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Tracfone America’s fifth-largest mobile operator

I didn’t get to read much of this Wall Street Journal article because all but two paragraphs are behind the pay wall. However, in those two paragraphs they revealed some information I had not been privy to previously: Tracfone is the nation’s fifth-largest carrier. So that means they’re right behind T-Mobile, though they’re kind of far away. The WSJ article preview has them pegged at “more than 10 million customers,” which is superb for a prepaid carrier, but not quite T-Mobile’s more than 30 million customers. So does this mean that US Cellular has fewer than 10 million subscribers?

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  1. Tim Smith Says

    Hey! I’m rather pleased that tracfone is climbing the ladder. It stands to reason that the better they do, the more, and better products they’ll be able to offer. Or at least, what I’m really hoping for is for them to go even cheaper. That is of course, if it’s possible. As far as I’m concerned, the reason tracfone is doing so well, is because they just are the most affordable wireless phone option. And not having to enter into a contract alone, must be making a lot of people very happy. Further more; they’d probably be doing much much better if it wasn’t for the ridiculous early termination fees some of the contract carriers enforce. Go tracfone!

    Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 4:39 am
  2. Liza Lyn Says

    Hi Tim, I’m also a happy Tracfone customer, I switched like a year ago and I have been saving money like crazy, I have no contract and no hidden fees, plus Tracfone has great promos with double the minutes and last week I got a traveling accessories kit for only $10 for my Samsung, it’s great. In this economy any company that makes me save so much, it’s a Go! Go Tracfone!

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 at 5:40 pm

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