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Update on Virgin Mobile’s Broadband2Go plan

When we learned last week that Virgin Mobile was discontinuing its $40 unlimited Broadband2Go plan, we were promised an update from the company this week. As you can see in the screenshot above, we now have answers. The plan is now $50 per month and will only work at maximum speed for the first 2.5GB. That’s quite a change from even last month, when Virgin was slowing down users who exceeded 5GB. Customers can pay $50 after they exceed their 2.5GB cap in order to restore speeds. That’s going to get expensive very quickly.

It was exciting when Virgin introduced the unlimited Broadband2Go plan this past summer, as it was the cheapest and least restrictive mobile broadband plan we’d seen. But now it’s pretty ordinary — in fact, a bit less than ordinary, since the 2.5GB cap is about half the limit you see from postpaid carriers.