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2 stars of 5 based on 735 reviews

Just for Tony...takes a ghetto to know a ghetto, besides cricket is way too good for you loser!

Wow!! has anyone seen Cricket's new Nokia Slider? Well if you haven't, it is sweet! It is almost like the Chocolate phone but better(well in my opinion).I love it.

Cricket is cool9/6/2013
I love it. Best phones ever. The neon grren color is cool.

I've heard a lot about Cricket and I honestly love it. It's affordable and I don't have a Cricket phone yet, because I have to wait about a year with my stupid Verizon phone before I can get a Cricket phone.

Looks like cricket has a very limited phones selection. ugly phones!

Jiminy cricket9/6/2013
Zippity-do-dah, oh my, what a wonderful day. pleanty of sunshine heading my way. Zippity-do-da, zippity-eh!

Cricket has the WORST customer service. I was transferred a total of 7 times and my issue was never resolved.

I was with the company for 10 miserable years. Bad phones, bad service. I was going to do a phone financing plan to get a galaxy 4 but decided that day to switch carriers all together and get an iPhone from page plus. They run on verizon towers so now I can talk in my own home, no dropped calls, the same text doesn't get sent a hundred times and its only $55 a month no tax. I'm sorry I didn't switch sooner!

Absolute garbage. The 3G is a joke. You will NEVER ONCE IN YOUR LIFE get actual 3G speeds on their network. You just won't. Ever. Even when it says 3G connected (good luck this only happens about 5% of the time, basically in the middle of large cities outdoors is it) you will get .5Mbit dl speed at best. It's just pure garbage for using the internet. The simplest pages take minutes to load if ever. Forget facebook or youtube are you kidding me? Also they have the worst customer service on the planet. Which is really bad considering Charter Cable and Dell exist. Their phones are also full of ridiculous bloatware you can never get rid of and that runs all the time. Good luck getting a cricket phone's battery to last more than 6 hours. This place sucks. I hate them so bad. I actually want them all to die. Every person that works there I want dead.

Their flash killed two of my Droids, the first I thought was a fluke, I was wrong. I could rarely use my net browsing, my calls were always dropped if they went through at all. I had to constantly resend my text messages, sometimes they would send in all Alt Codes. I continuously had them texting me at all hours of the day/night about what ever BS promo they had at the time, had to switch my number twice because of harassing prank calls from the last person who owned the number (number was given out too early). This was all in a 3 month period. I suggest you save your money, I'm going back to a contract!

Started off good, was cheap, but my phone had very limited memory and when I would go indoors i would lose reception in my own house even with my 3g on. Battery life on my phone was a joke... I switched to a new company after half my text messages said they didnt send do to an error lol I would be outside with full bars and get this message.... Im no longer with them.

I have been with cricket for about3.5 years and I went with them because of their unlimited cell phone plans. And the fact that their android phones were not super expensive. Not a fan of cricket anymore they're trying to hard to keep up with all the big name cell phone companies and I absolutely abhor the Mauve music phones they are not worth the money they are charging for those phones and I would never purchase an I-phone or a galaxy phone thru cricket knowing that their android phones are only worth about a good 2 to 2.5 years. I will be leaving soon because they are not worth the phones they are selling.

Just when I thought cricket couldn't get any worse in six yrs that I left them but every sense I went bac to them it's only gotten 10000000000000000 times worse their polocies are to rip the consumer off as much as they can if u buy a phone and even with insurance and u break it before the thirty days that u bought it in any way shape or form u have to pay an outrageous deductible to replace it and if u want to lower ur bill for the following month then not gonna happen they make u pay again before they will change it. I cant believe cricket is even allowed to run business here or anywhere for that matter we have laws on gas price gouging what about phone company price gouging these people are scams and rip people off i'm totally disgusted in them u didn't deserve my business and u don't deserve anyone else s either Some one really needs to get these people SHUT DOWN!

The only reason I tolerate Cricket is due to the fact I get service down in Tijuana. Their customer service is complete garbage and the phones are total crap.I tried their so-called broadband and dumped 2 months later because it's like using aol dial up.

I've had cricket since 2009 when they first came to the Las Vegas Market. The phones were great initially but after that the phones just got worse. Also their customer service is HORRIBLE! Also Cricket tends to remove features off your plan without notifying you. When you call, they try to convince you that you never had that service. Since cricket doesn't show your call history to prove you used the service in the past there isn't much I can do. Switching carriers this week.

cricket sucks. . muve music doesnt work and when im on the net the phone will shut off or take me bk to the google home page. tsk, tsk. . id rather waste money elsewhere.

Screw you cricket you get no stars. Crappy service and phones that break in 6 months. I'm done with ur lies and ur customer service! I will dance my happy dance when u go bankrupt.

Horrible customer service. No English, no help and wrong information is all you get.

Horrible! Cricket wireless customer service is a joke. Half educated non English speaking people from over seas who constintly apologize for there incompatincy but NEVER have a solution. I was told I would have to take my phone to a authorized cricket dealer even tho I had the insurance. They told me the nearest one was 45 mins from my house. When I got there to the middle of the ghetto I was told they were in fact not an authorized dealer. When I called back to complain they told me the nearest one to me was infact the exact store I was standing in and that the store employees must be lying to me. And that was my only option in getting my 300'$ phone replaced no charge. Two weeks later they turn off my phone claiming I didn't pay the bill. When I told them I had proof from my bank that I did they told me to bring it to any cricket store Nd they should turn the phone back on. The store said I had to call customer service and so on! I have since switch to tmobile prepay.

Cricket Wireless1/11/2013
I worked for Cricket for about a year and a half at the call center based out of Misosuri.Cricket does have affordable and cheaper rate plans. On a constant basis we had customers calling into the sales line complaining about how they cannot get through to customer service, and how horrible the service is. There are a few things the cutomers should know. If you call the right number you WILL be able to get through to someone. 1 800- CRICKET is honestly just the automated system for paying a bill, ect. If you need asistance from a LIVE person you need to call the live rep. line which is (866 384-4425)
Cricket is a PRE PAID cell phone servie, and wouldn't be in business if we gave more than a web discount on cell phones. It costs a lot of money to pay agents here in the US, and over seas to take phone calls 24/7. You have pre paid for your service and cricket has no reason to answer you phone call if you cant pay your cell phone bill on time. Service can be spotty in some areas, keeping in mind cricket runs off sprints towers as well as there own. It really depends on the way you look at it. I took many many many customer service calls just because people felt like they should be treated better due to an automanted system, upgrading prices, ect. You honestly get the same service as a contract company except its NOT a contract. You do not have to keep the service if you dont want it. Its that simple. Cancel and go sign a contract. I guarantee it WILL NOT be as cheap as what you were paying with cricket.

Addendum to Shelley below as I didn't see the stars till I entered this. This corrects the 3 stars shown in that review. If I could give them zero stars that would be more accurate.

I've had Cricket for over 3 years now. While the coverage in my area is adequate, I really am going to finally change providers because NO ONE IS HOME!!! There is absolutely NO WAY to talk to a live person regarding service issues. None, zip, nadda. I have had several occassions of needing to just talk to someone and I have to drive all over town to find the "right" store (not all can do all things). I can't even send corporate an email or snail mail because they don't give you information to do so anywhere on the website. Customer Service (REAL service) is my #1 consideration in choosing any provider. Cricket, you loose! There are enough other cheap companies now that I am not stuck with you. Bye-bye.

The network is very wack in Houston. It does not work in all area, its internet is nonsense and when you call the customer service, the only thing they can tell you is that you should open your phone, remove the battery, put it back in and turn it on. Very wack network.

Cricket has cheated me out of a 200.00 phone. They told me my phone had gotten wet and would not cover it. That was very untrue my phone was never near water!! There service is so bad. I never had a clear call on the road that I know of!!! I was cheated and lied to!! I would call for service and could never get threw to any one........

Jane Doe12/19/2012
The teaser is getting you on the $35 dollar plan. When you get ready to top of your plan "OH we don't have that plan anymore." Now it's $25 for less minutes. LAME.

As a previous Cricket customer, trust me when I say, they suck. They sell cheap phones that don't work. My phone hangs up on 50% of the people who call. When you ask Cricket for help, they give you the run-around until your warranty expires, then says "Sorry. Nothing we can do!" Don't buy Cricket!

I went to radio shack and bought a cricket Alcatel phone (smart phone) I was paying $100 a month to sprint, for what I'm getting with cricket. No complaints at all, service the same, customer service was great with the two issues I've had (neither one of the issues had to do with cricket) stop wasting your money, the best is I also save the monthly taxes that were around $18 mos. I'm a realtor and I'm on my phone all day and night.

cricket is horrible. customer service treats people like robots. they apologize for everything and fix nothing. I was being double charged monthly and they refused to return the money. phone break easly and even with my insurance package I ended up paying out of pocket for the sMe phone. they said I had to go to an authroized dealer and sent me an hour away and it wasnt even an authroized dealer. thanks cricket for wasting my time and stealing,my money

guest 211/20/2012
My girlfriend in Boise is trying to call me in Cali.... IT DOES'T EVER GO THROUGH! SERVICE SUCKS. NATIONWIDE SERVICE IT IS NOT!!!!!!

Matt Hinnen11/19/2012
this company sucks they took my service away for 3 days all i wanted was to have my own account to pay my phone bill but the smart lady that helped me cancelled my phone completely cricket should train their employees before having them do anything

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