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T-Mobile to take GoSmart Mobile nationwide in February

It really is a time for prepaid at T-Mobile. Not only have they started offering their unlimited plans with no annual contract, they’ve been testing a new prepaid brand. We first heard of GoSmart Mobile in early December, and it appears we’ll hear a lot more about it in the next few weeks. According to FierceWireless, T-Mobile will take the brand national in February. Just as Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have no name-brand connection to Sprint, GoSmart will have the same relationship with T-Mobile. They will operate it, but as a secondary brand — in fact, they said that “certain T-Mobile plans may be prioritized over GoSmart Mobile plans during periods of congestion.” Plan details after the jump.

All of the plans include unliimited texting, and cost between $30 and $45 per month. The $45 plan provides 5GB of data before speeds get throttled. The $35 plan provides unlimited mobile web at 2G speeds, while the $30 plan is just talk and text. Unlike prepaid offerings from many big-name carriers, GoSmart’s plan is actually competitive within the MVNO market — just in the same ways that Boost’s and Virgin’s plans are competitive despite their direct connection to Sprint.

The report doesn’t offer specific dates, but look for the nationwide rollout of GoSmart Mobile in February.