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Verizon INpulse customers get unlimited messaging

One of the biggest customer complaints about Verizon INpulse is the lack of text messaging bundles. Well, your complaints have been heard, and now they have been answered. Verizon has announced an unlimited messaging plan for INpulse subscribers. Well, unlimited to other Verizon subscribers. The plan will also provide 250 text, video, and picture messages to subscribers of other carriers, so you can get your fill all month long. The price: $10 per month.

“The addition of our new messaging bundle for prepay gives our customers the freedom to send and receive messages at an affordable monthly rate,” said Jeff Dietel, vice president — marketing operations for Verizon Wireless. “Messaging has become a natural and effective form of communication for our customers, and by offering these bundles we can offer our prepay customers access to the benefits of Verizon Wireless’ messaging services which, like their voice calls, run on the nation’s most reliable wireless network.”

Once again, we see the trend continuing of carriers improving their prepaid offerings. After most of the major carriers upped the ante with voice options, Verizon now gives options to heavy messengers.

The question, to me, is of their motivation. Are they trying to attract more people to their prepaid service? Or are they reacting to a greater level of prepaid activations due to America’s stagnating economy? Either way, this works out for consumers, so the motivation isn’t critical. Yet it would be telling.