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Verizon reportedly set to offer expensive prepaid broadband

When we learned this week that Virgin Mobile would introduce a staggeringly cheap prepaid unlimited broadband plan, we thought it might change things a bit. AT&T, after all, had just gotten through telling anyone who would listen that consumers don’t want unlimited, so Virgin coming through not only with an unlimited broadband plan, but with one for $40 per month with no contract, seemed like a game-changer. Verizon, too, wants to get into the prepaid broadband game. But according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, via FierceWireless, they’re going in quite a different direction.

Verizon’s new plan reportedly provides 5GB of data per month, which is right in line with its postpaid offering. But the price, $80, is double that of Virgin. Add to that Virgin’s claim of unlimited and it seems like Verizon’s product will fall by the wayside before it even gets out of the gate. Verizon’s other plans aren’t that attractive either. They currently offer 75MB per day for $15, 250MB per week for $30, and 500MB per month for $50.

While Virgin’s plan won’t be perfect — after all, we have seen companies advertise unlimited and not deliver on that promise — it stands to be far superior to Verizon’s. It’s not the cap. Plenty of people can get by with 5GB per month. It’s the $80 price. I can’t see anyone paying that.