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T-Mobile says goodbye to FlexPay, Sidekick

While yesterday marked subscriber losses for T-Mobile, we’ve more recently learned about service and equipment losses. In the next few months T-Mobile will lose its FlexPay and Sidekick services. These come as little surprise. We’ve just been waiting for word on them, and yesterday we got some decent evidence pointing to the discontinuation of both.

The FlexPay information comes courtesy of They have a screen shot which notes the discontinuation of FlexPay on March 13. The company will replace FlexPay with what they’re terming a Deposit Product. Those with poor credit can get a postpaid line with postpaid services, but they have to leave a deposit. This makes it distinctly postpaid and removes the prepaid hybrid that was FlexPay. After 12 months of good standing, customers can request a deposit refund and become full-fledged postpaid customers.

Late last night we learned that Microsoft is killing Danger, which managed Sidekick cloud data. That means that not only is T-Mobile not selling new Sidekicks, but that current Sidekick owners will have to find a new device by May 31, when the service officially ends. T-Mobile did offer Sidekick service on prepaid, but the $1/day charge probably limited its popularity.