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Advice: 10 reasons to throw away your cell

The good folks at Wired have written a piece called “10 reasons to throw away your cellphone.” Being a cellphone site ourselves, we can’t totally agree with this statement. However, the article does bring up some quality points on why it’s more of a burden than a benefit to own a cell.

Our personal favorite:

It encourages stupid people to become a public menace
Forget about whether talking on cellphones while driving should be illegal: the fact remains that it is stupid. I know that you are perfectly capable of the mental gymnastics required for all this — you are a hypercephalic Gadget Lab reader — but it’s best that you stop now, so as not to encourage lesser minds to attempt similar feats. Some are now being caught texting while driving. Just pull the car over, for heaven’s sake!

Few things boil our blood like seeing people talking on cell phones while driving. We’ve seen people run stop signs, cut others off, and generally drive like maniacs while having one hand on the cell phone, one hand on their coffee, and their knees on the wheel.

We’d like to add to Wired’s assessment. People, you are driving a one- to two-ton killing machine. Every time you pull your car out of the driveway, you have the potential to kill another human being — or yourself. Wouldn’t you want to be as careful as possible with that responsibility? So why would you endanger others and yourself by being distracted by a cell phone? It just doesn’t make sense.

Another great one, and we’ll quote it because it’s short:

It turns you into a public annoyance
Hell is other people’s ringtones.

Preach on, brotha!

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