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Feel our cell phone pain, India

The mobile phone phenomenon is going strong globally. Every day we see news articles coming from India, China, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and a host of other countries that are adopting and adapting to life with cellular phones. Though we don’t read all of the articles, it’s nice to see that technology is spreading. We hope that it helps advance the economic states of the countries. Anyway, sometimes we get a good laugh out of the articles. Like today, when one Indian news outlet reported that sometimes when you think you hear your cell phone ring, it’s not really ringing. Welcome to our world, India.

Sometimes you think you hear your mobile phone ringing, but on checking it you release that you were just imagining it. Well, here is some assurance that you are NOT turning insane. A study conducted in the US has reported that this phenomenon is known as ‘ringxiety’.

It’s just so funny. They say that 67 percent of people suffer from this. From our experience, it’s 100 percent of cell phone users.

Survey and scientific results aside, it’s part psychological, part physical. Yes, the anticipation of your phone ringing is causing you to think it’s ringing. The physical part is that the muscles near your phone actually twitch at some points, which cause many to think their phone is ringing.

The way we combat it: We keep reminding ourselves that our phone vibrates much more violently than the muscle twitches we’re feeling. Yeah, we often check our pockets during these minor twitches, but it’s getting better.

It’s nice to know that this goes on in other parts of the world, and that people are just as amused at the phenomenon as we were when we first started using a cell phone.

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