it!! That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!! I had the phone for less than twenty four hours and I cant return it???!!! I DO NOT recommend Metro Pcs at all!!! Never heard of such a return policy!! It is a rip off!! Straight talk is much better!! Word of mouth is the best for sales...well I will make sure I let as many people as possible know about the poor service of Metro Pcs!!!!

Forrest 1/31/2013
I technically been a customer for 2 years now. I have the GS3 I got it for $349 during black Friday. I am in college in Fitchburg Massachusetts, I work and live in the Worcester county area and go clubbing in providence. Everywhere I go I get 4G, I have never dropped a call, nor had failing texts, and my online payments are really simple and I have never had to call customer service. I get about 2.5mb down on LTE on average. But I am noticing Metro PCS's service is getting more efficient on LTE service (since I am getting stronger bars in bigger buildings) and it is getting faster too! Love them, for $60 with Hotspot included I can't complain. I got an email from Metro PCS as well saying I shall be getting Jellybean in a couple weeks AND they're LTE speeds in the spots, should be a minimum of 8mb down. So I am excited!! :)

John 1/24/2013
Service range has been good. I live about 40 miles from Boston and have only had service problems in the areas that all providers experience service problems. I have good service in central Maine, and during a Hawaiian vacation. Internet access though is sometimes difficult in remote areas. As for customer service, it is below average. I get the same incompetence that all big companies have, but English is almost always a second language. However, I have needed that service rarely. Still, for $50 per month I feel I get a broad range of services and features.

Metrocious 1/12/2013
I have been with Metro PCS for 3 months and it has been one of the worst experiences of my life. They gave me the same phone number as another customer so I have been receiving her calls and texts and she has been receiving mine. I thought it was a mistake but after getting call after call for the same person I asked one of the people who turned out to be the person's sister if this was "Ursala's" phone number and she said yes. When I told this to Metropcs they said it was not possible after I called again they offered no money back for the months of missed calls and only offered to change my number "free of Charge." There is no accountability with this company and no one you talk to on the phone knows anything about why things go wrong. My phone keeps loosing service and NO ONE helps. I am done with this company. Working with them has been a massive waste of time and money.

Katy 12/26/2012
My phone works great where I live in GA. There are some dead zones, ironically the same place as AT&T had here! I love my Samsung Motion Android. Very reasonably priced too. NEVER any unknown charges popping up! Also, they take off $5 for every other person you add to the plan. I also get mobile hot spot for no charge. I am definitely satisfied although I had some customer service issues, I asked for a Supervisor and was given one immediately. He was able to resolve my problem.

no longer good 12/18/2012
I had metro since 2008 but with the diffrent plan they now offer it turned to service unless you live in the middle of a city they charged me extra $5 for navigation it should be free i regret buying a metro galaxy s3 i sold it now i have boost way better im happy with my s2

dn 11/30/2012
Once you go to store, they will rip you off. They made me pay $15 activation fee which they changed to promotion fee (which they never mentioned since metropcs web site says there is not activation fee) and about 20% in taxes. $129 for the phone + $30 for the first month + $15 promotion/activation fee + $25 in sales and other made up taxes. The store did not provide receipt for phone and they provided one after going back to store again. The receipt does not have itemized list and they used calculator and came up with $199. After going back and asking about details, they removed insurance and adjusted amount to $189 which is still way more than it should be. Customer support told me that once you go to store they may charge you whatever they want, but if you order online you do not pay any of these. The store is 14 John St in NYC. And yes, they added insurance which I never asked for. The insurance has $39 deductible on $79 phone (after rebate) so after several months will me more expensive use insurance then to buy a new phone. You will save a few bucks only if you need a replacement in a first several (eight) months of service. Another thing to be aware… All the taxes are included in your monthly payment BUT… the most of the common features and services are not included and you have to pay extra for that. For example you may not see plan details and call history unless you pay extra for that. I have phone for one day only so I can not comment on phone or reception. DN

robert 11/21/2012

matt w 11/20/2012
I have had MetroPCS for about 1 month horrible service I signed up and paid for 4g unlimited service I have not been able to connect to 4g since I got the service I spend once a week on my days off on the phone with them for about 2 hours each time they have me reset my phone they reset the line and then they make some stupid excuse as to why the phone is working first it was because it was recently hurricane in my area that was because they were experiencing some other general problems in my area another week later and they're not sure what's wrong so say they are going to put in a ticket to address the issue and a week later the ticket is closed because there's nothing wrong with my line and they concluded must be a problem with handset they tell me to travel over 15 miles to go to the closest corporate store and so far all they've done in consolation is give me a 10 dollar credit which will only be beneficial to me if I actually decide to continue the service the price is cheap but I can attest to the fact that you certainly in this case get what you pay 4

Ang 10/25/2012
You can not label the company based on the customer service you have experienced. I always get great customer service, and i am always helped with any problem I have. I have had metro PCS for 7+ years and have never had a problem. They offer great prices and the phones are improving so much more, they have the Galaxy S 3 now! I get unlimited 4g talk and text for only 55 a month! what a steal!. I have absolutely no problem with the service, & when I do encounter a dead spot I look online and apparently all the cellphone providers have the same dead spot! I have absolutely no complaints!

Anastasios 10/16/2012
Metro pcs customer for about four years,I live in New York metropolitan area and never have had any problem.

Gulpana 8/14/2012
So far I have no problem with my phone I reasently switch to Metro PCS from AT&T I got a LG connect 4G and so far happy, ive been with AT&T over 6 years and for unlimited talk text and data I was paying over 208$ so for me 50$ it's great savings even the phone is not sound as before but I don't experience drop calls and breaking sound, even I will get a drop or breaking its still great price for all unlimited 50$. Can't get cheaper than that no 2 years contract or early termination fees:) I can dice necked at any time, I really recommended to get Metro if you think you pay to much for you provider with the same problem. So why should I pay more than 50$ for all 3.... And switch from iPhone 4gs even LG is not be same as apple I'm still satisfied with phone and service

Christy 8/9/2012
I've had service with metro for years. All In all coverage is pretty good and it serves my purpose. I agree some phones are terrible. I had a mid range android but went back to my little Samsung with qwerty keypad. Not touch screen. I use the Internet, text and voice features without trouble. The camera is ok. Not great, not terrible. Phone was only $29. As long as you don't have to deal with customer service it's a good way to go for only 40 bucks a month. I agree it is a nightmare getting anyone to help you. I tried to get help with an application and the woman from India finally just hung up on me because I kept saying "excuse me?". I honestly couldn't understand her. Also, pay online because they charge you three dollars extra to walk into a store and pay. All in all a good deal. Much better than my son's AT&T service which is around 100 bucks a month but keeps changing for no apparent reason.

jake 7/24/2012
Phones suck. Especially the android phones. The hardware can barely handle the software they run. The internet works only sometimes and drops at random, even if you have a good connection. And I would go on to say more but, the phone I'm typing this on is lagging just because it can't handle this much text on one screen. Oh, and also, the spell check only works when it wants so if there are errors in this that just means my big thumbs hit something by accident and this price of shit didn't correct it.

john 7/20/2012
metro no good.
bad services.
signal no good.
drop calls.

Fernando 7/13/2012
I live in vegas and this phone campany is so much better than criket.I have the samsung admire and it is really a great phone just wish it had a front camera but other than that the 3g is super fast and the service is great like i get a few drpoped calls here and there but nothing big:) but for 50 dollars i get good 3g and unlimited everything, what more can i ask from metro they have been so good and way btter than criket trust me worst company and very cheap phones and worst service ever-__-* I recomend this company to anyone but everything is fine so dont wrry about worst company just make sure you know somone who has it and they like it cause service depends where you live but other than that great company!!!:D

Veronica 7/11/2012
After only 4 months of service, I decided to switch to another carrier due to the worst cellular phone service I've ever had. MetroPCS probably survives on new contracts...but probably don't hold unto many clients. EVERY TIME I would make a call, it would drop the call a minimum of 4-5 times. I never went through so much frustration in my life with a cellular service and am surprised I didn't throw the phone out my window!

Awesome 7/3/2012
The reviews were the perfect time killer. I had fun learning just how dumb people can be. A few people had bad experiences, but the majority of the issues are pure common sense, er uh lack of common sence. Take some responsibility for your actions and own up to a mistake on your part.

Aaron 6/30/2012
My service was interrupted for over a month, byt the time i pay the following month I have a fee to pay because my bill cycle would be ending soon and i would be required to pay a additional 5 dollars to be on next bill cycle so i pay everything asked, my phones turned on and I leave. A week later my phone is turned off, I return back to the store and im told i have to call customer service, by the time i reach customer service and explain the situation the Rep she tells me i owe $32. for what? my phone wasn't on a week, and she says its because of the bill cycle and i point out to her that i paid all monies owed and for the bill cycle and my payment amount reflected my claim in which she could see. what was this 32 dollars from? she couldn't tell me but instead of trying to resolve my issue she only tried to get me to pay an additional 32 dollars on top of the 48 i just paid a week ago which would put my bil at $80 but i have a 40 plan. after getting n where with customer service i as for further help and ask her for her name or id just in case we somehow get disconnected and she gives what i believe to be a fake id and disconnects my call. This company has the worst customer service i ever dealt with and everyone who i was in contact with was hispanic. I will make sure everyone i know who a has metro piece of sh!t to switch until metro gets better customer service and quit playing games. worst phone company experience ever!!!

Ben C. 6/28/2012
I bought my LG Optimus M+ about three weeks ago; so far everything seems to be going pretty good. Call clarity is great, 3G speeds are decent; I can't speak to 4G speeds as my phone is not 4G capable. I live in Grand Rapids, MI and have not had a single dropped call. 3G seems to be pretty good in all areas here in G.R. Customer service is decent, but not great (nobody speaks CLEAR English.) If you decide to go with MetroPCS, I would get your phone at Best Buy in order to avoid dealing with incompetent dealers. Definitely make sure you don't travel out of the MetroPCS coverage area a lot because there is a .19 per minute charge for roaming (you have to add money to your MetroConnect account in order to make voice calls while roaming, but texting is always included.)

beneaththebs 6/26/2012
If you life in an urban area, metro is by far the better of all the prepaid carriers. In fact, having had the benefit of all types, I endured more theft from hidden charges, surprise increases, etc. from the notable carriers while under contract than I did w/o Metropcs. There are no surprises & can any one honestly say they've had more control of their phone service & cost w/ a contractual carrier. I doubt it very seriously.

OZZIE 6/17/2012
To Metro Pcs, On April 25th, 2012 I went to inquire about purchasing a new phone at the Metro PCS store at 86-24 Rockaway Beach Blvd FAR ROCKAWAY QUEENS. I expressed my interest in a phone that has a built in router because where I work in Queens there is no internet service. I was told that the LG CONNECT 4G phone that I bought had a built in router. I went to work on April 28th all happy to show off my new phone to my co-workers & to my embarrassment, when I went to view a video on YouTube, no internet service. My co-workers who have AT&T,Verizon & Sprint have no problem getting internet with their Iphones. I could have bought a cheaper phone from your company instead of the most expensive one ($400). I expressed to the salesperson & store manager that I wanted a phone with a built in router & they assured me this phone had it. When I called Metro PCS about my phone not connecting to the internet in certain areas, the representative that I spoke to told me that the phone I purchased didn't have a built in router & that they were sorry. I then went back to the store & spoke to the manager about the wrong information that was told to me by them at this store & wanted to know what can be done to rectify this situation. Because of the 7 day or 60 minutes of talk time usage, whichever came first, the sales associate informed me that I couldn't get my money back because I used the phone for more than 60 minutes. The purpose of this letter is to inform the consumer not to buy this expensive phone the LG connect 4G. It's a waste of money! Now I am stuck with a phone that I can't even use where there is no internet service (Wifi). Just buy the cheapest phone from Metro PCS & just take advantage of their unlimited talk & text plan. I cancelled my Sprint account for nothing. Thanks for nothing METROPCS!!! FROM OZZIE

John 6/15/2012
MetroPCS sucks terrible horrible customer service. For over a week I argued, begged and pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored. Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math.

david 6/14/2012
how does this company stay in the market they dont know how to do bussiness they have the worst service ever!!!

Taylor 6/12/2012
if im on the 45 dollar plan can i switch to the 25 dollar one?

sarai 6/8/2012
I was fine with Metro PCS and has been for about 10 months until they didn't process my rebate information and it is taking me 3 months of phone calls and complaints to receive it and I have not received it as of yet. I hate companies that act like they don't make mistakes.

Bob 6/4/2012
I went into Metro PCS to purchase a phone and transfer the phone number. I went to 4 stores in Grand Rapids Mi. The 1st three store had no clue what they were doing (Fuller Ave and two on Plainfield Ave). The girl at the Alpine location was outstanding. She went above and beyond and got the Job done. Thanks Angie! Job well done. She will get all my future business. 6/4/12

Fonz 5/30/2012
Have had for 5 months. Bought $40 plan at store with Beacon phone (good promo price). I'm happy, though the Net is practically useless. Nag ads appear about once per hour, somewhat irritating (anyone know how to eliminate?).

pantboy 5/29/2012
Service us ok. Hate the ghetto service and artitude from the authorized dealers. IRS always best to go to the corporate store or call customer service. But be prepared to white a while. Going on line is good too.

Alex 5/17/2012
I have been a customer for two years now, and I am completely satisfied. Prior to switching to MetroPCS, I was a contract customer at Alltel, and then Verizon for four years.
MetroPCS quality of service is great. Customer service over the phone is good. Customer service at the store feels like ghetto but still Ok. You really don't have to go to the store because you can do everything online. As long as you pay on time, you are good to go. Overall, I am very happy. With my 4G, I get at least 3-4 Mbps everywhere in my coverage area. Overall, I could not have been happier with my cell phone service.

Bessy & Robert 4/25/2012
Metro Website & customer service rate poorly, a simple problem of changing an email has taken considerable time talking to 3 different people, emailing the Corporaate office and as of this writing still no response and never mind resolution of the problem

Howard J 4/15/2012
Metropcs has been a nightmare for me too, First the phone was suppose to be $45.00 and I could pay on line, I could not get their web site to work, I had to go back and they told me it was really $48.00 because of a fee, that he never told me about, the store could not except credit cards or checks, cash only. After many,many,many attempts I got a service rep via the phone and said I wanted to set up a auto payment plan, because my bill is due on the 2nd they suspend my service on the 3rd,and I get paid on the 4th. he told me I would have to buy another metropc phone to change my billing date. So for over a year I had no service on the third of every month. I was always angry with them about something, the stores claim no responsilty for anything except collecting "cash only" payments,they are all independent of metropc, It has taken me five months to get them to unlock my phone so I could get another provider. those basturds could rot in hell, as far as I'm concerned!

Carol 3/31/2012
Say no to Metropcs, they offer features and then changes it without any notice,you are then stuck with there phone and no compensation
Coverage no good

NOT for business use! 3/20/2012
Metro PCS RESTRICTS your use to some of the more common free conference calling dial-in numbers - you get a recording saying you have to use a phone card. That was the case with's dial-in numbers.

Happy Camper 3/19/2012
I’ve been with Metro pcs for eight months after switching from Sprint. I chose metro because I could use my sprint phones, ending the need to buy new phones from them. I have the family plan, this simply means that they give me a $5 discount per line. I was able to reduce my bill in half simply by switching. I rooted my Samsung Epic in order to make it work with metro, but I still only pay $35 for unlimited everything. I also use my phone as hot spot to connect my lap top. One bad thing is that Metro is a 2g provider, so my internet is a little slow, but not as slow as dial up. I can stream music sites such as Pandora and Ihearth radio without interruptions. Overall I am happy with their service I just wish their voice coverage was better. Another bad thing about Metro is that I drop just about every call.

Jon 3/17/2012
If I could give zero stars, I would. I was told in the store that my service would be $40/month with no sales tax. After I buy a phone I get a text saying that it is $50/month. I go back and am told, don't worry, come back here to pay and it will be $40. A month later I go to pay at the store and they ask for $50. I say that I was told $40 and they say OK, $45 as there is a $5 fee to pay cash. I get a receipt that shows $40 payment, "Metro Connect" $2 and Fee $3 for a total of $45. I get a text later that day showing a payment of $37. I go online and find out that after paying $45 and getting a credit of $37, I still owe 34 cents. Add to this lousy coverage and after using them for less than one month I am going to switch service to another carrier.

beef strokinoff 3/15/2012
i have had metro for 5 years now. i use metro alot for phone sex and i have to say the call quality is great! i can hear my girfriends moans and screams very clearly, she says she can hear how hard i am when im pleasureing myself. keep up the good work metro!

Greg 3/6/2012
I and my partner have recently purchased a Samsung Phone and the battery doesn't stay charged for a full day. Other than being frustrated by this charge problem Metro is a good fair priced Co.

doesn't matter 3/4/2012
Metro pcs is the absolute worse cell service I have every had the displeasure to use! They totally suck in every way! Don't waste your money! Wish I could give them zero stars!

Joe 3/3/2012
I have been a customer for 4 years. Always pay my bill online. Today I paid on line and I received a server issue or authorization issue and try later. I checked my bank and they took my payment. Then turned my phone off. My bank said they had to fix it. OK. I went to a corporate store and after a few minutes they turned my phone on and gave me a case number. Cool... Wait 5 hours later they turned it back off and have not refunded the money they took from my account. There were several people in the store with the same issue. You cant get any one on the phone. Now im out of a phone until monday. Terrible service.

Worse customer service ever 3/2/2012
the phone and service are okay, but they do not send you a monthly statement, I was told i would always get a email reminder and Text before the bill was due. This month I didn't receive anything to remind me, Most people have a busy schedule thats why companies send out bills. Going from the last month due date, i thought it was due tommorrow, turns out it was due yesterday, I found out because my phone is shut off. You think okay no problem just pay it, the online bill pay is down, the automated phone payment system is down, when I tried to contact customer service, its all automated it said they could not connect me to a CS Agent unless I paid my bill, and I couldn't pay my bill because the system is down. Round and round I went on there phone system, finally, i used my friend's cell phone to pretend I was a new client, when after 20mins i finally got a rep on the phone I was informed they would take a payment but for an additional fee even though they freely admitted there other payment systems were down. So I was pretty much at their mercy, as I tried to pay, they informed me that their system is down and they will be unable to take my payment and therefore unable to turn my phone back on. As I need my phone for my dog sitting business and to get in touch with my boss, this is totally unacceptable. They admitted on the phone that they dropped the ball not informing me my bill was due. they are unable to take payments and although they had the ability to turn on my phone (per the customer service agent) they were said they wouldn't without a payment and all their payment options were down. They talked down to me and offered no alternative other than to call back in a few hours or tommorrow, I have tried several more times- unsucessfully. I'm switching back to verizon, it was more expensive but at least you can talk with someone pretty quick and pay your bill. I felt like I was in an abbott and costello bit. Finally i loved when they asked is there anything else I can do for you today?

rachel 3/2/2012

me 2/29/2012
i've had this service for a while until recently ive decided to switch. the phones are ok you get what you pay for but the signal is terrible. dropped calls all the time and when you do get a decent signal all you hear is static. i would suggest to go else where.

Lynn 2/23/2012
This was my FIRST AND LAST time dealing with MetroPCS, horrible company. Sorry, guys, but this is going to be a tad long:
Feb 15, 2012 I came into MetroPcs authorized retailer (7550 Tampa Ave. Unit C. Reseda, CA 91335) to open an account. Karina assured me that the Samsung Admire would come in the next day which is why I opened the account bc I could exchange the Huawei (if use less than 60min w/in 7days) the next day. This number is used as my business line so I thought it was ok not using it for a day. I called Feb 16 to ask if they had it, Rosa said they wouldn’t get it until Sunday (2/19). This was unacceptable. I went to another MetroPCS, which happened to be an authorized retailer who had an Admire & was told I couldn’t exchange it bc the store had a different owner. I asked if my number could be transfer to this store since it’s the same corporation, Rosa said no b/c of diff store owner & if I did that I would lose my # that I’ve had for 8yrs. This became frustrating—bc in addition to the problem calling the Tampa store was nearly impossible as Rosa never picked up! I had to call 13 times (according to my phone log) before she picked up! My father came in later on that night and told Rosa this is unacceptable. Katrina promised the Admire would be in the 16th and now she, Rosa, was saying it wouldn’t be in until Sunday. Instead of owning up and saying Karina made a mistake, Rosa made an excuse for her by saying, “ Oh, Karina is not an employee here. She was just filling in for me, so she didn’t know what she was talking about.” I thought this excuse was weird. If Karina wasn’t an employee, why was she doing selling MetroPCS services to customers? This seemed sketchy to me. After a while, Rosa decides to call up the owner and they have a chat in Spanish. When she gets off the phone, she assures my father to come in on Saturday and that they’ll have the phone for us and that they would do everything to get it on Saturday.
Later, I called Metro customer service (888-metro8) and spoke with a manager, Ryan ID#60890, who told me to head into the corporate store on 9070 Van Nuys. Panorama City, CA 91402 (the ONLY corporate store w/in a 15mi radius of my house) and they would exchange my phone as long as it was in stores. I come into the corporate store and spoke with the supervisor (I did not get his name) who told me that he did not get a call from his headquarters in Texas and therefore couldn’t exchange my phone bc it wasn’t purchased in that store. I don’t understand this! I was already frustrated with the whole ordeal and then I come into the corporate store, waited 45mins, was #2 in line (according to the monitor) when they called the lady in #4 to go up which I let go even though #1 made a big issue, and then was rejected help. The supervisor didn’t even look apologetic! He didn’t even offer a solution & all the employees were looking at me and whispering in Spanish to each other, which made me feel isolated and targeted. It’s just rude! Unless the customer is speaking to you in Spanish, you really shouldn’t be speaking another language in front of customers. Anyways, I asked if there was a number I could call or speak to a manager and was told there wasn’t one in. I gave the supervisor the number of the Tampa store and told him I spoke with Rosa today. He went into the back to make a 15min call to “try and resolve the problem.” He came back and said he left a message for Rosa, which I don’t believe because I’ve called that store all day and there was no answering machine, that store’s number will give you a dead-tone after a few rings. Not only that but I felt animosity towards his comment about my use of the Metro line as a business line. He said that we shouldn’t be using the metro plan as a business line, which is what metro discourages to begin with. I said that it was irrelevant of how we are using our phone but that the issue was that we were assure an exchange by Ryan and the store wasn’t honoring that! While he’s “trying to call the Tampa store” I’m calling Metro’s customer service again to get connected with Ryan. I spoke with Ann ID#905003, whom I thought was a manager because that’s what I asked for but she finally admits that she’s only a supervisor and that her manager wasn’t available at the moment. I ask Ann to connect me to Ryan and she told me she couldn’t do that. I asked why? And she said because Ryan was at another call center. I don’t understand, what is the point of giving an ID# if I can’t ever reach that person again. I told her I was willing to wait to speak with her manager. She puts me on hold for 18mins (according to my cell phone log) only to come back and said that it would be a few hours before he couldn’t come to the phone. This behavior was very suspicious! That and the fact that it was so noisy in her background that she barely could hear me—like there was a party going on. I had to yell into the phone so she could hear me. This problem was becoming ridiculous. Ann says all she could do was take my information, escalate the problem to the next level in hopes of resolving the issue, and then call me back within 24hr. I asked Ann how she would escalate the problem and she replied, “email.” I was shocked at this method! I wanted results not to be pushed aside. (An email can be easily neglected since it is not a direct approach). Overall, my experience with MetroPCS is shockingly atrocious.
On Saturday, Feb 18th, we came in and Rosa still did not have the phone. We were like okie you have until noon to find the phone that you promised or we’d go back to Tmobile. We gave them until 2pm! And they still didn’t have the phone. Rosa didn’t seem to care or apologetic, at all. We took our business to Tmobile that day and had our number transfer. Unfortunately, we faced another issue because of MetroPCS. They didn’t write down our account number on our carbon receipt, instead they wrote down our phone # in its place. So, that made it more difficult for our # to be transferred over to Tmobile. We were forced to go back into that heinous store again and resolve the issue.
I feel as if MetroPCS is one corporation with multiple sectors, yet each sector (authorized retailer, customer service, & corporate store) is acting as independently of each other. The lack of customer service in all sectors of Metro is appalling. If I had known this is how Metro values their customers I wouldn’t have bothered with them. It is frustrating to talk to 3 different stores, 6 different people (most were managers and supers) and not get a resolution! The attitudes among all the people I’ve encountered in this ordeal can be summarized as rude, unhelpful, and unscathed by my problem. No one made an attempt to help me! No one offered me any assistance nor any solution. There is no customer appreciation! There is no corporate structure! There is no customer service! This was my FIRST AND LAST time dealing with MetroPCS, horrible company.

good girl 2/20/2012
i really like metro became i only pay 40 dollars and i only need to use it for text and calling which always works perfect with me !!!! so viewers that are reading this come and buy or get a metro pcs phone ....!!!!!!!!!!1 :)

Blank 2/20/2012
I have had pretty good service with them for 3 years. The GPS sucks and freezes, and half the time the website won't let you pay your bill! It's like they don't want your money or something. But all in all, you get what you pay for. But I LOVE that I don't have to sign a 2 year contract! And get pretty much the same crap the 2 years service providers have! Yup.

Metro Loser 2/16/2012
I recently switched from expensive az Verizon to Metro because they expanded their coverage (supposedly):( My daughter's and I r so sad.. Their incoming text messages have drastically decreased. Their friends have reported that they send messages to them, but never receive any responses. THAT'S BECAUSE THEY NEVER RECEIVE THEIR MESSAGES OR CALLS!!! I have purposely deleted contacts from ppl who I thought were not responding to my messages. Tonight I got I text from an unknown #...obviously because I previously deleted it from my contacts. After I blasted him out, he said he in fact had been texting me, but didn't know y I would't respond. Worst...we purchased 3 smart phones and 1 month of service for each line=$1,020.00. We can't get e refund on the phones b/c we've talked for over 30 min. on each phone. We plan to sell them some how and get service through 1 of the better carriers...hopefully NOT Verizon. :(

Metro PCS: Worst Possible Service 2/16/2012
I totally understand that metro pcs is really cheap and I appreciate a company trying to bring affordable service to all. With that said, they should not advertise that you get "unlimited everything" for $40. What you really get is much less than the bare minimum of actual service, meaning, rarely do text messages go through and come in on time, rarely does the internet actually connect- and stay connected- and rarely is the phone reliable when you actually need it to work (important calls, trying to meet someone etc.). Please don't read this and think I am a disgruntled customer- I have put up with this for about a year and a half and it comes from experience. 90% of the time my texts don't go through upon pressing send the first time. My boyfriend just received a text (10:56pm) that my phone says it sent at 2:15 this afternoon. My patience has been tested, and I am finally through with this awful, unreliable, falsely advertised company. Sad realization...I was actually rooting for the little guy in wireless carriers.

daniel 2/6/2012
it been about 3 years and still counting i have been with metropcs' yes all cell phone plans are not the same,but sometimes you need your smartphone just to be a phone'no' 4G or 5G'LOL'
FROM 45 TO 60' DALLOR PLANS what more can u ask for' everybody want to save,,am happy with my phone plan with METROPCS;;

Jim 2/6/2012
Metro PCS wireless coverage is good. Their customer service is horrible. I purchased a new phone & the voicemail & call alert were not working. I returned the phone to the store I got it and they said I had to return it to a vendor across town. I did and was given a refurbished phone. The replacement phone's alerts & voicemail worked but the phone kept turning itself off. I took it back and got another phone. This refurbished phone doesn't turn itself off, instead it freezes up and I have to keep taking the battery off and on to make phone calls. I took it in and they ordered another phone (which they have to do every time & it usually takes a week). I called after a week and they said it wasn't in but should be any day. I called 4 days later and they said it came in but they sent it back because they don't hold on to them. They ordered another was supposed to come in a week. When I checked they said they were behind because of the holidays and it would be in over the wasn't. I was put off for about a month with the shipping and holiday problems. Then they said it was coming from antoher store. That didn't happen. Finally, almost 1-2 months later they called and said it was in. I told them I'm working out of state and would pick up in 3 days. They said okay. When I didn't get back in town in 3 days I called to tell them. They said okay. On Saturday I went in & they said I needed to come back tomorrow because I they had to check the phone number (EIN or something). I came today (the very next day) and they said they sent the phone back. I almost lost it. My daughter called them after I left the store and talked to the manager and after putting her on hold for a couple minutes...said she had the just came in. Really..the phone just came in 10 minutes after I left? Tony's Cellular in Merced is the business representing MetroPCS because they don't exchange phones in the actual MetroPCS store (at least that's what the reps said). The reps at MetroPCS on are not any better. We drove to that store when we first got the phone because I couldn't get past the Voicemail password. When I told them, they said to go home and call the 800# after I kept pressing them for help..she eventually called for me and was on the phone for about 30 minutes and she was completely frustrated with the service on the 800#. I told her, if it's that hard for her(doing business with her own employer) imagine what it is like for the general public.

Matt 2/6/2012

Mary Jo Wheeler-Hooks 2/4/2012
I AM SO MAD! Just bought a Meto PCS plan and phone today, get home--and guess what!!?? the phone is useless, can't be activated, no bars;; customer service says because my coverage area is poor! I am in my own home! Gee,
T Mobile, Verizon, and Consumer Cellular worked just fine here. Why not MetroPCS!? I can not wait to be at the door when your employee unlocks it, first thing in the morning. I will get every single cent of my $$ back, and go back to my previous carrier. You stink!! I will tell everyone I know, and even those that I don't' know, to NOT go to Metro PCS. In fact, I think YOU owe me $$ for all the aggravation, and no cell phone at all for 24 hours, Gee thanks! TERRIBLE COMPANY!!

Andy 1/25/2012
I have used Metro PCS for about 4 years. I live in South Florida. Coverage is good. Price is right. I upgraded to the Samsung Admire (Android) for $79 two weeks ago. I went to a retail location. They charged me $10 for the changeover which does not seem fair, however they moved all my contacts to the new phone. If you decide on Metro PCS, go to a store. Don't try buying it from the web site and activating the phone yourself The process is very tedious and a tremendous pain. The store transaction including the phone to phone contacts swap took less than 10 minutes. I really like the Samsung. It really is a SMART phone and the voice-to-text feature is great.

Cindy 1/21/2012
Hi everyone, I have the Samsung Admire Android from Metro and I LOVE it. The price was great, service was decent, and the plan is only $50 a month flat. You can't beat that anywhere. I have great reception and no dropped calls. I don't know why so many people have issues with this company. So far, I can't really say one bad thing about MetroPcs. The service was pretty good. The activation was done in minutes and all my questions were answered correctly. I'm very satisfied with my phone and the service. Thanks MetroPcs!

Rebecca 1/20/2012
Everyone with complaints..check out T-Mobile. Its a nationwide service for $50 a month with unlimited talk text and web. T-Mobile has nationwide 4G service, affordable phones, and the best customer service. Its also no contract but with all the perks of a larger company. Check out and you can thank me later :)

dc6clerk 1/19/2012
Switched back to Metro from another carrier. Do I regret it. First, they advertise a $40 plan but when you go to the store they say the plan is $45 and give you a story about having to come into the store to have it reduced to the $40. "False advertising" Second, I used to be able to receive SMS through email. Well guess what the rep tells me, "The $45 plan no longer includes metro email. AHHHH Ok. Third, tried to activate my metro account online and could not receive the verification code which is supposed to be sent to my mobile. Rep says wait a while and you will probably receive a bunch of messages. I guess I'll be switching to another carrier.

Nin@ 1/19/2012
Can't believe some people. Ok, we all know MetroPCS is not the best and we knew that even before we all moved to this provider, but why would you ever get a Metro phone if you don't have signal where you live and complain about it? Simply do not use MetroPCS.My experience with MetroPCS over the last 4 years have been good and bad but there is always a way around it and I'm still using MetroPCS and will continue. I had bad experience with other well known providers and I prefer to pay $50-$60 with MetroPCS then pay $90 plus with other carriers that will ALWAYS mess up too. I have always paid the same, only changed when i upgraded to a smartphone and now a 4G phone. One thing I do not do is go to an authorized dealer. I don't trust them, even when I was with other carriers I always go to a corporate store!Always do your research on phones and plans before going to the store so incase someone tries to tell you different you will know exactly what to tell them. To provide cheaper plans they have to cut quality somewhere -WE all know that!! So you do your part by researching before buying a $200-$400 phone so you will not be complaining here! You have to be smart about it and you will save a lot of money!I know I have!

QUESTION 1/16/2012
I am thinking of switching over to MetroPCS but I am leery of all the complaints but willing to give it a try since I can dump them at any time. Can someone please tell me if I end up leaving MetroPCS will the same phone work with another carrier or are their phones like AT&T that only work with the one carrier?

BobSGV 1/16/2012
i have had Metro for just about 2 yrs now.. here in the los angeles suburb of san gabriel. i LOVE there service. i am so happy with there price and customer service. its been Rare i ever needed to speak to someone, only once to upgrade my cell.. i have been on Autopay since day one and have been charged accordenly. A+ provider they are just getting better and better

Gary from Lake Worth 1/11/2012
I've had MetroPCS for eight months already and am pretty much satisfied. I use the Huawei Ascend (no longer sold by MetroPCS) which is a pretty lousy phone but it serves its purpose. I'll upgrade to the LG Esteem in a month or so.

nomie 1/10/2012
I pay $45 dollars, i have a samsung 3g. I used to pay over 90 dollars for a smart phone with internet services with verizon. For the few problems i have with metro i am not complaining at all, i get to talk to my loved ones and surf the net, when it does not freeze, but that is all right. I pay 129 for three phones compared to over 250 dollars with verizon. They may not be the best but they have come a long way, and i hope they continue ti improve as business improves

Danielle 1/6/2012
I have 3 phone lines from Metro for the past 3yrs. We do not pay by card, we do the $40 monthly plan and pay at the store. unlimited minutes and text without a contract. The only issue we have had, has been recently when i upgraded 2 of the phones to Samsung freeform and LG Beacon. They are beginning to freeze up and we have to take the battery out to reset it..I am reading a lot online about this, and it is not Metro,it is issue with the Samsung phones..I have not tried to resolve the issue yet as it just started this wk. Other than this, any minor issues i have had, my local metro store has resolved.

jimmy 1/4/2012
i think this is the one phone service that isn't compatible with ROAMpay credit card processing

Chris 12/31/2011
I had MetroPCS for about 2 years here at Miami, prices are not bad, but I had a lot of calls and texts dropped, voice quality was horrible. I switched 4 months ago.

CItyDweller 12/20/2011
This is not a good deal. Delayed calls, dropped calls, voicemails that take hours to register on the phone - and this is in a city where Metropcs claims reception is good. Their customer service is not available unless you visit a full-service store, the other stores just sell you phones and collect monthly payments.
If you "owe" charges - forget customer service, they will not help until you pay the hidden charges. There are crooks of all types, Metropcs is one of them. Their phones are overpriced and the rebates do not happen.

Chris 12/19/2011
Beware of employees scamming you on phone cases. One outlet told me they are free, and another said $20 each - cash only, no receipt

gigi 11/27/2011
If you call a number too often or a chatline number, in your area code that is free of charge "Metropcs will block it" and ask for a Calling Card..MetroPcs is your Strict Father, not a carrier that you pay..i had them over 6months, i am trying to find a better pre-paid, is Tmobile 100 mb $50
Plan worth it??, Is Tmobile fast on 2,3g network? I cannot afford $50/ mo card plus a calling card, and slow internet @metropcs..

arnie 11/25/2011
these guys will rip u off gradually as u start to believe u finally have found a decent carrier. EG, this promotional plan they have now with 4 phones on family plan for $100, I will bet my life that in some undisclosed and soon period of time, suddenly it will disappear and all those suckers that jumped on their plan will be paying through the nose! The did that exactly to me about a year ago when I bought a blackberry that was a complete piece of junk, obviously refurbished but sold to me as new. Originally the plan was only going to cost me 50 a month for unlimited everything including international calling. It jumped to over $75 in 4 months, no warning or anything. The phone began to fail and they refused to take it back. If u dont believe me, look on line. There are hundreds of cases like mine. The phone doesnt work at all, I paid over $300 for it and is less than 1 year old. So many people i know this has happened to also, with different types of phones. They are criminals, yet when u read their advertisement, they sound like nirvana has come to the cellphone world!

Chris 11/24/2011
bought a lg phone. unfortunately cant get service at work or my favorite hangouts. seems like i am out of $300 for the unit i purchased since i plan on switching carriers

W8n4U2BMine 11/21/2011
First off, let me say that Metro PCS is one of the fastest growing small cell companies out there, and with that there will always be problems. I have been w them 6 years n in the beginning I used to get text messages about 2 weeks late, n about 10-15 at a time. That all stopped about 4 yrs ago. A lot of it depends on the area you're in. In places like Dallas, Detroit n Baltimore (I'm in Detroit), they have a reputation for having FEWER dropped calls than ANY major carrier w the notable exception of Verizon. They advertise 3g phones, that if you look at the status bar, are running 1x. With a little googling I found a number to call that metro doesn't advertise (look on youtube) n 1 day later my Admire is now running consistently on 3g network. I have noticed that a lot of ppl who do a lot of complaining, don't do a lot of research. A lot depends on your area so check their coverage map. I have family on Sprint, T-mobile,Verizon and some work at AT&T. N they say the same, only Verizon is better except that Metro's internet is still slightly slower than most.

Michael 11/20/2011
I went to the hillside location in queens to print my reciept and she has no clue how to do it and she is getting paid for nothing so then i went to the jamacia avenue and a lady named brandi callled me crazy and their security threatened to arrest me when i was frustrated on them not making calls on my phone

Frank martinez 11/17/2011
One more time read the small letters,metro pcs is a rip off,the says is not contract, but if you pay a diffente date , they will charge you mprevious month even if they cut off the service, RIP OFF,I WILL NOT RECOMEND METROPCS.Bad experience.

Titan 11/16/2011
The good in being a customer at metroPCS...
I can now warn others from their DECEITFUL TRAP!

khang J lee 11/12/2011
hi! there's I am an Asian American male from CA. northern california 2 be Exact; But yeah i am currently & also have been with Metropcs For quite some time now & with all due respect to the people on line and any where out there i kno most prepaid phone's aren't the greatest they're not supposed to be right? well, what i means is that when buying a phone do you're research before ahead of time. Make sure sure sure you get what you came for, where you go or where you found you're phone from n which store's you've done research on. Honestly the thing is I've had a lot of phones in the past n many many of them either lost, broken or have been due to lack of liking it.
Nowadays I know there's so so so so many cool phone's out although I am not rich or have the money 2 buy a neat nice cool phone I wished i had a nice girl instead of having a phone, 2 make me feel important make me happy.!
the other thing is i really really really just duno why people always say metro is a really really bad prepaid phone service or they're cheap or bad sales rep's they are trying really really hard2 keep up wit the time's n so forth so just be patience I mean if you aint' patience about metropcs then maybe it's not for you, folk's...

illyanna 11/5/2011
Dear Metro PCS,

ANGELA 11/3/2011

Danielle 10/18/2011
I do not recommend Metro PCS they are a total rip off. I went to a metro store to purchase the new admire android phone he transfered the number to the phone everything was good. He tried to get me to buy a case said no. He told me it came with the phone long story short I knew he ripped me off my boyfriend went storming in asking if he charged me for the case and he shook his head yes. DO NOT use metro pcs they try ripping people off. I had numerous problems with metro to where I finally switched

suzie 10/17/2011
I have had metro for about 10 year's. I hate it and would dump them but it is all I can afford especially with a teenager texting 24/7. The first one I had that was suppose to be as "good as my laptop" according to the salesman was a Samsung Code. No video whatsoever on the code. After two horrid year's of that phone dropping call's, freezing up and not being able to download hardly anything on it I dumped it in the trash and got a LG Optimus M. Some android. Again no video unless it is on YouTube. If I go to a new's website and it say's watch video my phone won't do it. I can't talk on it in my condo except on my sofa. If I leave the sofa it drop's the call's immediately. It drop's all my call's within the first 5 minute's anyway so people hate calling me. Making a call where I have to be put on "hold" is impossible because I can't stay connected long enough for my turn to come up. I can't get hardly any apps because I run out of space on my phone. I bought a fifty dollar sd card but most apps dont seem to want to go on the card. I download 5 apps and it tell's me I am low on space what good are thousand's of apps if I can't download them. Several of the apps I did try to get I was told my provider doesn't support. I took my phone to the main office to get it jump started for the millionth time and the guy said he had to do a factory reboot and I said no because I had very important pictures on my phone and he said the pictures are on my sd card and would be fine so I let him. When I got home I checked on my pictures and they were all gone. The next day I took the phone back in and was told I "modified" it the night before with was bull crap. I didn't do anything to the phone at all. Regardless all my photos and home video's I took are all gone and I didnt get as much as a apology from the creep who erased them. I hate this company

angel s 10/14/2011
it's not really complain but just an observation of how authorized dealer of metropcs rips you off of your money and charging me $5.00 for 2 pieces of paper of my cellphone bill prinout from their computer. nowadays without five dollars i won't get get what i need for my cellphone bill. so i just ended up paying $5.00 dollars but then at first they said i have to get a receipt whenever i pay my bill. they won't give it to me the first time. but then they ask for 5 lousy dollars to get them to start working which is not hard to do because all they have to do is to ask me my info and check my bill on their computer. she gave me this one piece of paper and to tell you the truth it should have not been charged for $5.00 dollars for one piece of paper. and then i was talking to the owner and it seems she doesn't want to do something aboutit when i ask her a question on how to get metropcs cellphone bill delivered to my address. she won't even pay attention to what i was saying until the dollar sign got her attention maybe. it was located in 16th street and mission in sanfrancisco, california. i don't usually go there but then i have to get my metro bill so bad that's why they smell the money coming in so they ended up charging me $5.00 dollars of one piece of paper printout of my cellphone bill. i am wondering if metro still deliver cellphone bill to address but then i chat with a rep online on their website and she told me to go to my account which you need your 8 digit PIN number to get full access of your account on their website. like i will remember the 8 digit PIN right off the bat without even remembering what are they talking about when i opened my account in 2008. yeah a five-dollar-piece of paper. now i have to call metro customer service for PIN. then asking me my childhood name. like i remember if i put it in there my childhood name to get my PIN number. i know it's part of their security purposes but it just funny that they expect you to keep all those papaerwork since 2008 your pin.......

dot 10/9/2011
been with ghettopcs for almost 3 years now never had an issue till i called to speak to costumer no service. after fighting with a computer for 3 min, attitude parks itself on the other side of the line. whats this attitude cant help me cause i cant remember my secret safety pin information. bring on the secret safety question, whats your first pet? iv only owned one pet my whole life! a turtle named Mr turtle!! I'm sorry that's not right. WTF!!!.... 9am sunday morning and i had to call back eleven times. we cant help you sir u have to go to the corporate store.

Rachel 10/8/2011
I have been with Metro PCS for 10 months now and I don't have any major complaints. I live in South Florida, and get great reception and don't have any issues with not receiving texts or delays in receiving texts. This is a great phone company to choose if your on a budget and don't need top of the line phone. I pay only $40 a month and I love that texts, calls and web is unlimited. For smart phones, it starts out at $50 a month and if you want to watch videos, it goes up to $60 a month.

paco 10/3/2011
1G thats all they are(metro)metro is long way behind cellphone service.

Pete 9/18/2011
Coverage in metro Atlanta,GA is weak and full of holes . Customer service at local corporate store is terrible .

Burt 9/15/2011
To everyone with problems with metro pcs: Check out Tracfone. I get great reception here in Colo. and other western states with the LG420g. In a year haven't had to contact CS so can't comment on that. One nice feature is that your minutes and service time left are shown right on the display (Screen) so you always know how much is left. Check them out!

giselle camargo 9/13/2011
i love metro pcs phones and plans

Cyd Charisse Tate 9/9/2011
I am not able to dial out since about 9:30 a.m. this morning, and when I dial *611 I just get a recording?

Sean 9/3/2011
I bought the LG Optimus M on 8/13/2011 and returned it for a full refund on 8/15/2011. The phone would freeze atleast 3 times a day. The network here in Atlanta is terrible, atleast with this phone. Calls were very choppy and sounded like you were talking on a cell phone back in the early 90's. Reception indoors is also bad. Metro Pcs's plans are nice, but the network is BAD. If Cricket was available here in Atlanta I would choose them hands down.

Anastasia 8/31/2011
Absolutely AVOID this service at all costs. It is just HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE !!!!

joe 8/29/2011
I am not even a customer yet and have had problems!
I Go to the local pcs store and tell the guy behind the counter i am in a hurry (on lunch) and want to buy a phone and activate it when i get back to work.
He tells me it has to be activated in store....ok whatever i say...he tells me the phone is 129 plus 50 for the monthly charge i say ok...he tells me the total is gonna be 212.00...i look at him and say his math is incorrect,he says they charge an activation fee,i say metro pcs says they have no fee for activation.Long story short: he refuses to sell me the phone at advertised price even talking to his store manager.
I call customer service to ask if this is normal?...the guy chuckles and says...that guy was trying to get over on you and i am not the only person to complain about price gouging.Metro pcs is aware of this and chooses to do nothing about it!
this store was in new haven ct 06513

Southern NH 8/13/2011
OK, wrote an earlier review because I had a billing issue ON DAY ONE. Thought I'd update my review. My original guess was 3 stars, and I think I'm still at 3 stars. I'd give MetroPCS 4-5 stars. Only, the "new customer experience" really kinda s*cks. New Customer: 1) You will get ripped off if you buy your handset at a retail store. Price is higher for the handset, and purchase of an over-priced accessory is mandatory. This is the same at the company owned stores and the independent stores. 2) You can not activate any handset/phone on the plan you WANT to activate on. You have to activate on the most expensive plan available. This is mandatory for new accounts, and very anti-customer. 3) As I mentioned before, MetroPCS managed to make a BILLING ERROR on my account on day ONE (for a pre-paid plan, this is INEXCUSABLE!!!). Consequently, my service was cut off almost immediately after activation (for non-payment???), even though my account was paid in full. It was a MetroPCS error, someone coded my service wrong in the computer (and computers never make mistakes, right?!?) 4) By default, every handset on your account is going to get bombarded with voicemail spam. You will get REALLY LONG voicemail messages from MetroPCS advertising their latest over-priced toys and unnecessary extra services. At first, I was really p*ssed because you had to listen to the whole message before you could delete it. Later, I learned that you could hit 33 to skip to the end of a voicemail to get the option to delete it. Still, it is annoying to get ANY (even a single ONE) message like this in voicemail. You have to call MetroPCS customer service and tell them to put a promotion block ON ALL LINES. If you request a promotion block, they will gladly activate one, but only on the line from which you are calling. That's why you have to be sure (annoyingly) to specify that you want it on all lines. Unless you want to call them three times to stop this... 5) By default, your phone is going to frequently display unwanted AND VERY ANNOYING pop-up ads. This will happen up to DOZENS of times a day! If you can't figure out how to turn it off, you will get frustrated enough to want to destroy the handset in a (evil grin) creative manner. I wish I could post the directions for disabling this. Unfortunately, it varies from handset to handset. In fact, we have two handsets of the EXACT SAME MODEL NUMBER, and the procedure for disabling this was different on all three phones!!! In general though, you go apps, "@ metro", wait forever for it to try to update, cancel (because it will never fricking update), then go apps, "@ metro", wait forever... eventually, you get past the updating crap, "my extras", wait for that to load, then Menu, "sound options" set to "none", "OK", then Menu again, "Metro Msgs", push right to highlight OFF, then select to check OFF, then SAVE, then Menu again, "Bonus Msgs", push right to highlight OFF, then select to check OFF, then SAVE, then hit the red button to exit out. How you launch apps varies from phone to phone though...even if you have two of the exact same model. 6) As I mentioned before, you can NOT activate any handset on the plan you WANT to activate on, you have to activate on the most expensive plan they offer. To get the plan you WANT, you have to wait until near the end of your first month of service. Then you will discover that you can't change your plan online. So you have to call customer service to change your plan to the plan you WANT. This might take a couple of phone calls. You have to check your plans ONLINE to make sure you are on the right plan, but you can only CHANGE the plan by calling customer service. So, you call customer service, ask them to change your plans. Next day, you go online, check your plans and find that 2 of 3 of them were changed the way you wanted. So you call customer service again... 7) The only REASONABLE way to pay your monthly service charges is to use a debit card through the MetroPCS web site. If you try to pay in a store, they accept CASH ONLY (really now, who the frick carries cash these days???), and they charge you a fee for paying your bill. (?!?!?) And of course, if you forget to pay your bill by the due date, your service will be disconnected immediately. So the best thing to do is to use the calendar function on your phone and set a "monthly" event to remind yourself to pay your bill on the last day of the billing cycle. So as a "new customer", all things considered, I'd have to rate MetroPCS 1 star (and that's being generous)

sher 7/29/2011
On a scale from 0-3 i give this service a 0. Drop calls, phone freezes, phone shuts off all the time, texes not going through, internet freezes. I thought it was the phone I exchange it for another one the same probles occur. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!

central cali 7/26/2011
pros- was with ATT for years paying big bill for only calls. And not so great phone. with metro is get calls, text, and web unlimited so no worries about going over on my bill.
Cons- sometimes i get calls dropped. The web is very slow sometimes i have wifi so it makes it faster. The phones they have at metro arent all that great and customer service is horrible.

Liz 7/25/2011
I Bought the anroind phone for my daughter the and she lives in coventry, ri. She has not been able to use her phone since she got it...I have been paying the bill for two months now. I have already had to have the phone relaced once, because it kept freezing up on her. She has to walk into the woods to make phone calls and has not been able to access the web since I have purchaced it. I am very disapointed. I'm paying a bill every month for a phone she cannot use in her own home!! Looking for new service...It has now Cost Me More thatn if I had gone with the phone she had Wanted! I wouldnt recomend to anyone.

Andre 7/20/2011
Bad service. Don't waste your time and money. Drop calls all the time and if you can talk sounds just too bad. Also comes with bad customer service at Roswell store or either on the phone.
Watch out for the tricky website to pay your bill.
I've paid online and they disconnect my phone. Others clients at the store told me that happens all the time.
Rude people at the store and customer care over the phone, but so nice when BBB is involved.

Kent 7/19/2011
Started with a phone I bought from Sprint, had it activated and paid for monthly insurance and had a motorola razor. I needed to replace and no problems sent me a comparable phone that could transfer memory card to and back on track

Jbog 7/19/2011
Very happy I live in FL and have taken my phone all over state and up north driving to Ny/NJ/CT Tristate area and works get! My only wish is for the smart phone options to open up would love an AppleI4. :D. No dropped calls no surprise costs, picture mail, internet, text messaging and unlit it's calls! All for $40.00 a month.

CCHOT 51 7/14/2011

Guest 7/11/2011
I see so many bad reviews. Mine will just get lost in the mess.
Fremont, CA. Mowry, store. Wife's ph. went bad, they ordered a new one. Under warranty. They call her when it got in. She gets to the 40 mins before her appointment. They switch the ph. But the info will NOT transfer. IT HAS TO BE DONE BY HAND. 100 plus numbers, that will take a while.
No time. She has to go, and the store will close soon anyway. O.K. A good solution,,, Take the old ph., leave a deposit, and complete the transfer asap. return the old ph. get the deposit back. SHOULD BE A NO BRAINER. The employee of the month, could not do that. when I asked for the manager. SHE said, he will tell you the same thing, and hung-up.
If you can live with any other CO, for cell service, do it.

Sarah 7/9/2011
I've had Metro for a few years now and I've had several different phones with them, ranging from the most basic to the LG Optimus I have now. I've stayed with them because I only have to pay $50 a month. It worked really great (central florida area) until about a month ago, at which point everything stopped working. My phone would not recieve calls, but go straight to voicemail, then I can't check my voicemail, the internet will stop working for hours to days at a time, i don't get emails on my phone anymore, even though I know I am recieving emails each day. Youtube never works, takes an hour to load the video and if the phone locks you have to start all over again and it takes forever to buffer. It's not just my phone either, my mom has the same plan as me, but she has a Freeform 2 and she has the same problems I do. She constantly has to restart her phone to get anything done.
this was a great service, but unless Metro gets their heads out of their butts soon I am going to switch carriers.

Dave C. 7/1/2011
OK, I've had the service for a day and a half now, and I already have a BILLING ISSUE?!? How is that even POSSIBLE with a pre-paid plan? Unfrickingbelievable...

Former Metro Customer 7/1/2011
MetroPCS advertised on their website ( "Visit a MetroPCS Store and Get an Android for $49 when you add a line to your family plan." Below this headline is a photo of three different phones and their model names. The ad stated "See Sales Associate for details." I went to two local stores (one company owned and one a retailer) and was told that they would not honor the ad. Three different employees at the stores told me that only one of the three phones would be sold at that price even though they had the phones in stock. They each told the same story that the other phones were $49 off, not total. The original ad and a poster at one of the stores clearly states that any of the three phones is $49 total. The company is being deceptive by clearly advertising a product that they are not going to deliver. Again, each employee had the same story. I can provide a copy of the downloaded full web page and screen shot. The webpage is shown below (if still up) After this, I changed companies (and actually found a better deal with a more reliable company and phone).

Fred 6/23/2011
I would give metro pcs a 0 star but it wont let me. First thing is that customer service is the worst i ever seen.They hang up on you when you start talking to them.your still talking but they already hung up on you.This happens a few times with me and i am so nice on the phone.Second is the calls drops everywhere,I also live in NYC and what Frank says isnt true.The coverage here is bad.The only good thing was that i didnt pay full price for my phone so at the end of the month im done.

p's mom 6/15/2011
Ok, a few years ago, I test my "brand new" phone (Ok, I wasn't told it was used, but kinda got the picture it was, but that's not my issue--though one SHOULD expect a new phone if it's marketed as new, in a new box, etc...but still that wasn't the problem).

smartgirl 6/14/2011
If I could rate this company with a zero I would. I was only with Metro for like 2 months. Oh it was fantastic at first!! All of a sudden,I started getting dropped calls everyday at least 5 times a day. Boy was I irritated!! I called customer service a lot and it never helped my phone. They told me I need to reset it and I told them I allready have. They said let's keep trying. i ended up cancelling service and selling my phone. This company is a joke and I don't recommend anyone going with them!

Tina 6/14/2011
I have been with Metro PCS for several years now, since they were brand new and I have grown with them. I pay $40 per month for unlimited text, nationwide calling and web. I have no complaints, because it is stress free. When I first began having a cell phone I developed anxiety over how many minutes I was using and now with Metro, I do not have that anxiety anymore. I feel free. I was wishing that I could have a company that would give me all of that for a great price and it happened and they also give me caller i.d. and voice mail included. If I don't get to pay my bill on time, I just pay it when I can and they turn it right back on without a reconnection fee. Finally, a company that isn't price gauging me! I love it! :))))

Metro PCS 6/12/2011
Joining Metro PCS was a very bad mistake. They are a complete scam job. Do not buy Metro PCS or you will regret it. I assure you.

Frank 6/9/2011
I was with a few pre paid companys in the past three years,like boost mobile, simple mobile,and metro pcs has been the best so far,I live in NYC and here the sevice works very good.I want to give a few tips so you can get this service for cheaper if you dont know anything.the first thing is avoid going to authorized dealers,they will rip you off.Only go to corporate stores they will not charge you extra for anything.Avoid using smart phones it is only smarter for metro pcs cause the monthly charge is have to go to the corporate store to port in your phone number they will not do this over the phone.I will give you a tip on how to use metro pcs better.When you sign up with their service use a phone other than a smart phone then when you are instructed to pay the first months bill they will tell you that you have to start with the $50 plan.This can work out to your advantage.once you are on this plan download all thre apps like email,instant messaging,metro navagator,all the apps.before your first month runs out,at the end of your first months bill switch to the $40 plan right from your phone.your second months bill will be $40 but you will still have all the perks of the $50 plan.I dont know why this is but im not complaining.and one more thing is never pay in person they charge you a extra $3.always pay online and you will have great service for only $40 a month with all these extras.

Sonya Gandolfi 6/9/2011
I am posting from South Florida and have to say that MetroPCS is just great. The phones are pretty good, the service is excellent, connections are flawless, and the monthly cost is just perfect. I use the Huawei Ascend and my husband the Blackberry Curve, and we are both happy MetroPCS customers (and ex-AT&T and Verizon unhappy customers).

megan 6/7/2011
I'm from Michigan and I'm happy with metroPCS although the only thing that makes me want to go back to at&t is the 1x internet.. make it 3g and I would give the optimus m 5 stars. I don't have no dropped calls and the android system is awesome! I went from an iPhone and I will never go back to apple.

NorCal -CA 6/7/2011
Too many complaints.. But I firmly believe its due to the dif. states they reside in.

michelle 6/3/2011
I am only giving one star because it won't let you give nothing. I started using metro pc over a year ago...I had had verzion and loved the everythng except the price...switched to AT&T and had too many drop decided to try Metro pc..and actually LOVED the dropped calls...awesome...UNTIL...about March of 2011...then it all went down hill. I have switched phones 3 luck. I can be sitting down....holding phone completely still, not even moving a inch and my service will go from ALL BARS to NOTHING...then up to 3 then back to nothing. On top of goes to "roaming" ALL THE TIME..even when I have service. I keep my phone network set to when this happens, I have to go in and change it to "metro only"..then I will not be roaming...then switch back to automatic...I do this about 8 to 11 times A DAY! Every since Metro decided to go "nationwide" they suck....guess I am changing phone companies yet again....hopefully metro will realize how many people they are losing and fix the problem....

Patricia Burgos 5/30/2011
I am shocked that I am still a customer. I believe it's because I thought Metro PCS would get it together. I can't even have a full conversation in my home without it being dropped and that includes waiting on hold with METRO PCS. I have family all over the world and losing calls in the midst of a tragedy overseas is unacceptable. I live walking distance to METRO PCS office and they are never able to help me. At the corporate office, I explain this and get nothing but excuses. In addition, I have changed my number four times or more because of harassing calls and texts from a former boyfriend. In all my efforts to request assistance, there have only been two individuals that have done their best and that wasn't much. It's hard to believe that METRO PCS manages to profit and represent itself as a solid company. It's a joke and no one is laughing but METRO PCS!

NY Cat 5/28/2011
The phone, Android is nice,, Not really into the touch screen, though,, TOO "Touchy" changes screens way too easy! Service STINKS! Hate to say it, have to go back to T Mobile,, I've had METRO for less than 2 months,, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, My apt , the service, is Lousy! 1 little bar,, phone doesn't ring and goes Straight to VM! I was in NYC yesterday,, standing on the corner of 59th and Lex,, waiting for a friend to call,, holding the phone in my hand,,and the next thing I knew, VM message,, Phone NEVER even rang! =P Get texts,, friend left a VM while the Android was Off,, once I turned it on,, didn't get the VM til 2 1/2 hrs AFTER I turned it on! =P UNACCEPTABLE!

jerrry 5/28/2011
I have optimis m I though I would have internet service can't play ytube videos they lock up unless you go somewhere were there. Is wifinetwork good luck downloading. Service sucks made Abig mistake going to metro PCS switched from at-t the phone is good metro PC's.service can't back up phone. I have had one month and I am pissed don't get smart phone threw metropcs

Ange 5/27/2011
I discontinued my metropcs service because while they have roaming agreements, you have to call a special number BEFORE you go outside the network. I had to travel to virginia for work and didnt know this, and i was completely without a phone the entire time. People who need to travel should NOT get this service. No matter what I did they couldnt activate the roaming service once i was outside michigan...

cyndi f. 5/26/2011
I just activated service with Metro PCS and I love it. I called *228 and the phone was automatically activated like magic!! My kids can text all they want without putting me in the poor house! Should have done this long ago!

Brie 5/25/2011
I love metroPCS by the minute!!! My friend recommended it to me and it is great! No calls ever drop and I have service in most places! I have the samsung messenger 3 and I love it! After going to metro corporate store for two hours and finding out they don't sell plans there I went to best buy and in less than ten mins I was outta there!! That's the only downside and why I give it 4 stars not 5.

Violet 5/19/2011
I've been using Metro's service now for nearly 2 years. Due to being on a tight budget I've only had the cheaper phones, starting with the most basic. Right now I'm using the Samsung Freeform and love the QWERTY keyboard on it. I have yet to use any of their smartphones and would love to do so if they're ever drop down on price to an affordable level for me. I was a loyal AT&T subscriber for nearly 8 years and switched to Metro to save money on the monthly fee. I got tired of dreading to open my bill and not liking the constant fluctuating monthly charges. With Metro I pay $50 a month and that includes unlimited calling, texting, and web usage. I also enjoy their GPS navigation although it's not always perfect. Call quality overall is decent, but I do deal with the dropped calls, probably about once or twice a week. Since Metro has no 3G service, web browsing is slow as mollasses and it costs a minimum of $300 just to get a 4G phone, and Metro only has 2 of those phones available right now. But for someone on a limited budget, Metro overall is a good deal. I've never called their customer service department, I just go to a local store if I ever need help with anything, which is rare. I pay my bill online every month at their website and never have any problems with my payments getting posted.

Cindy 5/19/2011
Have had the LG Optimus M less than a month. Love the phone. Customer service at the corporate store in our area is excellent; the guys there do whatever they can to help and have been successful in remedying what was wrong. All other customer support (via phone) is absolutely terrible. The operators are "polite" but you can tell that there hasn't been much training. This applies even to the "Mom and Pop" franchises that they have around town, also. It's like the people paid their franchise fee and then MetroPCS dropped an inventory at their store and said "have at it". It's the most frustrating company I've encountered in a long while. If you order anything online from MetroPCS be aware that they use FedEx and require a signature on delivery. That's fine but I didn't become aware of it until I hit the submit button for the order. I thought "well, I'll just call them to change the shipping address since I JUST submitted the order". After 3 phone calls (1 disconnect, one terminal hold and one person that truly seemed to care but had to keep putting me on hold) I found an area that would let me send an email. I did just that explaining that I had just submitted the order and just needed the order to go to a different address. This was done at 10:30 at night. Got an email that morning before I went to work telling me basically that I was SOL. They work so quickly (insert sarcastic laugh here) to get the product to me that there is no way for them to change the shipping address. Then went on to extensively explain how FedEx would try to deliver the package and when they couldn't, where it would go in the PCS system and then how it would take 2-3 weeks for my money to be refunded. I told them that was baloney and that THE corporate office should restructure their business model. In this day and age where customer service is actually important to companies, MetroPCS is severely lacking. I'll definitely not purchase anything from them again. I will also give the phone a good shot but the bad taste from the "customer service (not)" will always be there nagging at my good sense. Shame on the decision-makers at MetroPCS!

N.Hills, CA 5/17/2011
I like Metro PC because of the price $40 a month. I tried it for a month, and customer service was fine, but the calls dropped all the time, and most of the time there was a very poor sound quality. However, I am going to give it another chance because I have a friend who has a Metro Pcs, and I just talked to him. The connection was good, as if we were talking on land phones. He's had it for a month, and he likes it and has no complaints. The difference is that he purchased his service at a different store than I did, and he also had a Samsung brand. Mine had a weird name made by Metro Pcs. At any rate, I'll write another review after I get my new Pcs.

Unhappy new customer 5/16/2011
Buyer beware.

Enzo Heavenly 5/16/2011
I really don't know why I can see so many bad scores here... I changed from AT&T GoPhone to MetroPCS for one big reason: Unlimited International Text and Talk. At 60 dollars a month, I can call back home (without cards) as much as I want :S Also send SMS, and local unlimited calls and texts as well o.O I haven't had a single dropped call (unlike AT&T, specially here in NY) and I don't know, if u don't need long distance service, even better... @40 dollars a month, u can get whatever u need, sure... without a 4G unit, ur browsing speed is crap, but is not THAT crappy o.O And the bottom line... u don't need to have a credit rate or to sign for a 1 or 2 years contract, just pay for the phone and monthly for your service, if u don't like it anymore, just stop paying, quite that simple.

Florence 5/13/2011
I don't understand how the billing cycle works. Shouldn't it be 30days from the date you pay last bill? I joined on the 11th of the month. And when that day reached i had problems n couldn't pay so they cut my services off. Then I paid on the 19th and the next month they cut me off on the 11th!!! I had budgeted for the 19th!!!! I have been trying to call them but can not get a live person. This is frustrating...

Michelle 5/2/2011
Ive been with MetroPcs for 3 years and it works exceptionally well. It may depend on where you live though. I live in Detroit, Mi and I never have a problem w/dropped calls or slow internet. The android phones are highly recommended. They do practically everything other companies can do.

Svet 5/1/2011
Considering my bill is almost a third of what it was with T Mobile, I can deal with it.What good is it when it barely ever works.

jeremy Ensmenger 4/30/2011
I have had over 50 dropped calls a day for over 5 months. Friends don't want to call my phone and I don't want to call out. I have to walk down the block to make phone calls. Thank god I have Sprint as a second phone or who knows what I would of missed. I have called and complained many times, but they could careless. I even bought the Samsung Freeform II, but my service just got worst. By the end of the month I am going some place else. DON'T EVEN TRY METRO IT'S NOT WORTH THE STRESS

JOSE YEMENEZ 4/22/2011
If you're happy with just phone service,
metro is ok. if you want fast web, etc, forget metro, because its as slow as molasses!

Sandra 4/21/2011
Checking this site because I may want to buy a MetroPCS phone and could not believe the negative comments. My husband uses MetroPCS and is very happy with them. No drop calls, unlimited everything for just $40, easy to pay via website....all good and dandy. It even made me want to switch to MetroPCS from Net10, which I love a million basically for the same reasons (except their unlimited is $50). The only reason that I would switch to MetroPCS because some of their phones are cuter and maybe better. Everything else seems great, at least for this "mixed marriage" (MetriPCS/Net10). LOL

regretfull 4/20/2011
I changed to metro pcs because it was more affordable. You get what you pay for. After a month I moved and get no service and can't get any assistance! i have to walk utside so my calls won't drop. cooperate office couldnt even assist me! Going back to atnt.

paula fedgley 4/15/2011
worst company live help, cashes your chk and then shuts down your phone. web site difficult to pay on..tell you it takes 3 weeks to pay by mail.if you are even a few pennies short, they shut off your bill comes so they try to make you pay on line..then my credit card number was stolen and used..tried to mail and they can't figure out how to apply my chk to my acct so they turn off my phone and keep my money...never again. also if you buy and expensive phone and it breaks within the warranty, they give you refurbished phones that keep breaking and we had to drive 40 miles each time x3. you pay huge prices on the phone too. i constantly get spanish people and bill collectors calling the phone when i did have service..theres time..but not worth the inexpensive price..almost lost my job because it took me 30 min to get a live person to tell them they had cashed my chk and cancelled my service anyway.

fct 4/12/2011
I am very unhappy with metro pcs.I bought a second hand phone so i can hook up pay by the minutes plan.It seems that you can only pay with this using a pay by the minute card.Card is imposable to find.I went to 100 metro pcs stores including corporate stores.They didnt even know what i was talking about when i said i wanted to buy pay by the minute phone card.I went to walmarts website and they dont sell this card online only the $10,$40,50 which is usless to me.They advertised that they sell this card at the store.So i looked up my closest store its about 60 miles from me and they didnt even carry the card.What a waste of money buying this phone.T-mobile and at&t boost and verizon you can pick up their cards at any candy store.Metro pcs is ranked # 4 I I cant see how, their customer support is lousy every time you call them a new rep. will give you a different story.Metro pcs in my opinion is a very bad company.I cant see them sticking around in the future.

John 4/10/2011
Pre-Paid Metro-PCS Customers can only try to get customer service from a Corporate store or through the phone. Good luck trying to get a live person on the phone & be prepared to wait 1 hour or usually more at the corporate store. God help you if you need technical service, they never resolved my problem. I bought the pre-paid service and can no longer find a $20 card after spending hundreds of dollars on phones. I am shoping for a new phone service.

alopez 4/9/2011
I have a family plan of 4 now I must admit some of their phones suck depending were you are either service suck or its customer service sucks in the high desert area it sucks but in san bernardino los angeles area service is great but most prepaid unlimited suck you get what you pay for now I am with my optimus m it does everything so overall I am satisfied with metropcs

Jules 4/3/2011
I've loved the service with Metro PCS.
A lot of the complaints I've bumped into were caused by several employees who don't know what they're doing!
Other than that, you're paying for what the phone is actually worth. you're not in a contract, you can switch phones within your plan, and can get out anytime. It's been a money saver and worth every dime.

KathyB 3/28/2011
Been with MetroPCS for almost a year, having switched from AT&T, and I am very much satisfied with them. The $40 monthly plan, everything unlimited, is unbeatable. The connections are consistently good; no drop calls. I have not had to contact customer service except to activate the service a year ago, and loading up is as easy as 1-2-3 through their website. Only once did I have trouble with their website for payment, but a visit to a local MetroPCS store took care of it. My husband will soon switch from Verizon to MetroPCS. Overall, it only makes sense.

metrothumbsdown 3/23/2011
I own the lg optimus m. The web is slow, even freezes. I miss calls, when people finally get threw they they tell me they jus called, and i never knew. When i talk, it makes this staticky noise every so often. The android market force closes alot. Costumer service, wow i call 411 they tell me to call 18888metro8 on a different phone. I do and can't speak to a real person to help me. Actually got hung up on a few times. End up calling 411 back to complain about my phone they tell me there's no 3g and to get a 4g phone. But wherever she was @ in the Netherlands or wherever, she say she has 3g and her phone works good there. Couldn't return the phone because i talked on it. The only thing i like about metropcs is that they have flat rates but there service and network is horrible. I'm shopping for a new network. Thanks but no thanks!!

Gia 3/23/2011
I gave them one star only because the service works about 50% of the time. I have had their service for about 4 months now. It was a hassle to port my number to them as they had my name wrong, and since day one all the features I pay for have not worked. It's bad enough trying to get service without endless dropped calls. In fact, my BF had to call me back 16 times to try to reconnect on one of our conversations. When I am in certain areas, I can't use my phone at all. Not even 411!! This service ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!! Switch to another carrier like I did.

toni 3/21/2011
I left AT&T in 2007 because my bill kept increasing and I'm on disability, when it hit $426, I said enough is enough!! The guy fixing my wheelchair insisted I give Metro a try, and I am GLAD I DID!!! been with them since March of 2007, had NO problems with dropped calls, whereas, with AT&T, I dropped a call at least every six days! I recently added my child, and I tell EVERYONE I meet to buy Metro!We LOVE the unlimited texting, don't know who texts more, my child or myself! ok, the one drawback is getting a LIVE person on the other line when you call customer service, but, I THINK I've figured it out . .

Lisa 3/20/2011
I'm happy with MetroPCS, for $60 dollars I'm able to call Canada unlimited to landline, got rid of the land line, swithed from Tmobile, total saving is $80.00 a month. Coverage is pretty decent here in Florida.

Metro Pcs User 3/20/2011
My wife had metro pcs for 8 years , then switched to T-mobile ,,,T-mobile sucked always over pricing she is back on Metro Pcs...Im about to drop Tmobile also....

Jack 3/19/2011
I have had MetroPCs for over a year and I use a Blackberry. yes, customers support is pretty useless, but the phone and phone service are pretty good. The phone works fine. I DID have to go to a corporate store to get the free headphones. I have the Blackberry and email and other services work fine. I pay a flat constant monthly fee cheapest than any other service. I really do not understand how come so many people are complaining

michaelneelands 3/18/2011
My wife and upgraded to the smart phones. My Optimus M kept rebooting itself ever 1-2 minutes. I ask for a exchange and/or a refund but was REFUSED. I tried to do this on the FOURTH day of my 7th day period. All I ask for is a refund now lets see if I get my refund, if not alot of their services by military personnel will be terminated. BEWARE CUSTOMERS. I am also a YouTube Vogger and will be posting up on YouTube. Reports include, DOD, BBB, JAG, Consumer Affairs, Local PD, FBI(Ft. Worth Area), and any that I deem necessary. If any customers in the Azle, Texas area, might be cheap but it will cost you in the long run, TRUST ME.

Daysee 3/13/2011
I just signed up with Metro and don't like the service already. I have to many dropped calls and some people that have called my phone say that when they call it they get someone else. By the end of the month I am going some place else.

Jake 3/11/2011
I don't understand what the problem with the complainers is. My wife has been with MetroPCS for over two years, and other relatives and friends as well, in different states, mind you, and they are all very happy with them.

Marleen 3/4/2011
Fed up & Unhappy...left Verizon for the high bills due to overages. Came here for a shorter bill. Unlimited mins. for a reasonable bill seemed perfect! I wasn't expecting superb customer service for what I pay, so I'm not complaining there. The unreliable reception/dropped calls are a complete nightmare! The ONLY upside: the bill. But it's still so not worth it, because I never get to talk on my phone! Ugh! Comparing Virgin & Straight Talk and leaving somewhere reliable...

james csaky 3/3/2011
worst company ever. paid for 30 days of service they shut me off after 2 weeks. promised a rebate on a phone been 3 months i called and they said im not in the system. worst customer service ever.
stay away from metro there a rip off

britt 3/3/2011
I hate metropcs!!!!! All you people do is take our money and leave our phones off. I hope one day you will reap what you sow....grrrrr

Jessica W 3/2/2011
ok so i switched from verizon to metro and at first was a little scared because of everthing that i was hearing but i decited that i would try it and if i didnt like it i would sell my phone and go somewhere else, let me say i am glad i came to metro I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM havent had any problems with anything and the phone i have is the best phone i have ever had, and i have had alot of different phones with verizon and sprint, i decited with metro i was going to get the optimus m i am so glad i give it 100 stars, this is the best phone ever!!!! and there service is great!!!!! i pay 53 a month where with boost you pay 60 a months and crapier phones that are out dated

Jerry 2/27/2011
I find the service realy very good, do not have trouble connecting or dropped calls. Best feature is a $10 monthly charge for unlimited calls to Sweden, with family and 2 grandchildren with my number on spedd dial, is worth it's weight in gold.

Ed D 2/26/2011
I have had MetroPCS service for almost 2 years now. The coverage is good in my area, and now that MetroPCS has 'Extended Home' on SprintPCS network, it is even better when traveling. Also, the phones can roam on the Verizon Network while traveling at a cost of 19cents per minute with free text messaging! The best of all worlds. I have the LG Optimus M Android phone and love it. My bill is $50.00 per month including taxes and is unlimited everything. My bill has been roughly half of what it was with Verizon before, and the few times I travel out of state per year, I spend maybe $5.00 on roaming! Well worth the difference in monthly price! Thanks METROPCS!

Guest 2/15/2011
metro pcs by the minute card if you plan to use these cards don't go to a metro pcs store they will not sell you a phone with out makeing you pay for an unlimited plan, so this is what i did just go to the metro website and buy your phone when you get it call and tell them you want to have the by the minute plan easy also the ear buds are are shit so don't bother. I went with virgin mobile later on because i want real internet speed i love the 3g and get speeds around 1.4megs and up and metros 1X data is an joke.

John 2/13/2011
Roaming charges weren't disclosed, they say there are none, but getting charges where they have no agreements. Biggest problem is bought a minutes card in Florida and none of the stores here will let me use it. Also would not give the free earbuds when purchased. They said both were corporate-issued and regular stores did not honor them. Stores, card & coupon both Metro PCS, how can they not honor them?


Hypnotik 2/8/2011
I have been with Metro for almost 5 years now. I have had 3 phones in that period, all bought in store full price. Had problems with every single one of them. i.e. My 1st one's battery didn't hold a charge. My 2nd phone's keys wouldn't work, couldnt check my voicemail I would press a number and it didn't take any of my numbers. Sense my first phone didn't have insureance on it, I bought insureance for my 2nd phone come to find out you have to pay a fee (On top of the monthy fee) and have to wait a month or two for your phone back. I paid for that month of service why would I just throw my money away to get my keys fixed that was broken in the first place? My 3rd phone (the code) almost a $400 phone and I have always paid unlimited, however most of the time you don't even get the service you paid for. Sometimes you cant send certain pictures, or get on the internet. One time my phone wouldn't even pull up mu contact and would lag on the home screen, went up to a metro location and they had no idea what was wrong so they erased everythig (My life)! I have tried sevral times to make Merto PCS work, but time and time again they prove me wrong, provideing me with less then quality anything.

Lauren 2/4/2011
I love the prices here. A total $40 for unlimited talk, text, web, and more. ALTHOUGH, i have experience a lot of dropped calls and recieve late text messages (on a daily bases). It is so annoying and I'm currently looking for another phone company that is more established. Also the phone I have--Samsung Freeform 2--continues to send pictures that I don't want it to send. Some of the pictures it sends have been deleted from my phone days ago. Its weird...and creepy.

jamesnumber70 2/1/2011

I purchased MetroPCS and was promised cash back for the phone I purchased. I never received it. The service was horrible. I had service upstairs in my house but when I walked downstairs I was roaming.? Switched to Virgin Mobile.... Way better now.?

Len S 1/27/2011
Never could get dealer or corporate to give me free ear buds that came with a coupon with phone purchase. One would send me to the other. The dealer always played stupid and always said "I don't know". I asked if there was coverage in a certain part of NY, they said yes, there was not, unless I paid for it using verizon, which they never disclosed and I even asked for such information to be disclosed. Couldn't get coverage at my desk in my house, called rep and she kept asking the same questions over and over because she couldn't understand the answer. Rep said they were not responsible for phone support, that the dealer was, there was no support at dealer either. Kept getting network voice error codes. Dropped calls. The list goes on and on.... the only reason I have them is the price and that won't be for long as I plan to move and replace the plan even if I have to back to tmobile, which I would hate to do for various reasons.

celena 1/22/2011

Jorge 1/2/2011
The phone service is reliable. Their phones tend to be older and slower networks, but if you ant a fixed price with unlimited use, they are the leaders.

MediaDragon9 1/1/2011
Extremely bad service. No call went undropped or without continual noise. I do not know how this company stays in business for the Santa Monica, CA service area.

Jen 12/29/2010
PROs: $40 and unlimited for everything; internet, calls, and texting. Decent enough phone selections. They're not horrible, but not the best selections ever.

davidjr1120 12/28/2010
horrible service,do not buy a phone on 23rd street and 8th ave Manhattan. They are selling defective phones as new. I returned one and was unable to get my money back,Customer service 1-800 .. is horrble.

PR 12/23/2010
NYC, Dec 20th, 2010.
I had this service for only 2 months and i'm ready to switch as the engineering behind the company is just plain idiotic.

j.d.d. 12/23/2010
if you dont like the service dont use me personally i love it. i know what my bill will be ever month i dont have to worry about hidden fees and extra charges..

Guest 12/16/2010
WHile I like the plans metro pcs offers there are some things I dislike, for instance if you forgot to pay your bill they shut off your phone and it is useless, they could at least allow you to dial *233 (as an example) to connect to CS agent to pay your bill. Here is another issue I don't do much traveling but where I go to school at is in the next town about 21 miles away and I get zero service,I imagine the nightmare those who do travel go through with this cell provider, metro pcs your company needs to get on the band wagon.
i may switch to net10

Go to straight talk 12/15/2010
Its cheaper and uses same towers as Verizon, so you have service everywhere they do. Unlimited everything for only $45 a month. Great phones too

Alison 12/13/2010
I have had Metro for two years now, and I love it. I have read some reviews on here about not being able to contact a live customer service rep. Well, I've called customer service several times to change my plan or ask a qestion and talked with a live person EVERYTIME. I will always be a Metro Pcs customer!
Pros: Affordable, great customer service
Cons: None

Dena 12/13/2010
I live in NJ and i love Metro Pcs...I haven't had no problem with my phone which is a Samsung Freeform 2..i payed 50 dollars for the phone...and 45 for service..Some people just love to complain.. what else do you want for 40 dollar a month... i had verizon blackberry which was like 120 a month and before that i had tmobile which was like 130 for a family plan for two people not in clueing the tax...I love my Metro...

Roslyn 12/9/2010
I purchased MetroPCS to get rid of my high TMobile bill. Great exchange, the samsung freedom phone was great until I got a talking picture message. When I sent a talking picture message back it shut down my entire network. Picture message stop working, unable to access the web, nor *611. Eventually had to get a new phone, got a new phone and the same thing happen!!! I explained this to a dickhead rep named Nick, after him yelling at me and not allowing me to explain until my persistence. He realized he was wrong and said go the the main store. Tech, on the phone couldn't help either. So I now will try the main store here in Florida.

ABanana 12/5/2010
I have had metropcs for about 3 years now and have not had too much of a complaint. The worst thing I have experienced was not getting good reception which has been improving lately. The other thing is that I have had 3 phones from metro and every single one of them had this horrible echo. I recently purchased the samsung freeform II. It is just like the other 2 with the echoing and for some reason it constantly sends the wrong pictures in my pictures messages! Pictures I have already deleted get sent in messages somehow. I purchased my phone at a store location and paid 63 dollars in total when on the internet you can get it for 49! So I was pretty much scammed. I can tell you now from experience buy your cell phone and pay your bills online. The stores are just a rip off and customer service is exactly what everyone says on here. Horrible automated voice activated crap!

Truth 11/29/2010
Before you sign up for Metro PCS make sure there is coverage where you need to use the phone. I live in New Jersey and have never had a problem with dropped calls etc. BUY THE PHONE AND SET UP THE SERVICE ON THE INTERNET. DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THE STORES. I got my phone on the internet with no problem and my brother went to one of the stores and wound up getting the run around. I am paying half what I was paying Sprint for a limited # of daytime minutes extra for text messages and internet on the phone which was useless. All of this works great on my Samsung Freeform phone which was only $40 after the rebate . They are the best for the money by far if you are in one of they areas they cover.

Jaz 11/26/2010
I am a 21 yr old student with a full time job and my own appartment and bills to pay. When I first started using Metro PCS I was 15. It was great. No contract, no phone issues...just was the cheapest phone though. My mom took that away one day when i was grounded. My dad later added me onto his AT&T bill (then Cingular) and i liked that my family and friends had it and friends too, so talking was free. I wasn't big on texting, but I was a big talker, so naturally the bill got too high. I tried TMobile because of the "my faves" (that they no longer offer unless u already had it) and the reception sucked, but the my faves was a great deal. Still the restriction on talk and text was an issue. I got back with Metro and LOVED it as I did before. Now it's even better because im on my aunt's family plan, so I only pay $25 for the $50 plan with unlimited talk, text, and web! :) I will admit in my appartment my fiance and I only get good reception by a door or window, but I have EXCELLENT service in the rest of the neighborhood and really everywhere most phone companies. I work in service, so I know very few happy people feel compelled to post reviews like angry people do, so I had to post mine. Eventhough I now only pay the $25 for the same plan I was paying $50 on, I am very happy as I have always been. I talk on my phone too much to keep up with minutes and eventhough Im not a big texter I like not keeping up with how much I text either. I love being able to use the web ang use my facebook even on a non smart phone. I will admit customer service was shitty once a few years back, but the past few calls have been very polite and helpful. Another thing I will say is that they need to get more phones with better prices but still nice. I have a descent phone now, but I plan to upgrade my phone to the new touch screne for Christmas. If i had to choose another company WHEN I MAKE A GOOD BIT MORE MONEY it would be Verizon... For now Metro is THE best.

Eric 11/24/2010
I had MetroPCS for 5 years and they were the best carrier I ever had. The only drawback was that they were regional and their phones aren't as up to date as the big guys. But the service was impecable. I regret switching to Virgin Mobile just because I wanted an Android OS phone. What good is it when it barely ever works.

guera185 11/17/2010
I spent 6 years getting screwed by AT&T, switched to metro 6 months ago. The reception here in Atlanta is great. Lost signal a couple of times while traveling, but it returned quickly. Considering my bill is almost a third of what it was with AT&T, I can deal with it. May not be the best option for people who travel a lot, but for everyday usage, it's great service. Totally happy I made the switch.

Kelly 11/11/2010
I've had MetroPCS for nine months (switched from AT&T) and have no problem whatsoever. The service, the cost and the phone are very good...

shotina gilliam 11/11/2010
the plans great the coverage also great customer service makes u wanna pull your hair out i have been with these ppl over 2 years i left at&t to do so i have 3 lines on my account got my mom to leave at&t she wanted to add my sister an account did that they added it to my account and when i called to get it fixed they not only disconnected the line that is prepaid and only had been on for 4 days but they wanna charge me a fee to correct it OMG R U SERIOUS AND IT STILL IS NOT FIXED THEY TURNED IT BACK ON BECAUSE I THREATNED TO SUE AND IT IS STILL ON MY ACCOUNT AND NOT MY MOMS METRO UPGRADE ON CUSTOMER SERVICE I SPOKE WITH 2 SUPERVISORS AND THE ISSUE IS STILL NOT FIXED

RJ 11/11/2010
The coverage is very poor, I always dropping calls in my area. They say that they have a lot of towers,but that's false! When I try to reach customer service, I have problems too, we I call in I get a automated voice, and I have to wait 3 or 4 minutes to to get a real person. Metro PCS is the worse company I have ever dealt with. The service is very poor, and they don't provide what they say the can do! I canceled my service with them, and I to find another company!

Paul_North_NJ 11/5/2010
Furious! Just returned from a dealer on Broadway in Paterson NJ for a second attempt to exchange the Kyocera phone for a Samsung. NEVER buy from a local dealer because you can't go anywhere else, go to a "corporate store" if I can't discourage you with the following. First an exchange affempt on the 3rd day after getting the plan and the phone. They didn't have the Samsung on hand and have it on backorder with a 2+ weeks lead time, warehouse out of stock bla bla bla, so I coulnd't exhange the phone. According to their policy, you can't return or exchange a phone with 1hr airtime or more. After finding out that their 1-800 service sucks (don't ask for a manager, because they don't have them, you will be on infinite hold), a corporate store with 100+ Sansung phones in stock, told me that the dealer can not hold me accountable for exceeding the 1 hour airtime limit, since the requested phone is not in stock and that they have to accept the return so I can get the Samsung in the corporate store. Today I spent 1-1/2 hour at the dealer, trying to keep my cool, talking to a clerk without any authority, calling the store owner who refuses the return just because of 4 hours talk time. I asked him to contact the corporate office after explining the situation. He would call back in 10 minutes. After waiting 40 minutes I asked the clerk to contact him. I overheard the conversation: Is he still there? Yes. Tell him we don't do it because of the 1 hour talk time. In other words he was just letting me wait and hoping for me to leave. How rude is that!

Margaret 11/4/2010
The Kyoncera Neo is the worst phone I have ever had. I am a new customer with Metro PCS and I am changing to another provider. The phone looks good but it is garbage. When I called Metro PCS they did not resolve my problem with the service. when a friend of mine called my number he was directed to someone who was annoyed and threatened him. This is my first review of saying how unhappy I am with their service

Gizelle 11/2/2010
Completely unreliable...getting a signal is a blessing!!!. Customer service non-exitent

Alex 10/28/2010
I have had MetroPCS for three months now, and I haven't had any problems. I have been using the service in DFW and have never had a dropped call. I called to customer service once to add a new feature, and the customer service representative spoke perfect English, and I don't recall that the wait time was long. Before that, I was with Verizon, and the only difference is that my bill has decreased significantly since I have switched to MetroPCS and no billing surprises. I haven't used the cell phone outside DFW, so I cannot comment on that. Overall, it is a great service for the money!

karen 10/25/2010
Can add features on website or by calling their number can add features with auto system EASY, but cannot delete features on the web once they are added for the next billing cycle. You have to call their number to delete features, and make sure you ask for manage your account and feature something else or you will never speak to a HUMAN. I was on the line for over an hour this morning just to delete an added unlimited 411 for $2 before paying my bill. I was asked why I did not cancel it before I payed my bill? I explained that was what I was doing. after an hour of runaround I asked to speak to a superior, who I never spoke to and the cs rep told me she would have to OPEN A CASE for me to delete $2 added feature. I go 20 miles from where I live still in the same area code (805) and i have to switch to roaming. Their service sucks. Walmart has a plan $5 cheaper with same features. I'm going to see if I can get my service switched

unhappy with metropcs 10/23/2010
Metro pcs is the worst thing that has ever happened to mobile phones. The service is terrible, the quality was appalling, and the customer service is pretty much useless. I have contacted them about a service prblem over a month ago and was told 1 to 5 business day, guess what a month later they're claiming to still be working on it. I took the phone to a metro pcs location and was treated like I was a idiot while being yelled at by the man behind the counter. Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT go near metro pcs. I cannot stress this enough!

exvirginmobile 10/20/2010
vigin mobile sucks,good phone service until you need customer service,metro pcs is the lesser evil of the two.metro pcs is simple and basic with lots of features,beware of independent dealers they will rip you off if you let them.metro pcs will flash some phones to work with their service but without internet so be sure to do your research.$40.00 per month not too bad,with a good phone you can use all the features included in your far so good with metro pcs for 2 months,good service here in fort worth tx.

Fabian 10/19/2010

Dennis 10/18/2010
Was ok till u have a problem they were rude and gave me run around.
VERY upset with the way they treated me .
Went to Virgin Mobile so far so good

gemilla 10/14/2010
i think metro is a very good company because you dont have to pay more than $40/ a month so it is good!,

zotya 10/11/2010
I had a plan with at&t payed $144 /month! For over 2 yrs now im here with Metropcs for $60 including insurance and call unlimited landline oversea,unlimited text, No really issue ,coverage great here in Florida,but if i travel for another state where no covarage i still can use text message free no extra charge.I save about $80/month! it wort for me big time!Thank you!

You cannot expect Metro PCS, a relatively new small company with only 7.5 million customers, to have the same amount of coverage and towers as the big companies because they've got more money to invest in their towers and they have had many more years than Metro PCS to advance.

Shaun 10/1/2010
The worst service I have ever had. My calls drop everywhere. The customer service is the worst, try getting a live agent, Good Luck on that. When you call customer service all you get is an automated service.

Bryan 9/30/2010
Absolutely a great service. Better than anything else you can get out there. I have the $45 plan which includes unlimited international text. No major carrier offers this. For Boost it's 10 cents per int'l text to send, but free to receive, but Boost costs more.

SWATMAN 9/29/2010
Metro PCS, also known as Ghetto PCS. The service is ok, ive never had a dropped call. But having to PAY THEM to PAY your BILL is assinine. And the customer service is the WORST...No speakee no speakee da english. And what really galls me? You call customer service and FIRST OFF about the bill..people..i known when my bil is due STOP REMINDING ME

Molly 9/29/2010
I don't know where all the complaints come from, but I can only guess! : ) The truth is that my sister in New York recommended MetroPCS to me (I was under contract with AT&T) and my brother, in Miami, recommended it as well. I tried it and have used it for six months. Service is superb, no drop calls, no hidden fees, and its just $40 a month. That is FIVE STARS all the way!

mike 9/27/2010
absolutely horrible! over half my calls get dropped. had one no get dropped 7 times in a row. wouldnt recommend this garbage ph. service to my worst enemy!

Zach 9/20/2010
* Unlimited talk, text and enternet

Zach 9/20/2010
PEOPLE! Depending where you LIVE the service is different. I lived in CALIFORNIA and the service was excellent barely any dropped calls. I traveled to NEW JERSEY and now i get hardly any service at all. SO DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LIVE AND WHERE THEY HAVE TOWERS SET UP, ALL FITS IN TO WETHER METRO IS RIGHT FOR YOU. I can say its better than at&t, verizon etc b/cuz metro is one flat rate for unlimited limted talk,txt and enternet. No fee to use it for a day or any other crap.

The Cozz 9/20/2010
Anyone buying in to the 40 dollar a month unlimited well do not bother its not worth 25 cents, reception dropped calls nd no service in most areas is what your in store for it sucks and stay away

MaxZen 9/16/2010
I have had Metro PCS for almost 4 years and not have had any issues with it! I am surprised to find people having so much problem, it maybe due to the fact that, they want Metro PCS to do what they see other people doing on SMART Phones, wake up people!!! You want to pay metro prices and expect to download apps and watch streaming videos all while paying $100 for a phone!!!

Steve 9/12/2010
Absolutely the worst cellural company in the free world especially the customer service.

Rick 9/11/2010
I been with Metro for over 5 years now. Over those 5 years the service only gets better. They have grown there network. I have just recently started to travel for my job. I live in South Florida. I have traveled to Charlotte and to Greenville NC. Also Just got back from Memphis TN. Metro Worked great in all these Cities. Never had a signal problem with metro. To me Metro is a no Brainer.

caligirl 9/10/2010
service is not great when you have to go to a store--i went to the la brea store--since not many stores --main ones. horrible--service was so slow--the young guys and gals giving service were so slow--gave me a #--after one hour--the representative was really so slow and didnt really answer my q-i have seen better service on phone--just got to go through long recording--

iKitty03 9/10/2010
I like Metro because I can text and call my friend from long distance for less cost.

Cathy 9/4/2010
In the capacity of my job, I traveled to different businesses in my neighborhood, and asked if they would help out with an event we were having. During my travels I met with John the dealer for your company located on Deer Park Avenue in North Babylon, NY.

angela 9/4/2010
I have minimal coverage. Clarity of calls is horrible. They have the tendency to double bill your debit card and put you through the ringer to get reimbursement. Every time you call you get a different call center. Sometimes their not even in the U.S.

Dan T 9/2/2010
Metro PCS has the worst coverage of any cell phone I have ever owned and I have had sprint, att, verizon. Calls are often dropped and interupted. Coverage is spoty at best. I live in work in the greater los angeles area and there map shows coverage but it is not good coverage in areas the map shows as good coverage. The web browsing is so slow its almost useless. The good point is it is cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for. If you want phone service use a more reputable carrier and get there unlimited call plan for about fifty percent more, you will be one hundred percent more satisfied.

Jacob 8/30/2010
No coverage. A ripoff.
I signed up for service and was required to purchase a $60 phone. The salesman signed me up for the $45/mo plan instead of the $40/mo plan I asked several times for. The manager promised to switch the plan later because the "computers were down". He didn't. Went home and couldn't get reception in four different local areas. The cheap Kyocera phone would also self-discharge after half a day.
Drove back to the store several times while trying a new battery/"localizing" the phone by pressing *228/etc. Still terrible reception and calls would consistently drop after 5-30 seconds.
After a week of this damaging my business, I had enough and attempted to return the defective product and service.
The manager claimed I had used more than 60 minutes of air time. This was not possible given the fact THE PHONE SERVICE DIDN'T WORK.
They then refused to even provide my call-log, refused a refund for the phone and service, then actually became openly hostile.
What a terrible experience and a waste of time.

sexyness22 8/26/2010
I am very dissapointed with metro pcs. I had verizon and i switched to metro pcs because i thought it was going to be better, but it was the worst mistake ever. they charged me for some stuff that i didn't want like 411 and metro backup. so when i called the customer service they were really rude. then they tried to charge me like ten dollars for canceling the things i didn't want. overall it's the worst company ever. they steal money from people and they have really bad customer service. i really hate it after only one month with them i had several problems so i switched back to my old company. i rather pay moe than fifty dolars a month but at least i am getting really good service and great cusomer service. i would not recommend metro pcs to anyone. the internet doesn't even work and sometimes you don't receive your calls or messages. it's a really bad company.

jono 8/22/2010
as with most carriers the service quality depends on your area. everything in life is a compromise. for me metro is a good one. no rip off contract. the customer service is like all of them. try verizon for great service and the worst rip off contract and customer service. know your products and services before you buy...

Naf 8/21/2010
the reason metro took out the int'l calling in a lot of countries is because people were abusing the system. i dont think it makes sense to be on the phone 14 hours continuously. my roommate was on the phone with his gf. and there were many more cases like it.

Naf 8/21/2010
I do understand why people would rant about bad service with metro. I have had a lot of issues with them myself but i took the time and always got my issues resolved with CX rep. ur not paying an arm and a leg with metro and i think it is only rational to think that metro will have glitches in the system. I live in NY and I get excellent reception, I have had lots of dropped really how hard is it to redial?

Truth 8/19/2010
Switched from a costly Sprint plan to Metro PCS and I couldn't be happier. It really helps that I am in New Jersey which is the most urban state in the union so I have only had one dropped call in six weeks. Even better I figured out how to 'tether' my Samsung Freeform to my netbook so I now have unlimited access to the real internet included for $40/month. YOU NEED TO BE IN ONE OF THE MAJOR URBAN AREAS WHERE THEY HAVE GOOD COVERAGE. Otherwise you should go with one of the majors. But in the market I live in they are the best by far.

Lexii>.< 8/18/2010
Metro is HORIBLE!. The reseption sucks and if you get the Huawei...HA! the screen EASILY breaks! :/

chris 8/17/2010
i love metro pcs bc it works every where u go

Gabe 7/30/2010
Getting my service at the MetroPCS store was one of the most awful customer service experiences of my life. I was lied to, actually heckled by the security guard, and after they screwed up flashing my old phone, I was almost left with no phone at all. In fact, I would have walked out had it not been for the fact that I was afraid I would be left without any kind of phone.

Dawn Bein 7/22/2010
So far,BAD reception even in my own home. I have to go outside to use my phone.

metropcsSUCKS! 7/21/2010
this is the worst phone company in hostory, in a minute talk i will drop the call 5 times and the customer sevice is the WORST horrible phones, too many dropped calls way too many!!! I HATE METROPCS! you can barely hear the person in the other line sometimes. There is only one good thing abt metropcs and that is that they have very good text messaging. But other than that metropcs is the worst phone ocmpany out there, i wouoldnt recommend it to anyone.

Kathy 7/21/2010
Metro PCS.
sucks. i've had it since the beginning of the school year and im 15 and absouletly TIRED of the service, i bought the blackberry thinking it would be better service BUT not only did the phone get crappy BUT the internet suckksss, && my bf called me from south carolina on my new phone i JUST bought again and i could barely hear him. Metro has great deals, BUT very horrible service and phoness. i give it atleast a one for the plans and thats it.

Billy 7/20/2010
I dont know what you people are WHINING about, you dont like the service, as they say not all areas are covered, so when your month is up,take advantage of the no contract metro pc offered you and just go on back to Verizon and everyone elses hidden charges limited everything and 2 year contracts.. as for me.. I dont get 5 bars ..usually about 2-3 bars on avg and I havent been cutt off or dropped once. even when im only getting 1 bar i get clear reception. maybe its the phones you guys are using?? instead of wasting alot of money on a semi decent phone with a large monthly payment for the service metro pcs offers, i would suggest a high quality phone with a lower monthly payment. i have the Caliber by samsung and nothing but good for me..even with 2-3 bars on avg.

Gaf 7/19/2010
Should have space for 0 stars. World class lousy customer service.

Jeff 7/12/2010
I have been with MetroPCS, in South Florida, since it's inception back in 2002. They've definitely come a long way with both, their phone offerings, as well as their service committment. Yes, it's true that, calls periodically drop. But that's the case with ANY of the major carriers as well. The difference? We're not stuck with that carrier via a contract. Plus look at the features that come with MetroPCS: GPS, MetroBackup (saves all of your contact names and numbers), FREE 411 directory assistance, unlimited TEXT and Picture TEXT, NO CONTRACTS AND UNLIMITED TALKING!! Regarding where the service works? Almost EVERY MAJOR city in the United States now (without roaming charges!). A recent news release confirmed that MetroPCS has grown, so much that they, now, have MORE customers then NEXTEL (division of Sprint). Plus with 4G pretty much 'around the corner' (by the end of 2010), they will be one of the FASTEST cell carriers in the country. So AT&T: go bury your heads in behind your (5) bars; VERIZON: Can you hear me now? You're losing customers to MetroPCS right and left; T-Mobile: My Fav "5" turned into my Fav "500" on MetroPCS. The only CONTRACT that I have to worry about is the one that you DIDN'T SUCKER ME INTO SIGNING!! MetroPCS: You're GREAT!!!

jen 7/11/2010

ayla 7/10/2010
i am 14 years old about to turn 15 on the 19th of july i am looking for a nice attractive phone with no contracts and a very very cheap you think you can help

KIm King 7/6/2010
my daugher went to a pool party she has a messenger 2 from ur conpany her fone fell n the pool can she get the same fone for free i have inserence

Dave 7/5/2010
Ulton, in answer to your question, I don't know for sure whether you can use your Sprint phone on Metro PCS. But if I had to guess, I'd say "probably."I have CricKet, rather than Metro, but they are very similar companies with very similar business strategies, and they both have CDMA networks.With CricKet, if your Sprint phone's ESN is clear (i.e., if you've used up your contract commitment and paid all your bills), then you can probably use your Sprint phone. It is easy to find out: you just take your Sprint phone into any CricKet store and ask them. There will probably be a $20-30 reprogramming ("flashing") fee to convert the phone to CricKet, in addition to the $15 activation fee; they use FlashToTalk to do the flashng for them. (I just had this done, BTW.) They can also probably "port" (transfer) your old Sprint number to CricKet.So I suggest that you see if the same thing is true with Metro. Go to a Metro PCS authorized dealer and ask them.

Leoart 7/1/2010
SCAM ! I joined Metro PCS and got the International calling plan for $5. I was able to call my relatives in Armenia for only 3 months. After that I tried to call Armenia but it didn't work. When I called Customer Service they told me that I can't call people in Armenia, but I can call other countries. Just like that they removed my home country from the list.If I had the chance to rate it 0 stars I would. I don't recommend joining Metro PCS.

Kara- NYC 6/30/2010
Metro PCS is perfect for someone who needs tons of minutes, and doesn't travel to the remote parts of the country. If you want a phone that works in the mountains, that's fine- but be prepared to pay a lot more. At $40 per month (taxes and all fees included), this is one great deal. I hear they're going to have a 4G network too in the 2nd half of 2010, which will make their smartphones even better.

Eloisa 6/27/2010
I have been a subscriber for almost a year now. I love the plan that I got - it was a limited plan for 30$ unlimited call and text nationwide and unlimited global text which is what I really need.

asianunique 6/24/2010
i have just bought metro pcs huawei 720 phone is pretty good the service was great and the plans was pretty decent. i just switch my $40 plans over to $60 because of the unlimited international plans. i'm sick of using calling cards. so i tested the metro service it works to china i was happy and it save me money. i lived in the bay area where the signal is the best.
metro is good for the poor and middle class people because no contract!
i recommend metro for people who are low income but not high income because they will complain about service and drop calls. they need to go verizon,sprint,at&t which more expensive and have hidden charges

Guest 6/23/2010
@Ashley From Detroit
The 19.99 for the charger happened to me too, but i went back and talked to the employee who sold me the phone and if you look at your receipt. They take 19.99 off the price of ur phone and put it on the charger. It's for inventory purposes.

ulton 6/23/2010
i have a sprint phone an i want to switch to metro can i use the same phone r i have to buy a new phone

southside georgia 6/22/2010
I love my metro and wouldn't change it for any other service but however due to the fact that they don't have service everywhere im having to llik into other providers the only problem i ever have is that i might get an defected phone but even that is an easy fix i've been with them for 3 to 4yrs i've only had there top of the line phone in other words most expensive the warrenty is great with manufactor no problem there the one thing that sucks to me is metro insurance is really not much helpother then that love them and they've only been getting better

Manuel 6/18/2010
I had Metro PCS, then I went to Verizon....big mistake.
Can't wait to go back to metro, I learn a very expensive lesson

Ashley from the Detroit area 6/14/2010
I just recently became a customer of metroPCS and I was sucked into their GREAT and CHEAP PRICES--thinking this would be so great! And, thinking that I would no longer need to pay the expensive service of verizon wireless. In addition, I thought my text messages were being sent out fine until my friend kept telling me the text messages send themselves one more time--as a result, two of the same msg is sent within ten seconds (this doesn't really bother me since it's unlimited txt anyways, but, my friend gets annoyed). Furthermore, when I call people, I experience bad SERVICE with five bars showing. First of all, my friend said I was breaking up; second of all, even though my friend was talking normally, I had trouble hearing her; and third of all, the call kept losing and I got annoyed!

Brenda Morales 6/12/2010
I wanted to purchase a phone online but the phone could only be purchased in a metro pc store. The price on line was $109. The same phone in the store I was told could not be purchased for the 109. price but $138. I showed the manager the online phone and was told that they don't sell their phones for that price. I purchased the $138. phone. and was told I am being given a free promotional super pack that sells for $29.00. I left the store with my items but looked at the sales receipt and noticed that the phone rand up as $109.00 and the so called free super package rang up as $29.00. tax $12.00 for a total of $150.00 When I questioned the amounts the manager Mr.Wu told me that the phone is really $138. not $109. but I only paid $109 for the phone and the promotion was given to me free. They are using false advertising to lure customers in and the using double talking like they are con men. I read the sales receipt $109.00, Phone +
$29.00 for the free super pack and $12.00 tax.

anonymous 6/11/2010
I live in Ocala Florida and the Metro PCS Service Sucks!! The store is VERY close to where I live and I have service in the store but NOT in my house. I can only use my phone when I'm in the city area which is dumb.

John Valis 6/6/2010
Customer service is the absolutly the worst you will ever experience, ported over a number from another carrier and my phone was turned off. When you phone is off you cant even call Metro PCS to resolve problem. When you finally get someone, its usually someone who dosent know anything, you ask for the supervisior and you are disconnected. Very poor customer sevice!

Not even a customer 6/1/2010
Negative #s available?
Ordered a phone on 5/27; unable to process. Maybe I typed a digit wrong. Try again. Unable to process again.
BUT....charged twice. metropcs to billmatrix to metropcs to billmatrix to metropcs.................
On the phone for 1.5 hours. Still not resolved. Don't wish this on you worst enemies.

Lucky Lieberman 5/28/2010

Annoyed 5/25/2010
Ok for $40 per month for unlimited calls & text, I'm sold. BUT.... I went into my local Metro Store & picked up the LG Helix. I was informed at the time of purchase that I had to pony up for the 1st month (they had the spring rebates going on), ok so that wipes out the rebates. Then I was told that the phone comes with a car charger free, I said ok great! when I got my receipt, I saw that I was indeed charged for a 19.99 car charger that was "Free". After asking about the charge the sales person quickly tried to change the subject and became very very annoyed that I caught him trying to pull one over on me. Needless to say I paid the correct amount and left with out a charger. The service sucks, the phone sucks, the customer service sucks. The phone fails to connect calls with 5 bars, when I can make calls its horrid, the sound quality is just sad! I had metro years ago in South Florida and it was great, I guess in Northern California (a legacy market) things just are not up to par.......

Miami MetroPCS User 5/23/2010

Cindy 5/23/2010
Phone and service didnt work. Person I bought the phone from just lies and lies and lies, like that is the normal way to do business. Customer service reps that dont speak English, cant hear them, bad connections and hang up on you. No Contract - try to cancell and get your money back. They tried to keep my monthly service fee for using the phone less than 24 hours. Glad American Express could get it back for me becasue they told me they had no intention of giving it back to me.

Ramin 5/23/2010
I live in West Los Angeles and travel alot to South and Central Los Angeles..MEtroPCS has had strong coverage in all the areas, I would be on the phone during my commute on the 10 freeway and I would not get disconnected. YES sometimes the call quality is bad and there are weak spots but for $40 w/ taxes and fees..this is completely FAIR. I am setup w/ auto pay and have no problems at all. I am satisfied with what I am getting from Metro..OH and I travel to San Diego often so it goes on Cricket(free) which has excellent coverage .

Pete 5/22/2010
Poor coverage in Atlanta metropolitan area. Customer service is bad . MetroPCS is not worth is for me. Maybe they would be worth putting up with if their prices were 50% lower that what they currently are .

Colleen 5/16/2010
Metro pcs claim to be a pre paid company. I didn't have the money to pay my phone bill which is due on the 15th of every month. When I got the money on the 7th of the next month, I went and paid my bill. 8 days later they shut it off without warning because it was the 15th again. They never told me I could pay $5.00 (only once a year,)to get my due date changed to the date I paid my bill, until my phone was already off and they wouldn't accept the 5 dollars. Also, every phone I've ever bought from them wouldnt charge or turn on at all after 6 months!! They are a scam and a rip off!!! Highly suggest not using metro!

shawna b. 5/12/2010
well unlike the others iv had metro for a year and i havent had to many problems when i do it always gets fixed.....i really like it because its affordable unlike other phone everybody that i know has metro and we all like it!!!!! now if u are going out of state alot your more then likely to get bad service but thats pretty much on any phone service...sooo i recomend METRO to

Valeria 5/12/2010
I began service with Metro PCS on March 2010. I bought a Kyocera Neo Phone which I've been LOTS of issues. Ever since I got the phone I've replaced it 3 times!!!! Metro PCS customer service is poor, but the signal/reception is okay, not perfect, but okay. I just wished their service could be much better and have people help customers with their issues. Not bad for unlimited everything. I reside in San Jose, CA and reception is good. I used to be with Verizon and I do miss their GREAT customer service and how wuick they fixed issues; don't miss paying $100 dollars a month for limited everything.

lynn 5/11/2010
Customer services sucks tranfer transfer and still no answer and they hang up on u.Bought a new phone had prob with bb sent refurb and it gotta go back 3rd bb.

Ronnie 5/8/2010
I feel that metro is taking advantage of most its customers just for the fact of them having poor quaility of service and when you try to change or do something with your phone, Metro takes you through too many obstacles to fix what was going wrong. Still being, 40 to 50 dollars is still a reasonable amount of money for the unlimited plan, so ya get what you get. Still, with all the customers metro has you would think you wouldn't have problems with signal, service, & etc...

Lariviere 5/7/2010
I went into the store at Artesia & Crenshaw in Los Angeles, I got the plan with unlimited international calling ($60 a month). I was transferring from AT&T and was told they would take care of everything, and they did. The phone service works great except at work and at home, the two places I spend my day. I have to walk outside to get reception, something I have never had to do before. I went back to the store I bought the phone from to explain the situation and the guy said too bad, you bought the phone and that’s the way it is. I think now I would pay AT&T’s higher rate just to get reception, the only thing holding back is getting back into a long contract.

MPCS Employee 5/6/2010
as an employee at MPCS, i would highly recomend staying away from the service, i can't say my name or ID numb, but i can guarantee you will regret signing up, the plans sound great on paper, but the service is pure garbage, i'm in customer service (located in manila and mexico BTW) and when ever i (and many, many others) get a call, i just simply put people on hold for sometimes even hours at a time, then i hang up so they can't trace my call in quality (yeah, it's that easy) and believe me, you are going to be calling a lot.

scintillations 5/4/2010
cheapest, for sure. love the month-to-month payment arrangement. great way to thumb your nose as the fat cat phone companies.

Nellie 5/1/2010
I used to be with Metro and was pretty happy with the service. Got a couple of dropped calls every once in a while but no big deal. In Jan. of this year, I made the switch to Net10 and I'm very happy paying only $15 a month as oppose to $40. I reviewed my min. usage and found that I was wasting money with the unlmited plan as I rarely go over 150 min. per month. And to think I've been paying for unused minutes all these years!

Java 4/30/2010
I just walk into a store to buy a phone I saw on their website. He kept pushing another phone which was crap according to CNET. I got the phone I wanted and I said I want the $40 a month plan. He said that's only for families. I said goodbye and walked out. I called PCS when I got home and was told the store made a mistake. I ask if she would call the store and I'll go back and buy it. She then got very angry so I hung up. I'm glad I found this site. I'm never going back to that dump

Dee 4/23/2010

Metro 4/23/2010
I would have to say metro pcs is relatively new compared to other carriers but thier plans are unbeatable. There is even a rumors site about phones they offer,

Dee 4/22/2010
I have metro service and it works well in my home city, but sometimes when i travel my signal gets weak and edgy and i encounter a lot of missed calls or dropped calls. Another thing that annoys me is how they send the seemingly threatening text messages a full week prior to my payment date is due saying Pay $**.** by January 23 or your service will be interrupted. It's annoying and its almost an insult to do that like that as if i cant be trusted to pay my bill on time. Another thing thats crazy about metropcs is their limited selection of high end phones; its like most of their phones are aim at low class poor people who thribe on toting around picture phones with limited technology on them, and when they do update their selection of phones it like they have th same phones with the same limited capabilities on them with a slightly different look. None of metro pcs's phones are smart phones. So if you are use to having a phone that is capable of doing a lot dont go with metro. Metro pcs prices are high in one way and low for amount of usage you get out of them. The phones you are going to pay the preminum price for them (unless you buy them from the site and way weeks in the mail for it to arrive) and you going end up paying the same amount you pay for a contracted cell phone plan if you want web pic, 411 and some of the other features that the some advanced models of phones are capabile of. My advice, if you have good credit or are will to pay the unteenth hundred dollar deposit the normal cell phone company require you to pay to establish service with them.... run as fast as you can from any Metro PCS cell phone provider that want to suck you into a trap with them.

mediachick 4/22/2010
Pros: I have to say I was sold on the Unlimited International Plan, However, since switching to Metro PCS for this particular feature I have yet (and it has almost been a month since activation of the service) to be able to use the service!
Cons: Customer service is frustrating to say the least! Let me count the ways... Inability to find a representative that speaks English clearly, in order to help resolve any questions/concerns you may have about your service and/or account...Which serves to only increases your level of frustration. Inability to actually speak to a person at the corporate office, that is once you finally obtain a "Corporate" phone number. I did so when using Google and reading another frustrated customer's posting. Good luck having somebody from the corporate office return your calls. I've left a number of messages every day now for the past week. Byers Beware! The plan I signed up for was NOT the plan I was given... This was due to an "error" made at the store where I purchased two phones and the unlimited international calling plan. I believe these retailers to be dishonest in their representation of the company as they boldly attempted to sell us phones at much higher rate that was advertised on the Metro website. Unlimited International calling plan... Which has actually turned out to be NO, let me repeat, NO International plan at all as I am still, a month into my service contrat, unable to call overseas. I left a reliable company, service I've had for years with T-Mobile for this option and to date, all I have are a ridiculous number of attempts at reaching somebody who is able to resolve this situation and an even more ridiculous number of Unreturned phone calls from corporate office. I can't begin to explain the amount of time and frustration/ aggravation I've been caused this past month! I hate to admit that it's true, but in this situation and with this company it certainly seems to "ring" true... You get what you pay for! What I thought to be an extremely reasonable international calling service has turned out to be a cheap, and to-date, unavailable service!

Sunshine 4/21/2010
I have metro pcs for my son, and I'm very happy that it's unlimited everything

Ron 4/20/2010
I've had Metropcs for 5 years now and very satisfied with the service. I live in Northern California and the signal is great. I traveled to central and southern california and had no problem with it. I even went to Reno and still have good signal there. Im very pleased with metro. I heard that they are getting better this summer 2010 with LTE technology. I cant wait.

Reasie 4/20/2010
This company deserves zero stars. They charge for every small request to include making a CASH payment at a store. It maybe cheap, but when you add all the additives, you might have well stayed with a reputable company like Sprint (if you could). I hesitantly switched after losing my job... and I am soooo unhappy. Metro PCS, the economy may have some of us down for now... but watch out... your poor customer service will switch your profitable business into a declining pit. Trust me... I am a consumer.

Bziranski 4/19/2010
Metro pcs smart phones are awesome... unless it's raining!!!! Haha, tried to surf the net... nothing doing!!! Slao, the Samsung Code is not all that great! I have had nothing but trouble since day 1!!! It is the dumdest smart phone!!! I'm thinking of going with Boost Blackberry!!!

ROmi 4/14/2010
Well i have read some of the Views on this site. Its plain and simple if you travel a lot this is not the phone for you. I personal like metro PCS. and just like any company that is just getting off up here in northeastern; they soon would have service everywhere. Maybe its not the company But its prob. I been with every company they have. they all have there pros and cons. and for you dumbazz people thats why they give you 30days trail you dont likey then get another service... Simple as that...

Jamie 4/13/2010
As a UK resident spending 3 - 4 months a year here in my holiday home, I need a service that is reliable but I'm not prepared to pay the likes of Verizon and AT&T around $110 including tax each month. I don't understand how this is justifiable for them to charge this amount.

guest 4/13/2010
I have had the metro 100 plan for 4 phones. I am near jacksonville, fl and have had no problems with service. I haven't had to deal with cs yet and had no probs with phones. i pay around 125 a month which you cant beat. they do have travel talk which you can get if you leave the metro area all you have to do is load your phone with money and pay a small per minute charge. I am saving about 200 a month after leaving sprint, i can always reach my kids and thats what is important

sandra soto 4/5/2010
I got one of the metro pcs phones and they are really cool only 40 bucks a month(depending the plan u choose) but if u want to have a nice unexpensive phone with good deals then get metro pcs.......its better then the other companies....i was with att and they had hidden fees for who knows what and so do most other companies

joshua james cochran 4/4/2010
look, you idiotic selfish pricks that are complaining like a little selfish brat that didn't get what they wanted on christmas, metropcs is flipping the phone industry around with their unlimited plans its just gonna take time. If you cro magnon sloth infested wastes would do some research into actual reception areas instead of trusting the guy or girl behind the counter that gets paid mainly in commission for every phone he or she sells, to tell you if somethings gonna work the best or not, then maybe you could be happy in your life for a change. I mean who really wants to have to pay by the minute to talk to someone always wondering if you've gone over, fearing the bill of your kids, or significant other. Oh and the broken phones people really, I understand where your coming from. I had a phone go out too, but the bottom line is that your buying your phones from people in corner stores or crap stores as I say cause the people that run them the only thing they have concern for is with metro sending them a check. So do your homework little billy cause if you want something that works for you, that works perfect, then you gotta figure it out yourself, and weigh the odds. Quit wanting everyone else to do the work for you. I didn't know anything about phone repair but that phone that went out after a few weeks, wound up lasting me for a year and a half after I got off my posterior and found out what I needed to know and fixed it myself. Only took 30 minutes and 15 dollars. If your gonna complain, complain about how you were raised because it sounds like someone lost passion in life a long time ago.

violettsrblue 4/2/2010
Dude I just got Metro PCS and its freaking awesome. I had been with A&TT for many years and I couldn't afford them anymore and I realized I never leave my calling area so I switch and I love it. I have the Samsung Code its ok. I had the palm with A&TT so for me its all the same.

Brenda 4/1/2010
I am extremely unhappy with MetroPCS!!! It is TRUE their service suck -- especially the one on 10th Street in Palmdale, CA. The "so-called" manager of that store is nothing more than a young "smart-ass" kid they hired right out of the Ghetto!!!!! I am looking to switch service as I'm writing this email!!!! Bye, bye, MetroPCS!!!! You pay for what you get! Seriously!!!!!!

valerie 4/1/2010
i think that metro pcs is the best company of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!.

DENNIS 3/31/2010

Bernadette 3/31/2010
My due date was 3/29/10, however my direct deposit did not go in until 3/31/10. Trying to reach a human being in customer service is an impossible task unless you don't mind hearing a computerized woman giving you the run around. When I finally did reach the human being after an hour Metro PCS could not offer me an extension til the 31st because the "computer" had me set up in the system for the 29th. Unbelievable! My phone got cut off and I am now calling other non-contract companies to CUT OFF Metro PCS.

Monica 3/26/2010
Horrible customer service! The worst I've seen! I could not understand what the guy was saying and asked to have a supervisor to help me...OMG could not understand supervisor either! Is MetroPCS hiring people from India to answer calls???? Horrible horrible horrible!!!!

sagevb 3/25/2010
Ive had metro for 4 yrs no problem..dont need a lot of hand holding from cust service and for interstate travel I went online and bought an unlocked phone that uses att as well as t-mobile cards and is also international for about 100 bucks...I recently bought a samsung caliber which gets online quickly and has lots of widgets for mobile banking email etc and I like it a lot. Metro is a good company for what it provides. If you want stellar phone service then go and pay a $1000 dollars a month at verizon or some other company, but if you want unlimited everything at a good price then use metro and buy yourself an unlocked phone from and quit 'yer bellyachin'...metro is for us low rent people and not for you high classed uppercrust well traveled people...yeah rite!!! Be real, We all know that Metro was the only company who didnt want to charge you a big deposit because of your bad credit, and those who are complaining probably reconsidered and are still on the metro train...hahahahah!!!

GMaass 3/25/2010
I moved to Delaware and am trying to find a reliable cell service,
i'm 2 miles from Philadelphia and can't between MetroPCS, Cricket and Boostmobile. Can anybody in the area give me some sugestions?

CONSUMER 3/24/2010
the service is OKAY. waaaay cheaper then any other phone company, and a smarter way too spend money. you get good services and the price is just right especially if you have kids that need a phone. nice phones also, sure it may loose service in some areas but every phone company does. METRO PCS IS COMEING UP.. its getting pretty big. i say buy a metro if you just want a working phone.

Chris-Mass. 3/23/2010
Wish with the reviews they would list the area they are in. Still cant decide.

Alex 3/16/2010
This a review for MetroPCS service I had about three years ago, for about 2 or 3 years in duration: the service was fine, I had no problems here in the West Palm Beach Beach area with coverage (except once I drove just north of town, I would find myself roaming out of the service area). There were no problems with missed calls, drop-outs, etc. Very good cell service for the money. I only switched to T-Mobile because I began to travel for work and MetroPCS wasn't good for travel back then, but their coverage has expanded dramatically since then. (I had more problems with my cheap T-Mobile supplied phone than my cheap mPCS phone!)

Sweet Stuff 3/10/2010
Today is 2-09-2010, and I bought my phone 2 days ago. I have had at@t for 5yrs. and decided to switch my service- BIG MISTAKE!!! Metro told me I would get service in serverals areas in which I do not.I spent $200.00 on a phone that I can barley use.My job I have to have my phone, and they won't take the phone back and give me my money back, so I have a $200.00 phone that I can't use. Beware of Metro, and the way they lie on their service areas. Thank you, Cutie Pie

Glenn Kirkland 3/6/2010
I am writing you to let you know how disappointed I was with Metro PCS.

Shannon 3/2/2010
Lets see, were should i start. Well first off, this cell phone service is not good if you travel alot first off, and i've had this service a couple of yrs now, and have had to go through like 5 diff cell phones, because of problems with the cell. I also had the 50 dollar plan which gives you unlimited everything, i am one who gos online alot on my cell, and have had nothing but problems being able to get online to diff sites. This has been going on for a while now, and no one seems to know how to fix it, they have tryed, but have failed, so if your one to go online alot, i would not recomend metro. These people all need to get more training on what to do, and how to fix things. They dont have a clue!!!

Maureen Mclean 3/1/2010
I had recently switch to metro pcs and i regret it the customer service is very very bad it take up to 45 minute to get to a live operator and then they are rude i have a problem with my samsung and it been 3 days trying and cant get through to the customer service person the camera on my phone don't work

Rob 2/27/2010
I switched from T-mobile, so far the service is just about the same. I live in Los Angeles and so far it has been good, sometime calls are a little bit low quality but seriously you have unlimited talk for such a great value so just re-initiate the call and its all good. Texts are going through , and i am amazing how picture messages are sent and received much faster than T-mobile. I pay $40 per month with all taxes and fee's included. This is really a great value. I have traveled to San Diego and coverage on the Cricket network is great. Also i have been to Tijuana with this phone and i am amazed how far deep the signal reaches down into Tijuana(Cricket probably has a tower right on the border facing the MX side).

jef 2/20/2010
The customer service is horrible. It probably goes to a call center in Vietnam or somewhere, their accent is worse than the folks we have to normally deal with from India or Ireland. The folks at the Metro pcs call center do not speak English, I can live with an Indian or Mexican accent but this customer service that Metro PCS uses is horrible.

Joyce Vaughan 2/17/2010
I have had to attempt to contact customer service several times and find it almost impossible to reach a live person. Tonight I finally got thru and told the person I wanted to disconnect my son's phone number because he had moved to Columbia MS and the phone did not work there. I told the customer service person I had money on that phone and that I wanted it moved to one of my other phones. Mind you that I have/had three phones on my account. I was placed on hold and was eventually disconnected. I called back several times and finally got a live person again. I was told that I could not get my money back or transferred to my other phone because if I had read the paperwork it says clearly that there is no refunds. Even after explaining I had put money on the account so the phone could be used in MS and that none of my three phones worked in that location. I was told I should have dialed something and switched over to a special roaming area. I have never heard of this or been told this before. I ask where this was written and he could not tell me. I ask for a manager and another male came on the line, which I douht was a manager by the way he spoke,and told me I should have read the paper work. I was treated without respect and certainly not helped. I then ask if the payment I had just made could be refunded so I could discontinue my service. I was told sure and transferred to another automated line. I will cancel my service with Metro PCS and go with a company that has better customer service.

janet 2/17/2010
Just switched over from t-mobile where my bf and i had a family-plan for 600 min a month and nothing else.. no txting, no web, nothing. We were paying at least 90 a month. Now we switched over to metropcs and are paying the same thing, only unlimited text, web, and calling... as well as gps. The plan is great for us because we live in a big city and rarely travel... Only time I ever got a dropped call was when I travelled to my cousin's house in another, less busy town. I haven't had to call customer-service yet, and from what I've read here I think I'll try to avoid it. (Not like I enjoy calling any customer-service to begin with, can't understand those Indians!)

MJJ 2/16/2010
I have MetroPCS for a few months and am very satisfied with it. The only thing that shocked me was the taxes (in the beginning), but it is still better paying that than what you would for with the top compainies. I called customer services a few times and only one time they could not hep me. I had set up an online account and completely forgot my username and password. I used all the usual names and passwords I typically use, but did not work. I called CS and they could not find the information (still unable to log in). Yes it took a few minutes to get to a live person, but with paitence I was able to get though (no busy signals). Oh the people I talked to didn't sound like they were from India or other out sourced agents. The reception is okay, but what can you ask for from a company that is Still Expanding!? Yes it would be nice to have most (if not all) of the states covered, but again THEY ARE STILL EXPANDING!!! The phone I have (Motorola VE440), I love. I am not a fan of red, but I was able to surpass that it has all features I want and need in a phone. The pics I take on the phone comes out nice and clear and sometimes better than my old phone that I have with a big company. A big plus is that I can make any sound/song as a ringtone, which some compaines disabled that feature. I charge the phone about every - every other night depending how much texting, phone calls and basic web usage I do in a day. Yes, there's always room for improvement but what company isn't!? I was VERY skeptical with Metro, but gave it a chance and is pleased. When I do travel I have some reception, but if not I have my other phone to use. Overall I am a very satisfied MetroPCS customer!!!!

Valerie 2/15/2010
I left AT&T back in 2008 for MetroPCS because of the price. I was upset that my favorite Nokia phone was not supported by MetroPCS, but money was an issue, so I bought an inexpensive phone and defected. Boy, was I sorry! They charged me $8.00 tax on top of the $40 bill, and the only way I could get out of paying a service charge when I wanted to pay my bill was to pay online. Imagine having to PAY for paying your bill. And don't miss a month, because you'll have to go into a store and argue that you have no contract or they will try to charge you for time you didn't use! I got fed up and went back home to AT&T. Yeah I pay a little more, but at least my calls won't be dropped half the time and there are no hidden fees or tricks up their sleeves. Good thing I saved my old Nokia. HAHA

girly 2/13/2010
pros about metro: almost everything is unlimited which means more usage is available, it's cheaper than some other companies, no contract

Jake McG 2/9/2010
I think most of the bad experiences come from buying a phone at a METRO PCS "Dealer" store instead of the "Official METRO PCS Corporate Stores" Which are fully professional and reliable, most people dont know there is a difference. Ive had nothing but A1 service and reliable trustworthy purchases. My Metro PCS service is far faster and better than the ATT-iPhone overburdened network service here in San Francisco, I have blazing web speed on my Samsung Finesse even my iPhone friends noticed the difference and I have never had a dropped call EVER! Which is a constant occurrence with ATT. I Love Metro PCS especially the low monthly rate, you couldn't ask for a better deal and when ever I have called I always am connected to the Opps in Texas, never India as some stated.

Person 2/2/2010
@ sanchez paul
Yes, they did. All taxes and fees are now included in their plans.

Guest 2/1/2010
Right now I prefer a better alternative as far as pricing and reach: The prepaid, no contracts TracFone which can be had at any Family Dollar or Dollar Store. The Moto W 260 bundles start at $9.99 and include the headset, carrying case and car charger. The 410 model is a handful of dollars more and improves on the applications of the phone. The Tracfone offers $20 for 60 minutes of talk. If you're not a chatter box, like a senior citizen or day laborer who is only looking for the basics, TracFone is the cheapest alternative out there! And unlike the MPCS, its range is further reaching because it's carried on a national network.

trent 1/31/2010
sorry folks but ive had all the major carriers and guess what...all have problems and issues with customer service and coverage at times...MetroPCS isn't immune to them...I've had excellent service. I uses my phone what it's mean as a fashion's good even better than what you pay for...quit being so ready to jump down on the band wagon for issues that all cell phone companies seem to have. Simple, if you travel it's not the phone for you...if you don't travel, it works perfect.

ROBERT 1/28/2010

Silver Fang 1/21/2010
I purchased the Samsung Code. It was perfect for about three days. On the fourth day, suddenly it will not connect to my email accounts, won't load webpages or connect any apps like Facebook, MySpace or Pocketwit.

RAJA 1/19/2010

feb 1/19/2010
I bought this for my hubby 2 years ago. TONS OF deadspots. Some parts of Burbank were out, Fontana, and even the 210 freeway. Loved the price but the dropped calls are just too much :-(

ian 1/19/2010
metro is the best deal u can get, new plans start at $40 tax included for unlimited talk, txt and web. you cant get thet anywhere else. Metro isnt for everyone if u cant afford a deposit on a two year contract or dont wanna pay two much for limited mins. Here are the two things metro cant compite with other carriers: phones and coverage. If u want an iphone or if u travel across the country, metro isnt for u. U wont see a millionare having metro. Their idea is to offer the mkst affordable service to the average customer, not to compete with Verizon in coverage or with At&t and their iphone. oIf u want the best deal ur money can buy dont think again and go with metro. CS may not be the best but if everythings works out great how often would u need cs anyway. Metro is growing at a faster phase than any competitor, and its no wonder than more often there are people going from a different carrier to metro, than from metro to something else.

Hale 1/18/2010
I have had Metro PCS for almost 5years, and never ONCE have I had a problem.. For the most part, they are extremely helpful when I needed CS, and they also are very considerate.. I was buying a new phone, and the rep gave me 30$ for my old metro phone, and transferred ALL of my contact, ringtones, and pictures.. FOR FREE. I have nothing bad to say about the company besides the coverage, other then that.. Its very simple, affordable, and economy friendly.

Smith-Michigan 1/17/2010
I believe that a lot of the users on here are ignorant to what it takes to research a product before you purchase it. Some of the post are complaining about issues that Metro CLEARLY states IN WRITING (Yes floks you DO have to read the materal they give you to be an INFORMED consumer) when you purchase a phone with service. Dont be mad because you didnt read the return policy, you dont like calling customer care, or you purchased from a store owned by some guy in your neighborhood. I have had Verizon, Sprint and I have Metro Now. My coverage is BETTER than expected and advertised. My phone and bettery life is EXACTLY what I expected. If you dont charge you battery properly ITS YOUR FAULT it doesnt stay charged. If you treat it like crap ITS YOUR FAULT it does not work properly. If you download free ringtones ITS YOUR FAULT the phone DIED. This is the same thing for what ever carrier I have had. I am not saying that Metro PCS is perfect but there is a lot of crying in these posts that IS YOUR OWN FAULT! I have Metro PCS, Samsung Code and there is NO WAY id switch back to another carrier. Coverage is good, Phone is AWESOME, and Bill is greater then 50% less then what I paid with Verizon.

Guest 1/13/2010
Purchased 2 phones on Sat, Jan 2010 - phones did not work sunday, mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri. I called asked what was going on. they said they would order a new phone & (problem was roaming, not connecting calls) Waiting on the new phone to see what happens.

Will 1/10/2010
In Georgia MetroPCS advertises a Nationwide Plan. What is their nationwide plan? I didnt think Metro was a nationwide service like Boost, ATT, or Verizon. Dont you have to pay additional charges when you leave your Metro PCS market?

Luke 12/31/2009
getting myself MetroPCS phone, as a second phone. That new unlimited $30 plan.
I do have an i-Phone 3GS with ATT, but all unlimited comes $170 including taxes.
So, downgrade my i-Phone plan, and have metro phone.
First, I'm on a contract with ATT, and second is like a fashion statement i-Phone :):) joke :) but it is true.
People when you call customer service, you actually talk to people in India, or Bangladesh. With voice over IP, it is almost free for companies to outsource like that. I'm 100% sure that T-mobile does that, so do credit card companies. When we dial 800 numbers, or any other number assigned to Customer Service, we are talking to people outside US! India and Bangladesh due to English language in those countries, and low wages.

febsky 12/27/2009
bought this for my Hubby 2 years ago. It's ok if you stayput in your local area. Most of the time, he experience dropped calls. Although they have improved a lot, I realized my hubby needs more signal when we are travelling.

eloisa 12/20/2009
I have been with MetroPCS for over 4 years now and still love it. The only thing I suggest is if travel this service is not really for you. But I do not travel so its perfect not to mention the price for unlimited everything is great. Never had a problem with CS but I think it really all depends on which location you deal with. Highly recommended.

David 12/18/2009
I had metro pcs for 5 years. the morons in cs screwed me out of 100 dollars. I dumped them forever. Dont waste your time with them

quan vu 12/16/2009

Rodefe 12/15/2009
I don't have metro pcs.. i was considering to get 4 phones.. for my 2 kids wife and me. However while browsing reviews, the thing about costumer service caught my eye.. so i was like, mmmm let's see if it is true.. so i tried to call to their number "Customer Service

Brkstudent 12/14/2009
The Metro....

Sara 12/12/2009
I had metro for over a year I have the 40 dollor plan my only thing I hate about Metro is I can't send Txts out in bad weather and customers sevice SUCKS

Metro Sucks 12/11/2009
Metro PCS? more like Metro Crap I will not complain about the service by where i live but the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! they don't know anything i would give a monkey god damn phone and would be more helpful then these people at METRO PCS do yourselfs a favor and dont bother with that company they just SUCK

Rebecca 12/9/2009
I am/was a metro PCS customer until I was deprived of my $12 credit from the past bill and was told that I cannot make payment in check to stop the teft.

Sandy Brown 12/9/2009
Its a pretty good service. I had it for 2 years now and I think the customer service is ok. They came a long way, expanded their coverage area, better phone, decreased the price on rate plans, new features, and cheaper roaming charges if you need it.
Im a regular to the corp store due that its the closest store to me and i choose to make my payment in person. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable about the products. Right now i have the 4 lines for $100 deal and its just unbeliable. I get internet, sms, mms and calls for that. after taxes i end up paying about $120 which is excellent compared to the $320 I used to pay at at&t before coming to metro.
i would advise you to avoid dealers, and find a store that you could make your regular. They have almost no turn over on employees, I see the same faces that ive seen since the first day I started service 2 years ago.
Currently I have the Samsung Freeform and I love it.

Denzel Ramsey 12/7/2009
DON'T GET ON METRO PCS. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I don't even get service as close as Woodbury Commons. I also went to Washington DC. Guess what? No service. The crazy thing is I had all 5 bars on my phone but couldn't get a dial tone. It kept saying no cdma service avialable. All in all, I think it's good for kids and teens but for the adult who may travel out of the 5 boroughs; no good.

Bob 12/3/2009
Folks, This is the greatest concept for cellular period.
I left Verizon (who I liked) but the monthly bill got out of control. For the money...You cannot beat MetroPCS. Now if you are so uppercrust and need some kind of "special" phone, you might look elsewhere. But dollar for dollar you cannot beat this deal.

David 12/2/2009
I just left verizon, awesome service never 1 drop call in 2 yrs. but WAAAAY to expensive for me. 139.99 a month is a lot for 700min. a month for 2 phones shared and free time on weekdays doesn't start until 9:00pm unlike most others 6 or 7pm. after reading about Metro maybe it should be called GhettoPCS, and I HATE customer service that hire all indians working in cubical's! can't understand a damn thing there saying! maybe some english schooling then customer service training before hiring? just my suggestion. Thanks for stearing me away from this monster! I'm considering AT&T now. I hear they are growing bigger now like verizon..

Sofia 11/30/2009
I love metro PCS and I recommend it to all the people I meet. I am from abroad and I make a lot of phone calls to many other countries and only the fist month I had a little problems with the connection but for the following 3 months and counting I have not had any problem with it.
I am paying $63 dollars per month and compared to other services I wouldn't be able to make as many phone calls I did. By the ways, the customer service works fine.

Jack 11/25/2009
If you don't have metro pcs yet, your still in time to get a good phone and service. I personally bought the A177 from ATT with the $60.00 dollar plan unlimited text and talk, and it works excellent here in Massachussettes no dropped calls and no problems with text, pretty reliable.

Hawkings 11/23/2009
As for the negative reviews, every company deals with people who are not happy with something. The same with the positive reviews. All in all, Metropcs is without a doubt the best value YET. My coverage is perfect, customer service was very polite and helpful. This is where I'm staying!!!!!

Karina 11/22/2009
i think Metro is a good company my best friend has it i have it and its good i absolutly love my phone and i have no problems with it, i used to have sprint and it seriosly sucked, the service was bad and the phone had a whole bunch of problems with it but i have metro now and its tottaly fine, works great

ED 11/21/2009
BEWARE of METRO PCS'S SERVICE! They will cancel your service without confirming with you! They cancelled my service TWICE and 'told me that it was their mistake 'and were NASTY on the phone!!!!! USE A CALLING CARD they are cheaper and have THE SAME LEVEL OF SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KK 11/21/2009
I brought a phone from METRO for my daughter birthday and when i left the building the phone never worked i went back and ask for a refund the mang. got all upset and said that they don't give refund after an hour of having the phone but at the time the sales rep. fail to mention that to me he then got upset with the young lady who sold me the phone and had to give me a refund to make a long story short they are full of B.S Cricket is the best one yet

Jessie 11/18/2009
I enrolled with Metro PCS on 07/14/2009, I got a phone that supposed it was the best, they gave me 48 hrs only to check the phone,after the 2 day i could not get reception at all.. horrible... went to the office in the getto, the staff started argument with me..,. I spoke wth mgr, and made them to change my phone due to false info given by the employ.. be careful, ALL STAFF ARE TRAINING TO LIE TO THEIR CURSTOMER,,, THIS COMPANY IS NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE.. CUSTOMER SRVS IS BAD,THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING, THEY DONT HAVE ANSWERS.. BE CAREFUL, YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU PAY...

will 11/15/2009
In Atlanta, they advertise nationwide calling. That is not the case. The phones dont work in Charlotte unless you pay 19Cents a minute to roam

debra davis 11/12/2009
I bought my metro piece of you know what phone from the co 3 years ago it worked for 2 hours and then died took it back i was told i only have 1 hour limit to take back to get refund told to go to the clearwater store they would help they didnt they guy that sold me ph moved to diff office and shey of npr fl office refused to help i contacted bbb nothing happened i have since then purchased 2 more ph the latest one is crapping out When is someone going to shut down this scam company and when will the people who deserve a refund see one??????????

miguel 11/10/2009
bad service losses signal almost evrywhere internet works when it wants too

Dennis 11/6/2009
Wow, if I'd read these reviews in August I probably wouldn't have signed up with MetroPCS. Yeah, an obvious way they're trying to save is by directing everyone to a voice-activated help menu rather than a live operator. But if you get everything done in a MetroPCS store, you shouldn't have any problems from then on. I got my phone in mid-August and have used it in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Durham, Winston-Salem and Charlotte with no problems -- no problem with making a call, no dropped calls, no problem accessing voice mail or text messages.

JD 11/5/2009
MetroPCS...I'va had it for a few years, and I really have almost no complaints. Are they perfect. not even, but I can tell you what my phone bill in May right now, and I like that. No problems with calls, and I don't so a lot of email, and internet with my phone (I have a computer for that)...all in all, I am satisfied

Jackie 11/4/2009
Metro Pcs is the worst service that has ever existed on the face of the earth, that's why i bought a prepaid ATT go phone for $60.00 a month unlimited text and talk, and there's service every where!!! I fell for metro lurd by those cheap price plans $45 dollars a month unlimited everything, but the network is always down and I was always roaming, try ATT prepaid you won't regret it.

cley 11/3/2009
The majority of Those Positive Reviews are Obviously coming from Metro PCS..easy to recognize by the way they're worded. Nice try Metro *LOL*
Try treating people better, and you won't have to seed these reviews

Ray 11/3/2009
Disconnected calls
Service not working and there 24 hour callback policy has now come and gone.

Robert D. 11/1/2009
Left Verizon for Metro PCS only to find that their customer service was the worst I have ever experienced. Bought a new Motorola Razor phone for the Metro PCS plan. Metro PCS stated I had a 30-day money back guarantee on the phone. In addition to lousy customer service, I apparently was in a "dead zone" and my calls kept getting dropped or I was not able to make a call at all! Yikes! So I cancelled, and shipped the phone back to Metro PCS for my money back. Two weeks later I got the phone back with an explanation that because I used it for over 60 minutes (as I had the phone for two weeks!), I invalidated my 30-day return privileges. They are sooooo bad, I put a claim in with my credit card company. Metro PCS never responded within 90 days, co my bank credited me my money back. And I still have a new Metro Razor phone, that I'll never use! I went back to Verizon. I'm still paying way to much. But I like their customer service and their network, as I rarely loose any calls! Thanks! Robt D, South Florida

Debra 10/30/2009
Their customer service SUCKS!!It is almost impossible to get through to customer service. When you do they say they will resolve the problem but it never is resolved. You end up calling several times to resolve any problem. My son's phone broke under warranty about 4 months after we bought it. We had to travel 30 miles for a replacement. We ended up going back THREE times because first the nincompoop in customer service said it was the battery. She also claimed that they didn't have a working battery in the store to check it. This was on Oakland Park Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. So we bought a new battery. The problem continued with the phone not holding a charge. We drove back there again and got, not a new phone but a RECONDITIONED one which surprised me. We had to pay $10 for that phone. Anyhow that phone had another set of problems. We had to go back a third time within the week. At this time the idiot behind the desk said that she could not transfer my son's contacts and call information. She said we would have to pay an additional $5 to get it done. This charge was not made the first time.I refused to pay it(which pissed my son off).I told the CSR that she was just too damn lazy to do it and that was all!! Mind you this was the service we received after THREE trips to replace a phone bought new four months before. Every time we went in, the wait to see someone was at least a half hour as it is always crowded.
To top this all of when we are in the house we have no service. We have to go outside to use the phone. I am only keeping the phone because of the unlimited text (which my son likes) and to use up my investment in the original cost of the phones. Right now my voicemail does not work. I called them two days ago to fix it. It still does not work. Something needs to be done about the crappy customer service at metro pcs. When Metro PCS resolves these problems, they will be a force to be contended with. Until then, buyer beware! Next time either phone breaks I am done. Meanwhile I am looking around for a new cell phone provider.

magali 10/28/2009
uff i got confused and i give it a 3 start i was wanting to give just one so bad i dont have the option of no stars

magali 10/28/2009
worst service ever!!! i live in central florida and i have lot of drops call and almost never can get no reception!! customer service is a joke after my first month of service i swicth with straight talk and i love it.

JoShim 10/28/2009
Hello America! MetroPcs is a way to go, especially in hard times like these. I have a valuable suggestion to all of those people having trouble with expressing themselves. Patience is a virtue, hard to do. If a rep missed some info, ask questions! Dont be afraid to ask! ASK! MetroPcs is getting better, expanding in areas where coverage was needed, plus future expansion looks promising. My dear consumers, I recommend for answers to all your concerns. I have Metro and loving it! Respectfully , JoShim

coolmom 10/23/2009
I like my Metro service. i really like the international calling add on. It's unlimited for 5 dollars. just be sure you find out if the numbers you want to call are included in the options. Also, i think it is a good value when you look at the cost savings over others that require contracts and over $100 monthly for unlimited with less features.

Eddie 10/20/2009
Its a scam.The 45$ plan after the taxes and all the extra B.S. is actually 61 and change.3.00 to pay my bill at the store.LOL What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interested 10/16/2009
Why do people post false information? MetroPCS has no bills, so "William" how do they put you in collection? No customer service? With all the stores I doubt that is true. Demand to speak to a manager at a corporate store and get your problem resolved.

SexyPrettyBoy 10/16/2009
I'm thinking getting Metro-PCS I have Boost Mobile now. for 3 year's now. I'm sick tried of Boost Mobile. Drop Calls. I had problem with them all the time its like I call them every month with a problem people say they call me an it never shows up on my headset, call last only 15 min at the most. cheap phones. not that many to pick from. they only have 3 phones to pick from if you want the unlimited boost c29 q385 qarzy or whatever it call i had all of them. its sucks the phone always breaking down. that's why i want to go with metro-PCS they have many phones i want the blackberry or touch phone. I read all the reviews some are like i know its real like the talking to them over the phone its very poor English but the service is that that bad i know some people with them now and they never have problem with they service it seem like they happy with it. I'm for real about this people i call boost mobile so mush at time i get the same person an i don't know if i talk to them they say hi you again having the same problem lets see what we can do. boost mobile is good customer in way but bad service what i mean in away is when i was having problems with the drop calls and people call me and at times it wont show up or pic wont come to my phone they sent me a new phone they said they was going credit me after the report is close they they lied. i didn't get shit but $5 and i just paid my bill i was not with working service for 3 weeks only credit me $5 and i paid $53.33 for Unlimited text messaging, Unlimited pic and Internet. the Internet sucks so it time for a change. i have boost mobile to much of my money i always had problem with my service even the 1st week i had them now 3 years later still having problems. i gave boost mobile $1,919.88 so far an i not getting what i paid for so I'm done with them. so here come metropcs! hopefully i would not have any problem with them.
by the way the only problem i have it the phone i want cost $300-500 BlackBerry® Curve™ $$399.00 and the Samsung Finesse $$349.00 i don't know which one to pick maybe you people can help me . i want to get on yahoo IM search the web, download youtube video or even better watch it without downloading.. thing like like a little mimi computer but a phone i know its metro like like that in the smart-phone just yet but it a lot better then the phone boost mobile haves. so anyone can help me which phone you think good for me i like the touch phone but everyone telling me blackberry is so much better but i like to touch some one tell me which one is better and why and why not thanks email me if you like to tell me so in the subject put in metro-PCS or just say it on here but it would be a lot easy if u email me tell me thank you again.

Jayla 10/13/2009
Metro PCS is terrible! I purchased a phone called ZTE C78 (Purple phone) and it was horrible! The phone would freeze and you would have to take the battery out to get it working again,phone would reset itself, reception was very bad, volume wasn't very high at all, phone will drop calls and if anyone called, the phone wouldn't ring although the sound was on. I would only know someone called if I looked at the screen on the phone. In spite of the numerous complaints on this phone model, Metro still sells it anyway. I know several people who have this phone and had the same complaints as well.Metro PCS will give you a hard time with the phone. I only had it 3 months. My bill is now $65 instead of what they advertised ($45). You can never speak to a Customer Service representative. I plan to go with Boost Mobile....anyone with MetroPCs for these reasons as well as the fact that when I went to Louisiana, I had no phone service because they had no Metro coverage there. After 4 years of Metro, it's time to say adios! Go rip someone else off!Did anyone else have the ZTE C78 and had the same or more problems? Metro doesn't care about the customer but the money..............they pulled an all time low when they decided the sell this phone to the general public. Don't get Metro PCS at all!

connae 10/9/2009
That's right Metro pcs really sucks their service and the connection is really bad.They told no contract but
still you can't you with the other company then what's the points.Metro suckssssssssss

decency 10/2/2009
I really disappointed at metro pcs. I went to new york with my phone, to my great surprises, I could not get any phone calls and call anyone anywhere else either. I have no regret at all to leave them. Good bye forever.

William 10/1/2009
Metro pcs has no customer service and threatened to put me into collections for a bill that was not even due yet. THEY ARE THE WORST. they also changed my plan and deactivated my voice mail so I would call in to find out they changed my plan to the next highest plan. I also asked them to turn off the phone and they closed my account and recycled my number all in 1 day, today. DO NOT BUY YOU WILL BE SORRY. There is no E-Mail for company and no Corporate Contact numbers. THEY HIDE FROM THE CUSTOMER. That says it all.

ewart 9/29/2009
Metropcs to the world, i will continue to advertise it to everyone for free They are the best to hit the USA and soon all the others will try to join and stop robbing people money. THANKS METROPCS just keep improving n soon everyone will be talking METROPCS

Rae 9/23/2009
I hate metroPCS. They gave me the run-around for a phone malfunction that I didnt even cause with my NEW phone! I have to pay $85 for a phone I didnt even get to use!!!! Im going back to Verizon! :(

metroVictim 9/21/2009
MetroPCS SUCKS I got the new samsung II on 9/3/9 in Las Vegas. After about a week I noticed the MyMetro doesnt work, I called customer service a total waste of time since she barely spoke english. They "refreshed" the phone twice it still didnt work so they told me to go to corporate store the rep told me he had contacted the store so they knew I was comming. At the store I get stuck with a rude mexican so called manager. She claimed nobody told her anything (9/16) my phone would be in 9/18. I go back on friday only to be told my phone isnt there but would be here saturday 9/19. Guess what? no phone on saturday either it would be here monday 9/21. I called the store on monday still no phone. While I was on one of my many calls to so called customer service im reading the "metro promise" it states-- " Bring your phone to an authorized service location for inspection and possible replacement. If the phone is found to be defective, recieve like for like replacement immediately. " Call me crazy but I got the phone on 9/3 today is 9/21 so thats less than 30 days, I went to a corpoarte store 9/16 they found the phone defective but I still dont have a replacement. The rep c. Mendez was rude as hell and wouldnt give me a credit or anything for my trouble. I called "customer service" to complian they did nothing for me the supervisor kept telling me to go to a corpoarate store. What good would that do, theyve done nothing for me. I asked to talk to corporate he gives me a po box to write to can you belive that? My bill is due next week they got the nerve to think I should pay it in full, when I asked about this the rep said "well you are in your free month right?" To ad insult to injury even if a store has my phone they wont give it to me since im exchanging it. What kinda sense is that? If im having this kinda grief over what should be a simple exchance due to MyMetro not working I dont even want to know how much worse it can get for other issues. I wouldnt recomend metro Piece of Crap Service to anyone. Customer service appears to be outscoursed to mexico nobody speaks english. And the folks at the corporate store were no better. I cant get a refund even though its been less than 30 days, apparently if you have more than 1 hour talktime no money back, I used the phone for a whopping 6 hours. All metro wants to do is take your money and run. Dont waste your time with these loosers!!!!

allison 9/18/2009
my phone got stolen and i bought the warranty on it and they wont replace it at all! they also said they would not deactivate it... this really sucks..

Mario J. 9/18/2009
Metro pcs has nice phones but they are expensive. I have had my samsung myshot for about a year and 3 months and it sucks. I paid 149.99 for it and it didn't even have video or mp3, no games either and the service sucks. I bought the phone a month or two after it came out and I regret it. its about time for a new phone and im thinking about going with either sprint or boost mobile

Lisa 9/17/2009
I think MetroPCS is great. It is affordable and mostly everything is unlimited. I have very good signal in my area and very prompt messages. And plus, my bill has always been the same since 2/2007. :)

Jacquelyn 9/14/2009
I HATE Metro PCS. There customer service sucks. The phone place where i got it from, the people are more than kind, but the customer Service reps you call over the phone SUCK. They have suck heavy accents you can not understand anything they say. And they are extremly RUDE.

paul 9/14/2009
I'm curious about your comment that

sweetpea 9/13/2009
had metro since 06,when you have a problem you have to go to a major metro store in person,the line is usually long,but you get problems resolved, have three phones on my account,could not afford this with other companies, so really I think merto is ok

lisa 9/12/2009
this is the worst customer service i've ever dealt with!!For the customer service alone i gave up my phone service.Cheap shouldn't mean CRAP!!

dislikeitall 9/11/2009
I have had metro since 2006. i have been reading these ridiculous reviews about the company. i have NEVER had an issue with my service. Everytime I go to a corporate store the staff is friendly and always willing to help. My screen went out on my phone I paid $10 i got a new one because it was in warranty. You only need to call insurance when you did something to your phone that makes it out of warranty. I have been to stores from Detroit to Grand Rapids, i always use a corporate store as they are knowlegable and very friendly. Stop going to dealers with all the problems. I also call the store and ask questions when I have a problem, I have tried the customer service department and yes they are horrible. However store employees are always wonderful. I don't drop call, My text messages have always worked. I can trade in my old phone towards a new phone and I actually get money for my old phone to go towards my new phone. Things have been wonderful. For all of you that have issues find a corporate store, treat them with respect and they will help you to the fullest. All of them dealers take your money and then they write you off as a customer. THis is my experiece with them. I love my unlimited service. $52.00 after tax and all. its great. can't beat it anywhere. I will be with metro for life. they just continue to grow and they continue to add tons of customers so something must be working. For all of you complainers go back to your contract and when you get that $200-$400 and their customer service treats you like someone stealing from them your little complaints on Metro will be small and you will be back. You cant resist the unlimited minutes, and oh I had boost also and for $50 unlimited at 2200 minutes I got harrashed by the company to sign a contract stating I use to many minutes, and my text messages were 3-4 hours late daily. That sounds much better HUH.... think about your other service before you rag on a carrier who gives you what you want.

Robert 9/6/2009
Pretty good service, only I think $46 a month is too much for me, but if you talk alot, then it's a good deal, I only canceled it because I talk 5 minutes per month and it's not worth it for me, but if you are working on that future brain tumor, then talk all you want at a great price.

JayPhilosopher 9/6/2009
I thought I could save some money with them. With tax and fees, there $40 unlimited came to $49 a month.I bought a $220 Qwerty Phone. It got wet and stopped working after six months. I went in two months later and they told me I had to pay for the two months the phone wasn't working in order to get a new phone. I spent $100 on a new phone. It stopped working after a month. Two weeks later, I brought it in and after an hour and half, the store employee said he couldn't get it to work and I would have to take it to the district office. Three days later, I went to the district office. After waiting an hour, the employee examined the phone and it was working. I asked to be reimbursed for the time it wasn't working. She said sorry, it wasn't the company policy to reimburse for down time. I ended up paying over $800 for phones I used for seven months. Not much of a deal.

Jennifer 9/3/2009
I have had metro pcs for a couple of months now and yesterday this guy called me saying he was from metro pcs and that he was just calling to inform me that a cell tower in my area had fallen do to a storm and for the inconvience they would credit my account $11.00. He then read me my address and made sure he was taking to the right person. Before the end of the conversation he told me I would recieve a text message with my new account balance and I was like ok. I never recieved the text so I called customer service which I had to call back 10 times because the automated system would not let me speak to a rep, when I finally got through the lady I spoke with barely spoke english. I started to explain what happend and she said that Metro pcs never credits customers, then she said that it was probably a prank. I told the lady the information that this guy had about my account no one knows (he knew my name, my security code, my password, my address), she kept insisting that it was a prank and that Metro will not be crediting my account, I told her I do not care about the credit but it does upset me that someone does have my information and that they are not protecting it. All she did was say sorry and hung up on me. This is the worst customer service I have experienced and I am honestly thinking about going with another company because I do not feel like they are securing my personal information like it should be when you give a company your information. I would not recommend Metro Pcs to anyone.

gil 8/31/2009
There was no discussion regarding options for attaining a phone. I know people who would love to get a metro pcs but cannot afford the initial investment and pcs does to activate phones that are not purchased those its system. That is short-sighted and many potential customers are lost.

Massachussets 8/24/2009
Metropcs finnaly made it to Fitchburg, MA. I bought the Samsung and the $45.00 dollar plan, so far so good, no dropped calls, I can see my emails from aol as soon as they come in, free 411, pocket express is awesome and with the loopt service I always know where my hubby and kids are. The only down fall is there is no service in Conneticut heading to Foxwoods, I don't go there much being on unemployment and all, I love the service, hopefully it expands soon so every one can enjoy it.

Big Rob 8/20/2009
I am looking for a phone for my son who is starting high school this year. I was thinking of Metro because of the unlimited txt and internet (myspace), but after hearing all the bad reviews I had decided to wait and take him into to Metro store. The wait was about 30 minutes (I can deal with that) but thier customer service was horrible, if you ask questions they treat you like you are low life. Why cany people ever figure out that a good product that is made for people that maybe cannot qualify for other services doesnt have to be ghetto.... I think Metro PCS needs to do better training and hold thier employees, thier customer service and products to a quality standard higher that what they do now.
I do not and would not recommend METRO for the simple fact that they treat thier customers like its a "come up", stop screwing people over, learn some mannors and respect. Just because people are not rich or have perfect credit it doesnt mean they diserve to be screwed by companies.......

rob z 8/18/2009
metro works great in fla. ..... they are working off of verizon lines so the service cant be all as bad as some are saying ... i have never had a problem ... no worse then any of the major services

Adrianna 8/13/2009
I love MetroPCS!! I am in Miami and have had sevice for 6 years. My plan amount $40 has not changed in that time. Amazing! My kids love it too and can afford it!! Very happy with their customer service too.

kathleen ann 8/11/2009
i think that metro pcs is the best cell phone company in the world! no contracts to sighn and unlimeted txting and calling! its the best!!!!!! waaaaaaay better than verizion or virgin mobile! But the bad news is that sometimes they overcharge you for cell phones that you could get from another company...other than that i really like them

Alex 7/29/2009

David 7/28/2009
Wow. These reviews are just as painful to read as those for Cricket. I think needs a Spell Check function.

Yinette 7/28/2009
Metro is the best -I just love it...
people on this website just talk about
how bad it is. but they don't remember how they used to complaing when the phone bill was over $200.00 dollar. and the reason of why they select metro.

Kris 7/23/2009
Excellent customer support? Not a chance. MetroPCS' customer service is some of the worst that I've seen. After spending 40 minutes on the phone with a non-English speaking representative trying to pay my bill, I asked for a supervisor who all but cursed me. And they still didn't get the payment right. They left me with a balance that will result in my phone being disconnected. Two weeks of speaking with reps and supervisors who cannot seem to figure out how to set up the AutoPay feature correctly. Go elsewhere, it's amateur hour at Metro...

Current Customer 7/19/2009
MetroPCS started the unlimited international calling to 100 contries in $5, just in the June end.
When I enabled the service all mobile phones / landlines phone of my Country were under the unlimited plan.
Now just after 20 days, Mobile phones of my country are no more available in this unilimited plan.
And yes of course legelly they have mentioned on their Number lookup site that whatever
numbers are available now might go out of the plan -
It will happen this soon - Thats a surprise.
Beware of these ...

Liset G 7/16/2009
This is a bad company to use, be aware,
they will cut off you service at the request, of who ever calls to 'request ' a disconnection with out asking for an ID, and no body there takes responsability for the actions performed by their employees I lost my money sice I had paid my monthly charge on the 7/11 and they disconnected the service on the 7/15 wested my time trying to get answers from them, they don't know who their dealers or employees are they asking for more money, they can't do this they can't do that. But for sure they can take your money and then some body can just go and say your name and get you service cut off, bad bad bad

Michelle 7/16/2009
Had Metro in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2003-2005 (I moved to a location out of their coverage area). Coverage was ok, when I was on the outskirts of a town it could get spotty. It's really only meant for people who live in the areas they service and spend most of their time there.

PAMELA 7/15/2009
i was talk today 7-15-09 that my cell phone has been off over 90 day and just found a print out of mine saying i payed the bill less then 60 days ago and the man would say but i can a cheep phone of 60.00 if i when to start up new sevcie and get a new number so i can start all over again this is palm bay office i got the papers to show it BUT W H Y ?

shafted gentleman 7/12/2009
one star is way too good for the pcs company!
the service was so bad that I now relise why they have a security guard with a gun behind the "service rep".
Not only did the manager of the store claim that I destroyed my own phone, while insulting me with a contemptuous sneering voice and additude, he fully insulted my woman and I wanted to hurt him bad ,as if he were a thug on the street is the way he acted .... sitting behind a desk with his hired armed guard holding his gun hand on his weapon.
I am now going to get a lawer and sue him personaly for treating us as sub-human neophites. this happened at the Hazel park store in Michigan his name is bob His name if I have my way ,will be sued. the other good folks that have complained about the terrible service are not lieing...
I was shocked and hurt by the raw disgust and antimosity that the management had tward myself and lady.
untill I read the other complaints on this site I felt terrible, but now feel impowered to lash back seeing that i,m not alone in how I was abused by these ass wipe.

mario 7/7/2009
Metro PCS is the most horrible service out there. Bad coverage and bad customer service. i switched to boost mobile and Im pretty happy.

Izzy 7/6/2009
Best phones and service ever!

Amber 7/6/2009
I've only had metro for about 4 days.

Sarah 6/30/2009
Horrible serivce. I had no service in my house 99.9% of the time, and when I did have service, it would drop. Even outside the service sucked and I could barely understand anyone on the phone (including the voicemail). I had a family plan for 2 and they said it would be $70/month. The day after i got the phones they sent me a text message saying "there has been a change to your account. You will be billed $88.68/month from now on." What??? Why??? That's way more than just tax! I brought the phones back the next day to the MetroPCS store and told them about the text. The man told me that it was just a "welcome text" from Metro. I told him that it did not say "welcome" and it just said there was a change to my account. He said the "change" was the phone activation. How is that a change? How can a change be made to an account that did not even exist? That's ridiculous. I got a refund and left. Switched to Boost Mobile..100% better. --Elizabeth, NJ

Natalie 6/20/2009
i like metroPCS its just that it should provide unlimited instant text messaging to all plans, in stead of just the $45 and $50 plan. so they should have unlimited instant messaging to all plans (30,35,45,and 50)

Paula 6/19/2009
I hate having the metropcs,I travel alot ,everytime I go somewhere there is no service and I can't deal with that.I had no service in Connecticut,New Jersey,going to Washington soon,they said I won't be able to have service there either.I think the company needs to inform consumers before they purchase phones of their limited service in different states.I live in New York,and I'm going back to T-mobile.

william 6/19/2009
i dont know why you didnt give the option of no stars? If you did then I would give metro pcs no stars. it is the worst customer service provider of any business i have ever known i would be given fees for their mistakes and NEVER could i get anty employee of theirs on the phone, only a computer run around system. Metro is by far the worst phone company i have ever had the unfortunate connection with.

sue 6/19/2009
customer service is crap, if they dont understand the problem they just hang up on you! plus i cant receive international text messages, which was the whole point of getting the phone, so now i gotta get up off my lazy ass and go back to the store where i bought the phone and try to get some english out of the guy up there. coverage very bad also. i live in new york

jerzey 6/16/2009
At first I thought it was a great phone, but I have had my phone for over a month, and I to have been getting slight increases on my bill without any notices or explanations. And I can't even get ahold of anybody to talk to. I've been trying for almost a week and can't get through. I got ahold of them about 3weeks ago and they were very rude and didn't care. What ever happened to the customer is always right???Metro needs to hire people who care about us customers instead of the telling you I can't f$%king help you...

yuri2 6/16/2009
Almost all cellular phone services, as well as other service providers, have bad to terrible customer service because they outsource their customer service departments to countries outside the US. Can't understand their english? Probably because it's not their native language and they probably don't even speak it other than at the job! Our US dollars are being paid to companies who don't even bother to hire US workers and don't care that we can't understand those they put in charge of "helping" us. The problem is widespread and it's hard to even find a cellular provider with a reasonable (or not) price that doesn't do so.

Elaine 6/5/2009
Customer Service ...HA! daont know why they even put the number there....and if by chance you do get to speak to a human being they hardly understand or speak english...I spelled my name for them over 15 times...and it is still spelled wrong when i look on the caller ID....have spent hours trying to reach a human being to be hung up on ...the worst customer service...bill due on the 6th (messaged to phone) cut me off on the 5th...hours after I paid in full still no service. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Unknow 6/3/2009
pues la neta en metro pcs esta chingon por que no gastas tanto... pero pues lo unico que no me parese es que los telefonos estan vien caros.. me gustaria que los dieran un poco mas varatos para que la gente se anime mas en la compra de telefonos en metro pcs

Fresko 5/25/2009
Bought Samsung R450 which quit working on 9th day. Metro refused to switch phones unless I pay the bill in full and let go of the free month. I went to the top of the ladder almost 7 supervisors and all refused to help.
I understand MetroPCS does not make phones but they make rules and should be able to transfer service to a different ESN without any issues. Consumer should not be penalized for bad phones sold by MetroPCS.
All in all phone service is OK so long as you do not need customer service.

luvmylocs 5/19/2009
WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever experienced in my life!!!!!!!!!!! When I originally got my service, I made sure to get insurance on the phone. The screen when out on it and I had to pay a $50 deductible in order to get a another one. Less than a month after I got the "new" one, the screen on it also went out. I went in to a Service Center, only to have them tell me that I'ts nothing they can do. They wanted me to pay another deductible or pay full price for a brand new phone, because they only issue refurbished phones as replacements. When you call the 800 #, they act as if you're bothering them. If they were the last providers on the face of the earth I'd NEVER have service with them again. To all the newbies, GOOD LUCK, your gonna need it!!!!! It's always great at first, but wait until you have a serious problem.

Wrex 5/13/2009
Any company that hangs up on a customer should be shut down. No it is not ok please do not post after me saying they have the right and all that nonsense. I am not in a restaurant making a scene before paying, I paid, they ignore. NOT OK!!!
Apparently do this constantly, as well as make it impossible to consistently reach a real person. The automated message will deny you access, trying to trick you into thinking it will actually help; when it will end up wasting as much as 4 hours of your time. If you have never had a problem with your phone or account with METROpcs, I can understand why you may think METROpcs is decent company.

Pooya 5/11/2009
Terrible costumer service. Don't even bither to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Omega Wolf 5/10/2009
Metro PCS is fine if you live in the areas they cover. They offer a BlackBerry Curve, but it is expensive. I have it and when I'm in a good reception area, it is awesome. If I'm in an area with poor reception, sending text messages is a battle, though this may be a fault with the BlackBerry itself.

orkay 4/30/2009
I have been using MetroPCS since mid-2007. Unlimited calling, texting (even international texting), internet browsing for $54 including taxes is sweet.

Zed 4/25/2009
MetroPCS has alright performance, but terrible customer support. Also, their website lies - It claims that all of their plans offer unlimited texting while none of them actually provide this feature except the two most expensive ones. There are other innacuracies on their plan list on the website as well.

Codyyy 4/25/2009
the plans are okay. but i hate how effin expensive the phones are
its so lame.

Stephen Gum 4/23/2009
I had a Samsung phone, it was great, loved it an the service, however whne they get the slightest bit wet, they go out on you and there is no way to reapair them. Now I have a Kyocera phone and I hate it, the worst cell phone that I have ever had. They have a stange billing procedure also. If you are out of the country for 3 months like I was them when you come back, they want that you to pay for all the months that you did not use the phone. That is something that I have never heard of from any company.
I agree with the above I feel that metro is unfair, ignorant, and undeserving of our business and support. Take my advice and stay clear of this outfit, they will rip you off!

eric seligson 4/16/2009
Metro PCS has HORRIBLE customer service. If anything goes wrong, you're screwed! My $200 samsung messenger phone screen went dead 3 days after the Metro warranty went out. They did not have insurance available until a month AFTER I bought my phone. I don't know why the screen went dead. They said pressure damage but their is no damage, just a dead screen. I went to BOTH their "authorized dealers" with no luck. They accidently cancelled my service and then couldn't restart it because my phone had a dead screen. It was like a catch 22. They had a solution for me: Go buy another phone. I am retired, fixed income. My son bought me the phone. I have been without a cell phone for a few weeks now, even though I am still paid up. I feel that metro is unfair, ignorant, and undeserving of our business and support. Take my advice and stay clear of this outfit, they will rip you off!

Lobber Man 4/15/2009
Great service!!!

Genny 4/10/2009
it sucks ass man! i needed to buy a phone b/c my wing from tmobile was jacked up and one day before headng out the city i switch to metropcs..horrible..soon as i left nyc to enter nys i recieve no rception..then on top of of spending 400 for the phone i call customer service and they tell me "they didnt finish putting up the antenna yet" i want my money back...horrible

cindy 4/10/2009
I would rather be without a phone than deal with this garbage. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be speaking with doctors and lawyers and asking if they can hear you..or worse yet having the call dropped? Well, at least I have a game I can play.

MARIA 4/9/2009

Jim 4/1/2009
Ok, I've had my phone for a while now, and i havnt had any problems with the phone, i got what i expected. Unlimited texting, unlited calling, no counting minutes or worring about hidden fees. Havnt got a dropped call, and ive been with metro for 2 years. its hard to get ahold of a Customer Service agent, just call the number and say that you want to activate a phone, then you get to speak to a live person :) phones arent fancy and complex but they call, text, i can check email and myspace... mobile IM ect. I like my phone and the company, but the customer service isnt too great :/

Daniel 3/25/2009
I've had Metro since 2006 and I love it! At first I hated the roaming charges (.49-.79/min?!?) but now they're much MUCH better (.19/min) AND I get free texting! True some of their phones aren't that great, but hey a 50 or 99 dollar phone is a 50 or 99 dollar phone no matter WHO you go with. All the carriers mostly USE the same manufacturers! What do you expect?? If I had a wish, it would be that they carry more phones that those of us with large hands can use.

nyphonejacks 3/24/2009
you forgot to mention in the con section that the internet is a joke... ALL of the phones that they have use BREW and can not download JAVA apps, and are not capable of viewing video, such as mobile youtube, or downloaded video. (possibly excluding the blackberry that for some reason they did not bring to the NYC market)

MetroMad 3/23/2009
With Metro PCS I have had the most horrible customer service experience that I have ever had. Extremely Rude personnel-(that actually mocked me on the phone), hang ups, reps that could not answer basic questions, hour long waits for service. The only solution they give you in regards to any problem that you try to take care of, is for you to go to a local store. The phone service, with its Not So Great Reception, is not worth it if you have to deal with someone in customer service -especially when you need urgent or time sensitive resolutions. It is time that companies that allow jerks to do -so called - customer service rightfully loose all their customers to someone who attempt to truly provide decent service. Bye Bye Metro PCS and good riddance.

Tammy 3/16/2009
I just got a new phone from Metro PCS nd it is okay...but da phones are hella crappy at-least it saves you money

natalie 3/8/2009
i have the mesenger phone and it sucks really bad service and i can not recieve txt msgs and customer service is not helping me and they are making me drive to their actual store just to see what they can do about it its just a waste of time dont get metro

Breanna&Teresa 2/21/2009
Hi, I love your website:D.
Well dont write back to me.
Because i have to tell you this is awsome! and have the pop up girl talk to me about phones.
:D Thanks.!

NYWAZ 2/13/2009
I have had Metro PCS for about three years now. I am very happy with the service. It is a no frills cellular service and I get exactly what I pay for. I do not worry about going over minutes or text messages like I did with Verizon and AT&T. I can check my email, the news, the weather, maps and instant messages from my phone. Metro PCS phones are not Blackberry phones or iPhones but they serve the purpose that I need. Which is to make and receive phone calls and text messages with some extras like I listed above. Their service reliability is comparable to most companies. I have service sometimes when some of my friends who have one of the major carriers does not. Now that Metro PCS has expanded to over 300 cities, I am much happier when traveling. I live in Florida where the service is great and I travel back home to New York City and Long Island very often where they now have service. I have dealt with many carriers and you have the same issues with customer service as you do on most. When I used to call I would have trouble getting to talk to a real person but I figured out that if you say "activate a phone" to the "robot woman" you will be directed to a human being. I have the $50/mo. plan with a little extra things on it and my total bill is $69/mo. I do not understand why some people are complaining about it being more than advertised. Did you ever hear about taxes and other cellular fees? Usually that means your bill will be about $20 more than the service plan. I would highly recommend Metro PCS to anyone that is looking for a great, inexpensive plan who is not looking for a phone that can manage their entire lives.

haley 2/11/2009
soo, i like metro pcs, its great for a teenager(like me). were always going over our minutes, and now its a great chance not to. the only thing is, if you dont pay your bill, you can get calls.

merily 2/9/2009
Phone service is ok,but I've had service just 2 MONTHS and already twice my payment has been "misapplied".It took me 8 phone calls to get a straight answer as I was hung up on each time I calld and told the cs rep the problem.I never was able to speak to a supervisor as they were always busy.BEWARE the cs is awful!!!!!!And make sure that you assure that your payment was applied to your account as Bill Matrix is known to make errors.

divineca77 2/6/2009
i had metro pcs there ok there phones do suck but for the price cant beat it i recently had sprint the 50.00 plan my bill was 300.00 2 times so i guess i rather stick with metro no suprise bills they have 1 fon i like so i would say buy metro save money i few dropped calles but better than over spending.

Jeff 2/1/2009
Customer service has a tough time with the English language, and can rarely answer problem questions with any degree of accuracy. They feel the solution to every problem is "let me refresh your phone." Never works, you just end up calling back a second time.

Tanya 1/27/2009
It sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. While the pricing is attractive, the areas that have actual coverage are few and faaar in between. "Talk All You Want" should be replaced with "Talk if you can!"
“Unlimited local and long distance calling.” Of course, if you are lucky to get through and when you get through actually complete 1 minute of talking without dropped call. "No signed contracts" is not true either. If you don't like the service and do not return your phone before 60 minutes of air time is logged on the phone you are not going to get your money back. It doesn't matter if your phone is returned within 1 day of purchase if you exceed the 60 minutes. At least don't buy the most expensive phone like I did. This was an expensive lesson learned. Don’t make the same mistake.

jhanoye 1/27/2009
i want to change my verizon prepaid to metro

mimi 1/20/2009
as far now i gave 5 stars coz i just got my phone i hope it is the best but i dont get global texting from my bf which is in Uk. i hope i can get some help on that.

Jo 1/19/2009
I have a $40 dollar plan and i cant send text message! $40 dollar plans is suppose have text messeging right?!? And i had to pay $52...a month? wtf? How can a $40 plan add up to 52? its suppose to be $47

Kathleen Mayer 1/11/2009
I just got onto Metro PCS, the first month I received a text saying I owed 52.90, so I paid it right away. The next week I got another email saying I owe 6.30 and if I didn't pay it they would cut off my service. I tried to pay it on their website but it said it was too small an amount - so two days later they cut off my service. I don't think I should be punished for their mistake. I have recommended Metro for their cheap rates but will not do that anymore for their policy and customer service (who don't understand english and are extremely rude). I was without a cell phone when I drove to NY which was my purpose for having the phone (for safety). I think upper management needs to do something about their policies.

pepe 1/11/2009
Analog signal phones use up their batteries much faster than digital signal phones. They use as much as five times more power.

jawarn 1/10/2009
been with metro 4 8 years now greates service ever.point blank period

defendthehellohellohello 1/7/2009
Metro PCS does not "blow" or "suck" as most of you say. I have been a customer of Metro since 2006 and have not had problems with my service. Since then I have gotten a job working for one of their corporate locations and let me tell you...dealing with customers is no walk in the park. First of all, customer service (*611 or the 18888metro8)is a third party company contracted through Metro PCS. Most of their locations are in cities where Metro service doesn't exist. If you have any problems with your handsets or service, get off your lazy ass and go into a CORPORATE store. "Authorized dealer" locations are just there to sell the product. Now, in regards to the authorized dealer locations; they are there to make $$$. They could care less about what your issue is or what you are complaining about. When the phones break, don't yell at us. We don't make the phones. If you purchase a Motorola or Samsung and it breaks, contact the manufacturer and tell them. We trouble shoot phones, we're not GOD!! I love my service and my company!!!

Maria 12/27/2008
I've had metro for a couple of years now and was quite content with their service. Until recently when i bought a new phone as well as a new plan and changed my number then i kept having issues with it, for some reason no body could call my new phone because it would go to some company with a completely different number. So then i went to the store i had purchased it and they had supposedly fixed it but could not fix my internet issues and instead told me i would have to go to another store for that. Then when i tried the number again it still wasn't working so i called the company and they had supposedly fixed it as well and still nothing, so the next day i talked to about three different people trying to get it fixed when i finally did, but then my internet and picture messenging want working. So that was another couple of days until it was finally fixed. Now it seems to be working fine though, it just seemed like a big hassle trying to get a new phone to work.

Adria 12/20/2008
I have had metro for 5 months and I love it. I have not had any dropped calls. I dropped my phone is water and they replaced it with no hassle. Customer service is hard to get ahold of but if you always hit activate phone you get put thru to a live person immediately. I have absolutely no complaints and the best part is I never have to worry about the bill because its the same every month. I do hope they increase the coverage in other states.

Jessica 12/11/2008
I've been a solid customer for over a year now, and had no problems until a month or so ago when they started raising my bill for no reason. I called customer service after I paid what I was told to pay and my phone was shut off!! They offered me no help what so ever and even hung up on me!! I've never been treated so badly in my life!!!

geraldo 12/11/2008
its all right if your on a budget but if your not i wouldnt recomend this servise

tony 12/10/2008
i been with metro pcs 4 five years now and it:s the best prepaid service out there and the cheapest i have unlimited minutes ;pic video text and web all for 55.00 tax included u do the math .. i love it

SF Resident 12/7/2008
I live in SF and I agree I cannot make outgoing calls about 90% of the time.

Nicole 12/4/2008
Metro PCS was a great service for me. I hate that I had to move to an area that doesn't have the Metro PCS service. It is the best type of prepaid phone. I always had service and I didn't have to watch my minutes, texts or web use. It's great! I'm with T Mobile now but if I lived in the Dallas area again, I'd be right back with Metro PCS.

Christine 12/1/2008
I have the occasional dropped call, but there is no contract, I use probabably about 4000 minutes a month - if not more - and if I do travel outside my area, I have been able to find coverage in other cities and when I couldn't I loaded my card. For $45 a month, I could not be any happier.

larry 12/1/2008
hey.. you can get better coverage with At&t or Verizon but it will cost you. I was loyal to Sprint for 10 years and had bills up to 500 per month when I would travel but changed to Metro when Sprint slammed me onto a contract after Sprint fried my phone while doing a software update. Sprint replaced the phone they cooked and slammed me onto a 2 year contract on all phones. I got mad canceled all 4 phones and paid 150x4= 600 to terminate all contacts with Sprint. Now with Metro Pcs I pay 100 for 4 phones and don't worry about the bill. Customer service is poor, coverage is ok but for the 100 per month I'm not going to complain. The reason you pay more for the phones is because you have no contract. You can get a phone cheap if you go with Att/Verizon/Sprint etc but you will be pay for the phone over the 2 year contract. After the contract is up they also do not reduce your bill by the monthly amount charged for that phone. Again if you were to buy the phone outright the phone cost the same at metro as it does with any contract provider. Thats why they charge the early termination fees.

Max Kreimerman 11/21/2008
The customer service is really useless. And they dont provide the services they charge for in some cases

Helen 11/14/2008
The only good things about the phone (though extremely overpriced!!!) and phone plan is that the price is good and so is the coverage.

MIKE 11/13/2008
THOSE WHO DONT UNDERSTAND THE METRO PCS CONCEPT...DONT BUY THE PHONE. Look, its very simple. This is a pre-pay service, so when you dont pay your bill the phone gets shut off. If you travel a lot, this service is not for you. Although I heard that Metro is working on improving that aspect also. If you dont travel, Metro is the best service you can get. Which other carrier can provide you with unlimited local, long distance,text, web browsing, caller id, voice mail, 3 way calling, and expanded nationwide service (as of Nov 6) for $45. I have a Verizon also and I swear my Verizon has dropped more calls than my Metro. For those who have costumer service issues, you should go back to the dealers that sold you the phone. If they sold you the phone, they are most likely going to take care of your issues because they value your bussiness.
Read the Start of Service Form before you buy the phone, it will explain all the details. Then if you determine that metro is for me you are going to love it.
The only issue I have is the phones. Metro needs to start offering higher scale phones like touch screens and PDAs.

Anne 10/25/2008
I added global text but friend in trinidad does not receive text. Called Customer service many times but no resolution. Any ideas anyone before I cahnge phone plans.

Ok, looks like I summed up all the blogs. Metro csr's sucks, huge percentage of dropped calls, no grace period on bills, expensive phones, and low battery life. More cons than pros, I'll pass:(

GA Girl 10/21/2008
NO screen-it doesn't work so don't bother. the name will pop up while your phone is ringing--so if you happen to SEE that you're missing a call, great--but then later, when and IF it tells you that you have a missed call--"no name." about the "if" it tells you have a missed call. I tested my phone by calling it from another phone twice. I left a voice mail both times...however, when I went to check that on my phone it said that I had NO voicemail AT ALL, i never even dialed out of the phone--just left a message, and it was just i guess deleted somehow--so scary if an employer calls or a client (for a business owner) calls, tells me they left a message and then think I either a.) ignored them or b.) am lying when I say I never received a voicemessage. Also, I mentioned earlier that I'd called twice and left 2 separate voicemails--well, later that day, my phone said that I had NO missed calls--they just magically dissappeared. Wow--um, you'd have to be STUPID to buy MetroPCS after reading this, now that you KNOW that you may or may not receive the voicemails, or at least the missed calls callers leave you.

Chase 10/13/2008
I bought messenger r450 , phone is great Plan is great, advertised On the 45$ per month Plan UNLIMTED IM AND MIM(mobile IM) go to download the program through @messenging says "customer not found" this is My 3rd messanger im really feed up with the phone and customer service I would say wait out the company If you are in the LA market , untill they get their stuff together

kevin m 9/28/2008
their customer service is the worst bunch of useless wasted space i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, as for their 30 day return policy don't buy into it they wanted to charge me half the phones value and i only had it 24 hours

Markala Arnold 9/17/2008
I hate metro pcs you arent able to go out of state and you arent able to alter your plan on the internet and to recieve the latetes ringtones you have to ben on the 50 dollar plan!!!!!

NiaSweetz 9/16/2008
Nah don't hate on Metro. Every company is gunna have some good points but there's no WAY u could beat this. i only had a dropped call like.. 2wice in 2 years wit metro. n u get EVERYTHING. internet, IM, email, textin, callin incomin and outgoing, for JUST 60 dollarz. wit another company dat would run up to like 200!! u dont gotta worry about minutes or nothin. cuz EVERYTHING is one price. their phones used to be OK. but they get even sexier every year. da only thing is, yeah customer service is pretty bad.

SoFlo 9/14/2008
I was a long time Cingular customer and became ill at times when my "rollover minutes" seemed to vanish the month they were needed. After a few bills >$400 and one over $900 I was happy to go with Metro and after several years I think the service is acceptable 99% of the time and I ALWAYS know what my bill is. I have all the extras including web access which allows me to check all my email, as well as unlimited text which is how I keep in touch with my family. If cost were not a concern I would still think twice before ditching my metro phone service. Best deal around if you ask me!

tlor01 9/14/2008
I have been using Metro PCS for about a year,but my only problem with the compagny is the dropped calls ,also they don't have any nice phone just like the blackberry or any other phone like the other providers.If metro pcs can have some very nice phones ,and work on that dropped call problem they will be the best of the best.So please metro pcs can u come up with the blackberry phone,and i will give you 5 Stars.

milk man 9/10/2008
metro needs to make more phones that are either touch screen or key board. otherwise ther an ok plan if you talk alot and dont want to be billed an extremely amount of money.

momof4 9/5/2008
I live in Orlando and have driven to coast in tropical storm- never lost service once. Customer service is a little hard to get to but for the price of having my phone + 2 more (kids) and NEVER going over $120.00 mo with text msgs going 24 hrs a day- you cant beat it!

chaunceymac 8/20/2008
Cell phone coverage maps are a sham. I lost clients in Las Vegas. Very difficult to get customer service due to computer voice prompts. My advice, don't believe the hype.

BrooklynT. 8/11/2008
Let me try and help you guys out with understanding Metro PCS. 1.) When it comes to billing, Yes if your bill is due on the 15th and you do not pay your phone will be turned off on the 16th. But if you are late paying your bill there is something called a "Bill Cycle Reset" Meaning if your bill is due on the 15th and you don't make in until the 20th tp pay you can have your "Bill Cycle Reset" so this way you can get a full month of service.
2.) When dealing with Customer Service over the phone you need to understand that they are NOT Metro PCS they are 3rd party company contracted to handle phone calls. When you do call Metro PCS if you need to get to a live rep, say "something else" Also keep in mind that NOT every store you go to that say's Metro PCS is a Metro PCS corporate store most of the stores you see are simply authorized dealers, they are not actual Metro PCS corporate stores. There job is to sell you a phone and take your payment. So if you need something serious handled be sure to go to a Corp Store.

Dr_Stan 8/9/2008
The 3 years I've had Metro PCS have been the happiest years (phonewise). No suprise $300 phone bills...just talk, text, and surf the net till your lil hearts desire. No credit check, no deposit, no "we don't sell to your kind" business. Sounds like most of the whiners and complainers here couldn't figure out how to unwrap a stick of gum.

Jess 7/12/2008
I think Metro PCS is okay...I get a lot of dropped calls but i know it is because i live in a bad service area. As soon as i pull up to my drive way, my bars have always started to drop so it is not Metro's fault in my case. I had other services like Sprint before Metro, and even with Sprint i would get dropped calls. A lot of people may not know that. As for all other parts of Dallas, TX, the service is GREAT!

Guest 7/10/2008
I've had metro for about one year now. As far as the phones go..they SUCK. I have gotten 3 phones from them and you do have to charge them EVERY SINGLE DAY...MORE THAN ONCE SOMETIMES!!!

Luis 7/8/2008
Metropcs has its ups and downs
but one big down is its
"our 24-hour service representatives
will be happy to help you"
its 3:44 and i get no answer and
i need to cancel my phone service
because my phone got stolen!
so their 24-hour help is useless.

Les 6/30/2008
Hey, i have metro and I love it! It was bad at first but their service has improved A LOT over the past couple years. For you people that can't get to customer service...try calling your 611 and just chose the option as if you were a new know they won't turn down a new customer!!...those reps can do the same as any other rep you may need to talk to...
Talk and text all you want without having to worry about waiting for nights and weekends? Can't beat that! Esp with no contracts or fees.
If you dont like it...go somewhere else...hope you enjoy the bills and contracts with other companies.

MZ 5/29/2008
Pros: Excellent reception, reasonable rates, nice phones, good customer service, less dropped calls, unlimited long distance and local if you chose to for only 50 bucks...

TheTim 5/25/2008
I've been using Metro PCS for 6 months, with the Kyocera STROBE phone. I tell everyone I know to switch to MetroPCS. I've had 6 calls dropped in as many months... that happens on any network. My email is timely, I spend 30mins a day on the Wireless Web, and the calls sound great. The phone is also awesome. I text a lot, and the flip-open design is great. The only person that Metro is NOT great for is the traveler. TravelTalk is a little pricey, and some major cities don't get service... yet. I get service all over my Metro area, so it is almost never an issue. Look at all the complaints, and notice how few of those people can express a simple thought. Those same people should save advanced forms of communication for people who can understand them. The MetroPCS dealers are JUST DEALERS! They don't do any tech support. The few times I've had a question or issue, I've faced the tolerable inconvenience of waiting until business hours, and calling in. So, at least in Central Florida - METRO RULES!

Mr. Metro PCS 5/21/2008
I've had my metro phone for 2 years now and my girlfriend and I have even purchased stock in the company. I wouldn't change for nothing in the world right now and to be honest everyone I know has different services and they all have commplaints about either customer service or their phones performance. In the end no phone is perfect but for the cost and not having to worry about late fees or early termination fees how can you complain honestly. Would have gave 5 stars but my 1 gripe is my phone doesn't work well at home. For all of you that are complaining you already knew that coverage is limited with this company right now its only a few years running. They give you a map explaining your coverage areas so why act like you didn't know your phone would suffer dropped calls and no signal in certain areas. As far as faulty phones go you can get that from any company it has nothing to do with Metro in particular they don't make phones the fault would be on companies providing metro with the phones. Word of advice to all THE STORE LOCATIONS HAVE NO POWER ALL THEY DO IS SELL YOU THE PHONE AND ACCESSORIES, ACTIVATE IT AND ALLOW YOU TO PAY YOUR BILL. Besides why would you pay your bill at the store when paying online is free? Plain and simple I can afford to pay a little over $50 for a phone I can't afford a $100 bill a month just to have a "name brand". Sweatbay or Publix brand anyone?

Caroline 5/18/2008
I dont know about metro they have good prices on the monthly bill but the phones are not very fancy and if you lose a 200 dollar phone you wont be able to replace it

cynthia bridges 5/16/2008
i boughtb my phone a month ago and it dnt work no more what should i do about that

joshua snow 5/11/2008
i love metro pcs it is the best i have had it for a long time

Tyler 5/10/2008
I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about metro. The phones suck and you have a very limited choice of phones. I am on the 45 dollar plan and I checked today and it said that my bill is 57.00. How weird is that? The battery does not last too long on my phones nor do they on other metro phones. I don't know if I should cancel them or not. I called customer service and they hung up on me and I didn't even get to talk to them.

jorge 4/21/2008
I have a metro PCS in los Angeles Ca.I can't make or recibe any call to often because the signal is poor, when I call them, they said that some building bloked their signal; but in the road too? in my opinion this doesn't work in los Angeles Ca.

Chelsea 4/12/2008
I like the fact that they're cheap and you get unlimited everything..but they need to up their service cause service sucks..i am forever droppin calls

Ron55 4/8/2008
Metro PCS phones must use knock off batteries, they never hold a charge longer that 8 hours. My sister has the same phone from another provider and she doesn't have this problem, her charge lasts almost a week. Everyone I know with a metro pcs phone is complaining about having to charge it several times a day.

Pete 3/31/2008
MetoPCS Atlanta service in 2008 still has cheesy coverage (weak with lots of holes) . Boost Unlimited costs a little more but the local coverage is far better than waht MtroPCS offers.

Nikki 3/26/2008
March 26, 2008* Metro service is down since 12noon in Ft. lauderdale, Florida. GEE it is now 10.23pm** I wonder if service will be restored tomorrow* The message received when I tried to make a call was " Your phone is not authorized to make phone calls"


champ88 2/27/2008
Im really thinking about getting one of their phones but I want to know is it really worth dealing with bad customer sevice and drop calls for a cheep price plan?

I left sprint back in 2005 and swithced to metro they may have thier shortcomings but i dont travel and their local coverage is pretty good and their corprate store in store service is better then the major carriers i upgarde to the motorla razor and this phone rocks and now some of the major carriers are trying to copy metros unlimted plans but the wanta contract and are chraging up 200$ what a crock get with the real world METRO ROCKS

Metro User 2/24/2008
If you live within the coverage area, which it clearly lists, this is probably one of the best prepaid services you will find.

Habib 2/19/2008
This company rocks. Good coverage, OK phones, OK customer service. What is there not to like about them? Nothing!

monchi823 2/11/2008
This is a great plan when you have a tendency to talk/text a lot and not keep your minutes in check. Yes, it's limited to coverage, but hopefully they'll expand like CellularOne. I wish they would offer more phones from other manufacturers but I guess time will tell.

Karen Allen 2/2/2008
Metro PCS has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Sure their price plans are good, but try to get help when you have a problem. Their telephone customer service line is a computer that refuses to connect you with a live person even though they are available and even though the choices they give you are different than what you are trying to find out. If you get a faulty phone and need a replacement (even though your phone is under warranty) FORGET IT. I went to a sales center, he looked at the phone and told me it was faulty and that I should go to the central service center to get a replacement. I drove for over 30 minutes to get there which would have been ok except I had to wait for more than 3 hours because there was no help there.YUP 3 hours. After all that they wouldn't replace my phone. Today I tried to switch over to a family plan. After visiting 2 metro stores in my town who told me I needed to call metro to do this. I am on another goose chase. The telephone computer will not connect me with a person and I have gone around in circles. So if you have a problem plan on it taking all day or longer to get resolved. Something so simple should only take 5 minutes.

ahhhcustomerservice!! 1/24/2008
I was very satisfied with Metro till I used their "customer service". I purchased a $200+ phone for my daughter for Christmas. They sent my paperwork in activating my phone but didn't activate the actual phone. My daughter was out of the area when she opened the phone and lost 7 days of service. I returned to the store and an employee activated the phone and told me the bill would run from the activation date of 12/28/07 as opposed to the purchase date of 12/20/07. On 1/20/08 while visiting her grandparents, my daughters phone was cut off. I went back to the store but was told by the employee that they did not have access to any of the service options. She called customer service for me. I explained the situation for over 2.5 hours and was unable to obtain any help. They kept restating that the bill needed to be paid and that they could not reactivate the phone until doing so. After 2.5 hours, they suggested I go to a corporate office in Antioch California for help.
AHAAHHHHAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While at the office they told me the only thing they could do for me was reset the billing date to 1/22/08. They could not help me with the lost week worth of service. I allowed them to reset the date and resolved to the idea I would contact the owner of the store as the error had been on the part of his staff and I felt he would take care of the error on their part. Corporate customer service told me that they would reset the phone bill date, but somehow they deactivated the phone beyond their own knowledge. They couldn't get the phone back on and decided to give me a "new phone". I waited in my car while my 14 year old daughter had her phone numbers and information transferred to the new phone. When she came out, I asked to see the phone. The phone had scratches and makeup in the speaker area. Disgusted, I went back in and asked the women why she thought it was okay to replace a 3 week old $200 phone that had worked fine with a dirty used phone. Not only had I been shorted seven days of air time, but now they took my new phone and gave me a used refurbished phone without my permission. I wonder what would happen if I took my diamond ring into be cleaned and they replaced it with a cubic? Yeah I lost it!!! So then, they give me yet another phone, this time they said it was brand new. Again everything was transferred from one phone to another EXCEPT, somehow the billing number. This meant after getting home with the reset account date and attempting to pay the not due phone bill so my daughter could use her Christmas present, that the payment I made activated the wrong phone. I called customer service "DUH Customer Service can I help you?" They kept telling me the phone was on. I explained to death that they had somehow crossed the information. On the following date 1/23/08 I returned to corporate in Antioch. They said OHHH!!! We crossed the information we can uncross it. I told them that I had lost another day of service and requested the again The manager told me he could do this but it would cost $5.00. !@!#* What!!! THey make errors and I pay for them??? I asked why they would charge me they hadn't charged me on the previous date. He responded, "Yes, we did". WHATTTT!!!! So I was paying $10.00. I took the phone and left to avoid being arrested because at this point I wanted to hurt someone and had the sense to leave before doing so. I had left a message for the owner of the store where the phone was purchased to contact me. He called me and met with me at the store. He told me that he would take care of the bill to get the phone back on and apologized. (GOOD Customer Service- Metro could learn something here.) He paid the bill and asked me to wait at the store till the phone came back on. He gave me the approval code and had his employee call customer service for me in an effort to expedite the return of service. I called and got #$#%#% Customer Service who said that my payment had not been recieved. I explained that two payments had been made now and provided both approval codes. She said if the bill was paid give it 15 min. to 2 hours and service would return. The phone never came back on because of the corporate mistake. The store owner had to terminate all the service and completely redo the entire process. I had to obtain another phone and because they did not have the equipment my daughter lost all of her numbers, music, etc.

Unsatisfied 1/23/2008
With any service you expect there to be pinnacles and shortfalls. Unfortunatley with Metro PCS there shortcommings outweigh any advantages they claim to have. I have bad credit and wanted something without a deposit so I tried them out. After the 1 hour long wait to receive assistance I finally received a phone and a rate plan that I was told would work. From day one I experienced drop calls, error messages, and numerous dead zones. Then the screen on my phone mysteriously went blank, buttons worked but no screen. Needless to say the reps accused me of dropping the phone being the reason it no longer worked. I had had enough at that point, no customer service and overall poorly run company. I would rather be out that money than continue to donate to their scams.

Benjamin 1/14/2008
The service seems good and a good pic of phones. But they make you pay $5 etrra per mo/ for IM and it only has AIM if you are paying for it it should also have yahoo and MSN. And better coverage is needed around Dallas.

Amanda 1/8/2008
Metro PCS is a great service, although i wish that they had more phones to choose from. I've been on the Metro PCS for a couple years now, and its great, but I wanted to get my daughter on the plan too, because she recentely went $60 over her minutes.

UMMSANTOS 1/4/2008
If you don't travel much and stay in your coverage area it is worth it. I have Metro PCS then switched to Sprint and now am switching back. Other carriers have all sorts of hidden fees. For about $60 I get unlimited local and long distance, Text, picture messaging,web access, insurance, and my favorite- Unlimited 411! Sucks to have to pay full price for a phone though...but with other carriers you get a discount but ALWAYS a 2 year contract that you have to pay an arm and a leg to break!

men 1/2/2008
1-1-08. I'm from San Francisco, CA & been with metroPCS for 2 yrs. I switched to boost mobile unlimited b/c I'm unable to make or receive calls 90% of the time early Dec 2007. I thought it's b/c my LG VX3200 is not supported anymore. So I bought a Kyocera camera phone for $131.00 including tax featured on their website. Still, unable to make & receive calls 90% of the time with this new phone. When a call do connect, it's either dropped or the other party can't hear me. Switch to Boost mobile b/c they use sprint network pin drop sound quality & roaming is only 15 cents a min.

Tim in ATLANTA 12/25/2007
As I have had Metro for over 5 years now, I will try to explain a few things to people who do not understand weird things that go on at metro. First off is the billing, and that is the #1 thing that irks me. If your billing cycle is set for the 15th, and you do not pay the bill, your phone will be turned off on the 16th, if you do not pay until the 30th, guess what, you just paid a full month for service up to the 15th and you must pay for service again on the 15th. So, pay your bill on time and you will never have a problem and get the most for your money. Second, and probably tied for the irritation factor of the billing is the voicemail. Incoming Voicemail messages (when people call you and leave a message) are limited to 45 seconds, thats why they get cut off, it's not the service, it is the plan you chose. If you are on a 45 or 50 a month plan, you get upto 3 minutes, still crappy, but at least it is enough time for someone to get their point across. To the woman who purchased the phone for her son and was angry that she couldn't have his name on the caller id, that is due to a federal law enacted to protect him, if her is under 18, he is covered in the child protection act, a federal law. Companies can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for violating this law, when he is 18, he can be on the caller id all you want. As far as coverage, yeah, it is limited, but as long as you are where you agreed to receive coverage provided, no problems... I had verizon for 1 year while I traveled, dropped probably 30% of calls (America's Best Network huh?) Bottom line, it is an excellent no frills basic phone service. If you want Frills, Nationwide coverage, Smartphones, Blah Blah Blah, Go to the top 3 carriers and get raped by their base packages of 59.99-79.99 and still pay for overages. Verizons unlimited text is $20 a month add on. $25 more and you have unlimited minutes also at metro. Hmmmm, I didn't get an economics degree, but sounds like a better deal to me. Bottom line is get whatever suits your needs. Whether it be Metro PCS, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Alltel, Whatever. If you don't like Metro's service, drop it, won't cost you a dime, Try it with any of the others, $175-$200 PER LINE. Phone Cost is steep, I agree, just keep in mind that the cost also includes the first month free, so really deduct 1 month of your plan cost and that is the actual cost of the phone. Fact is that Metro serves a customer base of 3 million people, most of which are completely content like myself. Half of the complaints listed here are from obviously ignorant, most can't even spell, maybe they have some share of the blame in their troubles. :)

bill 12/25/2007
MetroPCS coverage in metro Atlanta is very spotty and weak . Customer service at the corporate store seems OK but telephone customer service is terrible.

new user 12/23/2007
so far so good the phone is pretty tight and the service are is the same that i had with sprint... remember, nextel has been around for a long time and there service still sucks(unless u hook up with a sprintnextel power pack) this is a pretty new company give it some time and it will catch up

lori scott 12/13/2007
i will never go back to another cell phone service again. i have been very satisfied with metro pcs.

AMY ESTRADA 11/30/2007

AMY ESTRADA 11/30/2007
hello there i was just wondering that when you going to have services here in location of MILWAUKEE, WIS because i think you are the best company of metro PCs SINCERLIEY

madferret 11/29/2007
The reason why the costumer service is so bad, is because the csr agents live in......México hired by an enterpreise of Grupo Carso (owned by carlos slim) called Telvista, and the salary is like 350 dlls + 150 dlls bonus a MONTH !!!, and beside from that they work 6 days a week.

CHAUNT'E 11/26/2007

Pete 11/24/2007
I used them in Atlanta GA . The coverage is like swiss cheese and the customer service is bad . Look elsewhere if you have a choice .

Jay 11/20/2007
Customer Server is Horrible
Coverage is Moderate, defiantly not a phone for a person who wants to leave their city.
Phone CANNOT maintain connection between towers! While driving it will disconnect every mile or so. Price is about the same as other services, unless you want to talk 10 hours a day, you might as well get a good phone for less for the same monthly cost!!

sarmi01 11/13/2007
To all U unsatify customer u have the option to go where ever, try to break a contract somewhere else and see if it free,and try to talk all day before 7:00pm and some of u wait for nite time to talk for free, and if it drops a call I will call right back..P.S the phone will cost u but I talk all day and Metro PCS do what u do..........

CA 11/13/2007
I'm with $45 plan.. I can send sms international but I can't receive a single international text message!!! WTF???

1 is about to cry 11/12/2007
IMPORTANT metro pcs is good company BUT... the problem is that they say you can send and receive international text message,because I'm with the $50 plan, OKEY I can send but I can't receive and every time I call them they keep telling me we will refresh your plan, and still nothing happen, I just want to know why I can't receive international text messages??????? WHYYYY????

Dudelet 11/8/2007
Yeah, So I got it in South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale. It's pretty much prefect. o.0. Its works great, Im on the $50 plan, Haven't dropped a call yet. Im a k312 user, And it's a pice of shit. It has no bluetooth. It has no mp3. all it has is good design. I'm gonna get the slvr L7c. Heard its got all.

Bookworm 11/2/2007
I've had the same problem with the customer service. It's annoying as hell but when you mention it they act like they have no idea what you're talking about. But I've actually worked out a system for the customer. First I go to Frequently asked Questions then I say I need something more. And that'll usually get me through to a person. It has so far without fail. And then hopefully you'll reach one of the few bits of intelligence working for the company because it's clear that the vast majority are morons.

steve 11/1/2007
you don,t want to know what i think aboiut customer service even the assistant manager was a rude and disrespective --- ==== ,had to go to another store to get thing,s taken care of and did. the Dearborn store in Michigan on Michigan ave, suck,s so pleased be warned .

jJohn Tampa 10/27/2007
GREAT PRICE. I bought 3 phones , the account dept is impossible to contact, price quoted, not what I had to pay. Have a problem of any sort, TOO BAD. I am going back to a regular with voice quality, a live customer help and a family circle that will all cost no more and preserve my anity, metro pcs will send you crazy, you will regret it big time.

DAVID 10/27/2007
Here in South Florida, MetroPCS seems to be the big choice of pre-paid phones among the hispanic community. For some reason, many non-English speaking Mexicans seem to like carrying it around.

rayne 10/25/2007
i live in the tampa area i went thru at least five phones cause they stink yes the price is right for the plans but only if i could get a phone that works then that would be amazing

steve 10/18/2007
I had this service for one month and cancelled it. 50% of my calls were dropped, even calls to my voicemail were cut off in mid message. Their service is aweful and it's almost impossible to get a live customer service rep. Save yourself some aggravation and go with another service

chonky 10/13/2007
well what can i say i just bought a metro pcs phone and i not bad. well i llike the plans they offer you. you dont have to have contractand unlitimited phones calls.

Katie Smith 10/7/2007
Well i just wanted to say i was with metro pcs and left to go to tmobile (i wanted the sidekick3 phone) and came back to metro pcs because tmobile has the rudest ppl and most expensive plans ever. metro pcs does kinda have crappy customer service that they are not rude to you they are just not very informed. but you can not beat the pricing! im on the 50 dollar a month and i get unlimited local and long distance, unlimited internet, text, pic messaging, email, and i have never had a dropped call yet! no other service provider can offer such a great deal! i would highly recommend metro pcs to everyone.

chicupfront 10/3/2007
Absolutely love Metro PCS!! My teenage daughters have these phones and plans and these are PERFECT for teenagers!

SaQuenta 9/27/2007
METROPCS store workers are lazy people they dont deserve to even work in a freaking store that deals with customers period!! My boyfreind had my whole account suspended without my permisssion how can they let someone suspend anothers person account thats not fair at all not to mention i paid my bill the day before that!!

Mai Thao 9/26/2007
it's me again i was wondering if i get a new phone then i want to get a new charger and a car charger and plus a brand new phone and ear pieces okies then... well give me a call or something or email me thank you very mcuh..

Mai Thao 9/26/2007
this is mai thao and i bought a phone from ur company though i was wondering if i can get a new phone and trade in my phone or something. sorrie but it's been dying on me and when people call me then i can't pick up i don't knoe why. i been charging my phone too but it's still the same and the battery it's always low when i talk and not talk. so please tell me wat is wrong with my phone did u guys want me to bring my phone in for u guys to see it or something. well anywase just email me back and tell me wat's wrong with my phone.

Ronald 9/10/2007
I could not pay my bill over the phone,I am ill and do not like to drive,the pay ment service is terrible

Brandon 9/4/2007
I love MetroPCS....Yes i admit, Customer Service sucks the big one but overall...MetroPCS is a great phone plan for people like myself and from what ive read, about 60% of the people on this page. The rest of you high priced babies need a high bill to be satisfied. I do have a complaint myself tho, I HATE that i have to pay $3 at a store to pay my bill or add money to my @metro account.
<Kyocera Strobe User. $45 a month turns into $60 as well with features and "fees".(crappy)
But overall greaat stuff.

Kulacoco 9/3/2007
Global text messaging does not work. You can sent international message, but you will never get one back!! tried everything, customer service have no explanation. they say it should work, but I can't receive a single international text message

carol 8/23/2007
i cant totaly blame metro pcs but the store i bought my phone and service from ripped me off i payed in avance and they didntrecord it and my son add a phone to mine anday for it to beactvated and all they didnt tell metro pcs eather so we are out of money plus we old more then its my bill is notthe sameevery month and they text me with a price thenthey say its notthat price sonow i owe more then its worth. plusfor a 100.00 dollorsthere phones are crappy.i will never remend metro pcs to any one ever.i tryed to work this out with a rep. but she just cut my phone off and was rude.

Jamica 8/21/2007
I really like the fact that the monthly prices are flat every month, but i dont understand why their phones cost so much. And i dont understand why you can purchase insurance on the phone after you buy it. That is where they get you, if you dont purchase insurance while purchasing the phone,they are not going to replace it, you can to buy a whole new phone. That is my opinion on Metro PCS.

Tina --warning you! 8/21/2007
I live in Europe, but for the last two years while visiting my birthplace in California, I used the MetroPCS (nice monthly option) BUT I got the 45 unlimitied local and long-distance (48 states) with call-waiting, 3 way and Global Talk. The last thing.. Global NEVER worked.. I followed the instructions on the website to the T, but nope! no go. Called customer service the first year and oh well, sorry not sure why it doesn't work'was the reply.. I went back to Europe. I was just there this July/Aug 2007 again and AGAIN it didnt work.. Called Customer again, this time I had to DEMAND refund on service that was not provided. Then reduced plan to just 30$ unlimited local calling. I had to fight for it, though. Did they offer to find out why it wasn't working???? NO! So, be aware you persons out there looking for international "Global TEXt Talk" HAAA! You won't get it and Metro customer service cannot tell you why!
Just don't expect all your promised.

Liz 8/20/2007
I have had my phone and my service with metro pcs now for 3 months and I love it. I've tried all the prepaid plans out there and nothing compares to this. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone.

Steph 8/19/2007
CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! very hard to get a hold of a human being that knows what they are talking about!!

Dave 8/17/2007
Beware. if you have any intentions to do anything with this crap account, GOOD LUCK! Customer service is garbage too. 3 weeks with this crap company and i hate it already. Thanks Metro! you ignorant, incompetent structure of rubbish.

Guest 8/15/2007
Worst customer service call center I have ever dealt with, for any kind of company.

Tawana Brow 8/15/2007
paid for my sons phone on the 29th of the month and the phone was disconnected on the 8th of the next month, when i called customer service they told me that his billing cycle is the 8th of every month and the bill is due on the 8th of every month, so i need to pay again for the next month....but couldn't explain to me about the previous month when his phone was off.....

Michelle 8/14/2007
I've had a Metro phone for about 5 months now and the only complaint I have is that I have bad reception inside my workplace. Other than that I love Metro PCS. My bill is the same every month. I'd recommend this company to anyone!

JEWEL 8/10/2007
I'm tired of being contacted 15 times during the month to pay my bill. I've never been late, its due at the end of the month, yet today they have call 4 times already. When I called and complain they said that they will take care of it. Can't really get anyone to help you. I wasn't told the truth when purchasing the phone either.

Lynn 8/2/2007
I have metro pcs and really like it better then the other services.No matter what service you have you are going to have bad service or drop calls somewhere.My sister went from sprint/nextel to metro because of the reason I could talk in places she could not and paying a $250.00 bill.I agree with some comments about the service but where can you get a phone all you can talk and long distance for $50.00 a month. Some wireless services other credit on drop calls but you still have that high bill. Closing with it is get for some children to have the cheat plan just for the way things are now some needs someone to talk to HELLO HELLO HELLO

Owner 8/1/2007
Reasonable prices and fair selection of phones. Good for those who don't talk much but need some form of contact.

Jenn in Cali 7/22/2007
I have had them for 5 years and I love my coverage. I got both of my daughters phones as well two years ago and with the family plan I am spending less than 100 for unlimited cell s for three people it is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

unsatisfied customer 7/14/2007
I bought a razor 321.00 . Six months later my daughter had the phone stolen. The next day the billing was changed by people who stole the phone by posing as me.METROPCS will not release the information who is useing the phone as I filed a police report and supena on the new accounts name. It has been 5 week since the incident happen. I have the ESN # and spent 7 hours on the phone with METROPCS, they told me I had changed the account into name diffent name as of this time METROPCS is making money on my stolen phone as they are providing service as of 7/14/07. If I was looking for cell phone providerI would expect the company to help retrieve your phone if stolen and still being used by the theives. The company sucks! THE RATING -10000000 stars!

ChesterCes 7/11/2007
I wish there was a 0 star for this company. To get a cstmr srvc rep is not easy with that anws machine neither the web site is user friendly. The new feature of Travel Talk is the worst, I went to Phoenix and they told me to add money to the plan, and explain how to update the phone in order to have access out of Florida. The phone never work on Phoenix, not an apology by none of the rep., at the end I return the phone and cancel service. Be advice, Metro does not issue refunds for the money deposit to the Travel Talk plan, this is something you need to get with your Credit Card. When I decided to return the phone they advice me to enter to a box and send it back, when I read the agreement for return claims that if you do that they refuse the package that you need a RMA #, in which took me 2 days to get one.. Your better off with a reputable company as T-Mobil Etc., remember you pay for what you get for, and this is just headache.

lennox 7/7/2007
i live in Pomapano Beach,FL near FT.Lauderdale and i have the Nokia 2865i.its good in the area but i'm going to Oklahoma City in 2 years so i wish that metro pcs extended there.i don't want to give up this have my personally.

Karmen 7/5/2007
I've had MetroPCS since the middle of February now... Love the plans Love the prices Love my Phone...... Customer Service? If you actually get a human They are very helpfull!!! The only problem is... getting through to a human!!!! It's just stupid what you have to do to get a living, breathing, human being onthe other end... Now I've been very calm about this so far and have Never voiced this concern to any one until now...something has got to give people... hire a full staff and quit being chincey with the customer service already. I've been trying to get through for the last 2 1/2 hours... no luck... for the third time in 4 months.Thanks...

Ed 7/3/2007

COMMENTER 7/2/2007

Lonnie 6/1/2007
Customer service is atrocious. Told them I was buying phone for my teenage son. Took my money, sold me the phone, and they will not allow my son's name to come up on caller ID. Instead my name comes up and they will not change it. Prefer it to say wireless caller with the # displayed, but that is too much trouble for them, also. They can't do that. If customer service doesnt know the answer to your question they hang up on you.

Ada 5/30/2007
i am about to get this wonder phone it so cool.Love the plan.(metro pcs)

lashandra 5/19/2007

Ryan Palmer 5/17/2007
I got two kyocera strobe phones specifically to use the mail@metro feature, where supposedly, you are able to send/recieve full email with notification. I constantly got a "customer not found" error when I tried to download it. I called customer service, and spoke to over 10 people, who couldn't figure it out. Now, I am stuck with two phones I cannot return because I spent too much time on the phones (talking to metro pcs customer service). Ps. I was hung up on three times now!

Jeremy 5/15/2007
I went to get metroPCS and they had no servce anywhere and their rate per minute in a non-cverage was like $.89/ minute. Their phones were also way to pricey they had no discounts on any phones. I would recomend MetroPCS to anyone not even to someone who needed something to tell time. DONT BUY THIS PHONE EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!!!!!

M. Smith 5/10/2007
Good choice of phones and pretty good service in selected areas. I had one for 6 mths and will be getting another one when I stop traveling so much!!!!

Dann Tanna 5/10/2007
Hey now, great plans and decent coverage in major metro areas. I had a Metro PCS for 3 months while working on an extended case in one of their coverage areas. I heard a rumor they were coming to Las Vegas soon!!!!!! Lets hope sooner rather than later!!!!!!

nick 5/2/2007
I have had the metro pcs service since they arrived here in dallas, i have had t-mobile wich really isnt too bad ,sprint, nextel,and verison over the years and i drop fewer calls now with metro pcs than with any of the other carriers . and as for coverage area problems i have that taken care of too.just add call forwarding and get a net ten nationwide phone .just ten cents per min. all the time no monthly fees and available at wal-mart so pretty easy to find refill cards.has worked great for my out of town trips

Schrodie 4/21/2007
I'm carrying a Metro PCS phone and a T-Mobile phone. I've been a T-Mobile customer since the Voicestream days, but thought I'd get a second phone. A friend praised Metro very highly, and I thought I'd give it a shit. Not bad... not bad at all!

A Reformed Skeptic 4/17/2007
Since I first heard of MetroPCS, I was one of "those" people who turned their nose up at it. Never thought it was good enough than the contract services. I was a TMobile customer, than switched to Verizon because of problems with signal strength in my home and office. I couldn't take Verizon's pricing anymore and the restriction and stress of having to constantly track my minutes. I decided to go with MetroPCS and got my gorgeous Nokia phone yesterday. I am so thrilled beyond belief. It meets or exceeds my current Verizon phone (RAZR) in all ways. I will be singing the praises of MetroPCS to anyone who will listen.

Trisch 4/15/2007
Metro PCS is THE WAY to go. I have had my service for the past 5 years. My husband made the switch, after fighting with Verizon over incorrect invoices, also further convinced after my Metro service had better reception hands down anywhere we went.

carmen saldivar 3/12/2007
para pagar como hago

Chrissie 10/24/2006
I had a MetroPCS phone until March 2006. When we moved we were disappointed to find out that MetroPCS isn't yet offered in this city. If and when it does become available I will be switching back - happily and hopefully soon!