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US Cellular introduces prepaid unlimited plans

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from US Cellular prepaid. They’ve been doing plenty of things on the postpaid end for sure, and they even have a decent lineup of smartphones right now. On the prepaid end they now have unlimited plans. Yesterday they introduced three of them. Instead of going with tiers based on escalating voice minutes, US Cellular got a little creative on this one. Each of the three plans is tailored to a specific type of user.

The plans look pretty good, too:

$29 per month: 200 anytime minutes, unlimited text, picture, and video messaging.

$39 per month: 400 minutes, unlimited messages, 5GB of data

$49: 1,000 minutes and unlimited messaging

The $29 plan figures to sell well, as it covers the features people use most. Web browsers get a little break with the $39 plan, since that’s plenty of data.

You can sign up for these plans and get a corresponding phone at US Cellular’s website.