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3 stars of 5 based on 554 reviews

metro is the best company i've ever see and the plans are fantasic

I wish I could give a negative number due to their retarded customer service center (the 888 number).

I would never recomend Metro PCS! I would better recommend criKet. Criket has better plans than metro pcs!

C. Adderton9/6/2013
I keep getting the wrong names for caller id. It really sucks. When I call customer service, the do not know anything about it, nor do they know how to fix it. I stopped paying for it and am so frustrated with the answers, I am changing carriers. Other than that, the pricing is good and coverage seems ok.

If you have patience this is the right choice for you. if it's ok to take 3 or 4 days to relay a pic or a message, you're with the right company. As far as I'm concerned they owe me a new phone! I have been so frustrated with this manure service I slammed my phone and broke it! Not the phones fault just crappy service! You people are losers and need to step it up! get off your butts and do what you're paid to do!

C Hernandez9/3/2013
Metro PCS advertises phones for $25.00, but yet when you click on "shop now" you get "no items found"...?!! So I call the 877 number and I'm told that "individual stores" are selling those phones. Since there are no phone #s listed in the store locator, I guess metro pcs expects me to drive all over town trying to find these phones (it ain't gonna happen). What I'd like to know is, what is the point of having a "shop now" button if there is no item to be purchased? That's what I'd call misleading/false advertising. Me, my brother, and Dad wanted one. Now I'm gonna have to tell them to forget it...

My phone has not worked since yesterday at about noon, but as usual MetroPCS has no information about an outage in our area and they are completely "surprised" that the phone is not working. You call customer service and you get a bunch of "I'm sorry" but they NEVER admit they are having an outage. They won't refund you for the outage unless you speak to a supervisor and demand to be compensated. I have 2 adult children on my account with me who are out of state and I have no way to contact them because my phone is not working for more than 24 hours and MetroPCS is "Unaware" of an outage in my area. About 1/2 of the people I know have this "Service" and their phones are not working either. Perhaps no one has reported the problem because their phones DO NOT WORK!?!

Loyal Customer WARNING!8/24/2013
just a warning!! if you are a Loyal customer and have there once offered unlimited 4G LTE service plan for $55 will NOT be Grandfathered over to there new GSM line up of Phones..iv'e been a loyal customer for 7 yrs

I have simple mobile, this is a pain and the neck for me. @ home no service @ all can't call can't received , @ work samething .even one bar I don't have Tmobile samething ,straitght talk samething ,I don't no what to do anymore friends please help me. I am going crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I am afraid of Metro of because Tmobile is with them now.

service stinks phones stinks they cancel things through text messages and then don't make your price lower. I am cancelling them.

Been a customer for about a year just recently had issue with my phone and the warrenty process is horrible on my 4th warrenty phone of same type and customer service is horrible.

I have a "not smart" phone so I can only speak to talk and texting. We live in the Allentown, PA area and have never had any problems with dropped calls. We did notice in a rural area that it was a little more on/off again as compared to my husband's verizon phone. I LOVE the price and being able leave any time. I have never had a problem with customer service. I pay $25 a month all taxes included for unlimited text and talk - it can't be beat.

More like -1 or lower! I agree with the above post of going else where for phone service. We were very happy wiht Virgin Mobile but they did not have 4g in our area, so we moved to Merto. However, Vergin Mobil's 3g is way better than Metro's 4g! Then my phone copletly dies within 100 days of my purchase. I did not do any damage at all and Metro's store confirms that. Now all they want is more money and a lot of time to get me a referbished phone.

Their service sucks. I bought the Samsung Galaxy w/ unlimited everything, but I get unlimited nothing. Can never get connected no matter where I am even living in a big city. Text comes in in several pages all scrambles page 1 then 4 and 5. I may recieve page 2 the next day if I'm lucky. I'm switching to Straight Talk.

Mister M4/23/2013
One bar of antenna service almost everywhere you go out of five bars. This means call quality is very spotty. 4G is throttled down to 2G ? very quickly.

Metro Pcs takes advantage of the elderly! Older people do not understand all the techno language and tricks companies like this use. They would not give me back my $60 when my phone died and I did not have enough money to buy another one from them. NO ONE told me at the store that I would lose my money if I did not buy a phone from them. I have a fixed income and $60 is food that I cannot buy because Metro PCS took it out of my mouth. I am one of the invisible people that companies like this prey after and they yet do not have to answer to anyone for their actions!

I used to have metropcs but they have terrible customer service. Promised to refund me $50 by giving me one month free but I quit before because of the awful customer service. They said they would put it back on my credit card but I had an unknown charge so they said they would send me a check and it would take 4 - 6 weeks but never got it. I called about it and was transferred to someone but then told I needed to speak to someone in customer service that just transferred me!! Still no check.

Sexy Red3/27/2013
I went to the Metro on Cascade Rd in Atlanta, GA. I just got my phone 3 weeks ago and I dropped my phone and cracked it. I thought I had insurance. I went to the store to cuss they azz out, I asked for the Manager, she was so nice and understanding I really felt bad for coming in the way I did. The manager and her staff were all nice to me, they helped me get another phone, with a case and bluetooth like they have on TV. Although it was my fault and I had an attitude the manager and her whole staff were all nice, smiled, and were able to calm me down. Thank You Metro....

one Star is a lot for them , the phone that they did sell us stopped working after 20 days it has warranty but they told us that we need t pay $17 for shipping , the guy in the store wanted to charge us $1 more for him self , the service is not good , it is like all other US companies , the only loser is the costumer

king 0012/26/2013
this sucks because if you dont have a certain phone you cant get pay as you go plan because you have a new phone but with boost mobile you can get pay as you go with any phone you receive makes payments easier customer for 12 year never a problem always a signal pay what u want 10, 15, or 20 dollars whatever you can afford your phone service will not go off for any reason

Just bought my Metro PCS phone, which I was happy with until I got home. I have no service what so ever at home!! This is my only phone I have no house phone so its important I have good service. There was one spot in my house I could make phone calls but I couldn't receive any and didn't receive any text messages either. The phone didn't let me know I had voice mails either. So the next day after I bought my phone I went to return it. They wouldn't give me any money back because there was one hour and thirty eight minutes of talk time on it!! That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!! I had the phone for less than twenty four hours and I cant return it???!!! I DO NOT recommend Metro Pcs at all!!! Never heard of such a return policy!! It is a rip off!! Straight talk is much better!! Word of mouth is the best for sales...well I will make sure I let as many people as possible know about the poor service of Metro Pcs!!!!

I technically been a customer for 2 years now. I have the GS3 I got it for $349 during black Friday. I am in college in Fitchburg Massachusetts, I work and live in the Worcester county area and go clubbing in providence. Everywhere I go I get 4G, I have never dropped a call, nor had failing texts, and my online payments are really simple and I have never had to call customer service. I get about 2.5mb down on LTE on average. But I am noticing Metro PCS's service is getting more efficient on LTE service (since I am getting stronger bars in bigger buildings) and it is getting faster too! Love them, for $60 with Hotspot included I can't complain. I got an email from Metro PCS as well saying I shall be getting Jellybean in a couple weeks AND they're LTE speeds in the spots, should be a minimum of 8mb down. So I am excited!! :)


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