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Well duh: Cell phones cause decrease in pay phone use

Sorry, but we couldn’t resist being snarky about this one. So this guy, Willard R. Nichols, who is president of the American Public Communication Council, thinks that a 2004 FCC regulation — not cell phones — is the reason for a decline in pay phone usage. Let’s see here. FCC provision, or hundreds of millions of people walking around with portable phones. We know Mr. Nichols is trying to lobby for the FCC regulation to be reversed, but this is just a ridiculous tack. Because, you know, it’s just coincidence that pay phone usage dropped once everyone had their own, personal phone.

[The Patriot News]

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  1. Melissa E. Says

    I do wish there were more pay phones around. When my prepaid phone is low, even so low I can’t send a 5 cent text, I try to find a pay phone to make a call. It’s so hard! Even though I live in a major metropolitan!

    Posted on August 2nd, 2007 at 2:16 pm

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