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I think somebody steered you wrong!!! I have got nothing but grief ever since AT&T took over. The go phone was great with Cingular. They helped when I was having troubles. AT&T changed everything and told me to deal with it. I told them where they could send there phone, to the land of no sun shining. Went strait to Tracfone. Best move I ever made!!!!

I received a text from AT&T that they will be charging a monthly fee for the 911 service. I have a prepaid account (I don't pay monthly). I had already bought the $100 package that expires in one year. They want to start charging me this reoccurring monthly fee after having this package for 7 months. AT&T told me that all of the prepaid phones now charge this fee. I decide to check with Alltel and Net 10. They both said they don't charge a fee for 911 when it is a prepaid service. Cingular didn't charge the fee either. This came about when AT&T took over Cingular.

I received a text from AT&T that they will be charging a monthly fee for the 911 service. I have a prepaid account (I don't pay monthly). I had already bought the $100 package that expires in one year. They want to start charging me this reoccurring monthly fee after having this package for 7 months. AT&T told that all of the prepaid phones now charge this fee. I decide to check with Alltel and Net 10. They both said they don't charge a fee for 911 when it is a prepaid service. Cingular didn't charge the fee either. This came about when AT&T took over Cingular.

i recommend sorta its ok

a t & t have the worst prepaid phone coverage! My cell phone randomly looses service. I don't realize I don't have service until I check my phone. It has lasted for hours at times. I now log these occurrences and will demand a credit for lost service periods.

Peter M7/23/2013
Solid service and good 3G data speeds, high reliability. You can compare prepaid plans at

cy c7/16/2013
I guess compared to Verizon's contract service, this is a downgrade, but compared to Tmobile's contract service, ATT's pay as you go plan is great. They actually answer service calls in the U.S., and the person answering was knowledgeable and took care of the problems.

so very angry!!!!!!!7/15/2013

made vacation difficult7/6/2013
don't do it! spent 2 hrs in store getting go phone sim card... $25 to use phone for 3 days. now I am in big city in canada and phone DOES NOT ACCEPT OR MAKE CALLS. all I can do is text! they set it up in store and said it would work but it doesn't! argh! hating atnt right now. making my vacation difficult.

I am an AT&T customer for years, since the phones were the size of house phones. I never had a problem with the service or customer care. I switched to the Go Phone about 2 years ago never a problem. Once I didn't have service for 2 days but they everything they could do to get service back. They were GREAT and easy to get too. I have about 5 different phones I use, just put sim card in and ready to go. I have the $50. unlimited and it is great. I go on line every day and never had a problem, browser is a little slower then a smart phone plan but gets anything you want. I don't even think of another carrier. I can't understand all the negative reviews of the Go Phone plan. Maybe these people will find out when the change carriers. AT&T gets and always had a 5 star review from me.

Overpriced. Spotty coverage. Network currently down. Only way to speak to a customer repesentative is wade through a ton of menus and pretend that you have lost your phone. $2.00 per 411 call and their phone number database is outdated (as the woman told me who had the company's old number), an hour to get a refund, finally convinced service representative that in any other business in the entire world, if what you sell the customer is not what they requested, you get a refund.

STAY AWAY!!!! This phone is a joke as well as the customer service. Just finished a phone conversation with AT&T about my $10.00 pre-paid go phone. I use this cell when my other cell wont get service, so I rarely use it. I only put a $10 pre-paid card on it and pick the $2 a day unlimited plan ONLY when I use it. AT&T cancelled or deactivated the cell phone because I didn't add any minutes or used it in a while; witch I completely understand. When I activated this cell they only asked for the zip code to where I would be using the cell and that's about it, NO name, NO address and NO password needed to activate it. The only thing they gave me was a "pass code" witch I wrote down(they assigned it to me). So when on the phone with the rude lady from AT%T she said I need to verify the account and she asked for the past code and I gave it to her but she said it was incorrect and refused to activate my cell again. On top of all this the person from AT&T talked in a very slang (ghetto) kind of way. I guess they hire anyone to talk on the phones. Maybe they should hire kind speaking people who sound nice and not people that sound like they are from the streets of Chicago. I will NEVER give AT%T another cent of money!!

Simply DON'T!! I got the plan with 1 giga internet for my last month in the States and was wasted money, simply doesn't work on my unlocked Galaxy SII!! I tried customer service but was all automatic and just asking if I wanted to put more money on the cell phone. Went to the store and they just said they couldn't (more like feeling not to help) 'cause my phone is a 4G and that gophone just works on 3G but "kindly" offered me (not for free) one of their phones...also, they refused to call customer care 'cause they knew already the answer...worst customer service ever seen and wasted money!!

Alternatives: Sign up with an MVNO of AT&T. If you use Straight Talk, you can even use the same phone without unlocking it. They use the same network. I get unlimited everything for $45 flat. There is no physical store but the customer service and phone service is much better!

This phone. I daydream about sending someone horrifically evil this phone. I got the top of the line go-phone smart phone. It crashes multiple times a day. I had a data plan for awhile, but decided I'd rather hand wrote letters and buy an encyclopedia than deal with this crap phone. Customer service is a joke. Next month I'm getting a post-paid plan, and will not even consider going with AT&T. Save your money and mental health. Use smoke signals to communicate. Try strengthening your ESP skills. Stay away from AT&T.

V. Stegall5/13/2013
My husband & I have been using the To-Go Phone for many years. It is the perfect way to go if you do not use all the other features, etc. etc. .10 cents a minute is the best. We add $100 every year and we always have money left over before renewing.

AT&T is a rip off. I bought a go phone, the $2.00 a day plan and a $15.00 pre-paid card. I've only used it three times and it's now telling me I only have $6.00 left. Obviously, that doesn't add up. Last time I checked 3x2.00 is $6.00 with $9 remaining...NOT $6.00. Also supposed to be good for 30 days, activated & loaded it on the first of the month and it says I have until the 26th to refill. Who's doing their math? It's a strictly as needed phone, but I already hate At&T and will try a different provider. Can't be any worse than this At&T scammer.

Stay away from AT&T!! Ok I got the zte-990 phone which didn't work had to return it for another, but this isn't about the phone. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT. Paid the $50.00 refill for unlimited service only I paid it early as to not have my service interrupted at all, it decided I wanted to PAY for texts instead of giving me my unlimited! WTF?! So my plan did not renew. I then had to navigate the labyrinth of "Hmm I didn't understand that" crap (BTW you can avoid all of it by pressing 6 or saying "other options" and then saying customer service to actually talk to a human being, figured this out after a half hour of screaming various commands and pressing various numbers). Their advice? After I was transferred to someone who I could understand (VERY thick accents), Don't pay your bill early, let your service expire and then pay. As I decided I didn't want to be without service for a day, I didn't text AT ALL the last day of the month. Guess what? It did it with the phone calls as well. Scummy scummy practices. I say scummy in that I know their goal is that you'll give up trying to reach a REAL person and just refill the amount to $50 + taxes + fees so $0.50 or $0.18 becomes $5.25 or $4.93 respectively.

Bobby Bongos4/30/2013
I'm leaving AT&T GoPhone after only 3 months. On paper, this plan is the best out there, but in reality, the phones are suspect and the customer service is COMPLETELY non-existent. As in, I couldn't even reach a human being to help me with phone and account issues (of which there were many). Within 2 months, the online payment system wouldn't take my payments anymore, so I had to physically go into the AT&T store to pay. Within 2 1/2 months, my Fusion 2 phone stopped connecting to 3G and the Contacts no longer worked.

What's with all the bad reviews from people using GoPhones? It's the best pay as you go plan out there (in the US at least), and their coverage is amazing. I like being able to have a phone plan where I don't pay a fixed monthly price for anything (am on the 10 cents a minute plan), and nobody else has anything remotely similar in this country, at least not with AT&T's coverage.

Husband wanted a smartphone and bought a Samsung. We researched coverage area--as we have a vacation home in isolated area of NM--according to ATT map--our place would have 2g coverage. Got a GO Phone plan for $25 a month. But guess what--does NOT work in NM. Found out the coverage map is really for paid plans--as ATT only lets GO-PHONE customers on its own towers--while contract ATT users can be piggy-backed on other carriers. So it's back to tracphone for us. And what a hassle to get our phone number ported as ATT does NOT list account number anywhere--you have to CALL. The only bright side was ATT customer service guy Jose--got our last $25 refunded.

AT&T stinks3/29/2013
I would give this service a zero if it were an option. Not only do you pay as YOU go, you pay for spam phone calls and texts. AT&T doesn't let you block calls with this type of phone nor do they tell you this when you buy the phone--you find out when all your funds are used up when the phone has been sitting in your backpack for a week. Giant rip off.

The biggest piece of junk I've ever had the misfortune of purchasing. It's my fault I didn't read all the reviews before wasting my money on this cheap, unreliable crappy phone. It keeps a charge for about a day and also, it shows I have $62 left but that same figure has been showing up each time I use the phone and now they're telling me I need to buy more time. I've had it.

I had the fusion2 Go Phone from AT&T The phone exceeded my expectations in most areas for a low cost smart phone.The GoPhone network is a watered down verison of the AT&T network. I took this plan because coverage is very important to me and AT&T has a good network but the Go Phone network was terrible. I did not have service in the middle of a mid sized city in Central Ma. and most every time I entered a building I had no service. The coverage was so bad within a month I dropped the GO Phone Plan and traded the fusion 2 phone towards a new phone on the Verizon network and am very happy since I did so. AT&T does not inform people that the Go phone network is nothing like the regular AT&T network. I would advise everyone not to go for the Go Phone plan it was the worst plan I have ever been on.

ATT Sucks3/6/2013
Stay clear of these maggots, always manipulating the billing to nickle and dime you. Just a RIP OFF.
An they are cowards and don't provide you anyway to contact them.

their call-in automatic customer service is a joke. I have been trying to change my credit card that is billed for more minutes, and i get handed off to endless repeating loops of automated questions that never lead to what I want. this kind of nonsense happens everytime I want to get something done with ATT. they have completely dropped the ball on customer service. They have wasted probably two hours of my time through their terrible customer service. LAZY AND GREEDY. Period. Find a different carrier!

I have been with ATT for about 15 years, but have been off contract for the last 3. I had a 450 min. plan with 250 text per month limit. I decided last week to give the prepaid a try since not only would I get unlimited talk and text, but also web. I was surprised at how friendly the two different guys I spoke with were. They didn't try to talk me into a contract, but switched me over and then gave me some tips on using the phone. Got a P7640P by Pantech. Though the screen is a little small for internet use, I can connect, voice is clear and I can't tell any difference in call quality. I'm getting all this for about $5 more per month than I was paying. So far I'm very pleased, though I may upgrade my phone in the next few months to an Android so I can have a larger screen and more apps.

Cereal Sally1/30/2013
I used go phone for years. One day I payed for more minutes and 2 days later my account was empty and I barely even used the phone. I contacted customer service and they were clueless as usual. So I switched to straight talk which is amazing. I should have switched years ago. I'll never deal with AT&T ever again. They need to learn to help their loyal customers.

I had to change AT&T Go Phones three times, and I still have a very poor phone, the poorest phone since A. Bell's initial offering. I came to the Pre-paid Reviews site hoping to elicit credible reviews of such phones so that I can get beyond AT&T, but I was surprised that the AT&T Go Phone is given high reviews. Consequently, I will not be able to trust any of the reviews herein.
A very dissatisfied AT&T customer.

i love at&t i just have one complaint when are they gna join the rest and include unlimited data on their unlimited 50 dollar plan everyone else is doing it so whats stopping at&t if they did i would finally buy me an android from them cuz i love their service

Got the cheap flip Go phone for my daughter with $25 card good for 90 days. The first time she needed it, when separated from us at Disneyworld, she tried to call and it wouldn't work and had to get someone at a store to call me. Turns out it had been 91 days. No warning or "top up now" option like my ancient Virgin mobile phone does. Took it to Target and got a new card...couldn't load it. They told me they'd "burned" the SIM card, whatever that means. Have to buy a new SIM and get her a new phone number for an "emergency" phone she'll use once every few months. So mad at AT&T for having no grace period that I'm tempted to change my home phone service from AT&T also.

I love my Gophone servise I currently use and. iPhone 3G and with picture text and unlimited calling and texting us
And Mexico I ove that.i can ad data anytime 50mg sucks but I would
Buy th ?25 data instead 1gb .but any way I love me $25 dolar Gophone get data you need to change APN settings and u can also get picture texting to and I can send pics and Text is very good I like AT&T Gophone .i give them. 10! Rateing


I have AT&T go phone everytime they steal money from me. A lot of time I get drop calls in my house or at work . So I am gonna sign with t moblie is better for me and is way cheaper than AT&T crap .

Road Runner12/8/2012
I have had a gophone for four years with AT&T with the fifty dollar plan and auto refill on a basic at&t samsung flip phone and never had a problem with service and i could talk and text 24/7 and never paid any more than the fifty dollars a month well my phone died so I order a new smart phone with the sixty five dollar plan I got the avail smart phone total junk the phone is not worth the money and I have been on the phone with at&t custmer care for the past 2 days trying to get it resolved on 12/7/12 i was transfered to eleven different people at at&t customer care and I was trying to buy a new phone and return this one I did not get a new phone I got a text message saying your auto refill has been canceled thank you very much at&t would I recamend them probly not

Al mo11/27/2012
I had a contract with these clowns .. with in the first week I realized we had hardly any reception here I went to a bigger city to the airport and that blazing fast 4g kicked in and it was awesome! I can't believe. That they don't discount the service when you don't get 100% of the service RIP OFFF! 2 smartphones with art is like having another car payment except yo can drive it too far with out breaking down.


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